How to Avoid Skanky or Tangled, Rat Tail Like Hair Extensions?

Tangled hair extensions or the ones that look like a rat’s nest is the experience that no one wants to have. However, with millions of extensions that are washed every day, sometimes you can get unlucky. But whether tangled hair is the result of poor maintenance or low quality extensions, there are ways to salvage the mess.

Below, we will cover some of the steps that will help you to avoid skanky looking hair as well as how to untangle hair that now might look like a rat’s nest.

Hair Tangling Prevention

How to Avoid Skanky or Tangled, Rat Tail Like Hair Extensions?The first thing we need to talk about is preventing extensions from becoming skanky and tangled. It’s actually not that hard to do and doesn’t require much effort. If you follow the simple steps provided below, your extensions will not lose their quality and the lifespan will definitely be extended for quite some time. So not only are you keeping your hair tangle free, you are also saving money because you can use the same wefts for a long period of time, even for more than six months.

Hair Extensions Brushing

So you got a new hair set and it looks amazing. They extensions are soft, tangle free hair rocks, you look shiny, and smell nice. And that’s how you want to keep them. The first thing you need to incorporate into your routine is brushing. Extensions require combing, the same as your natural hair does. It may sound obvious, but many girls are not brushing regularly and that’s why the rat’s nest look happens. And nobody wants that.

Preventing is much easier than reviving so make sure to brush a couple of times every day. If you have permanent extensions like fusion or tape in, then you comb everything together, like your natural strands. If you have clip ins, make sure to brush when you clip them, and when you take them out in order to store them. Brushing is also required before and after every wash.
One thing to keep in mind is to be very gentle with the brushing as not to damage the hair. It’s a good idea to purchase a brush for detangling which is made especially for extensions. It will get rid of all the knots and matting.

To make your life easier and do less brushing, it’s a good idea to sleep with a sleeping cap or a scarf around your head. The goal is to secure your locks and prevent it from matting and tangling while you sleep. You can also tie a ponytail or a braid to prevent the hairs from brushing together and creating tangles.

Washing Hair Extensions

Washing Hair ExtensionsAnother thing that is obvious but girls sometimes skip is washing the extensions. Although it’s not required that you wash them as often as you would your own hair, that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash them at all. For clip ins, it is recommended to wash them every 20 or 30 wears. For other extension types, once a week should be fine.

The products you use to wash is also an important thing. Avoid harsh shampoos and buy something that’s gentle to the hair. The more natural the better because chemicals could also ruin your nice extensions. When scrubbing, do it lightly and carefully; you don’t want it to be aggressive because that might do damage as well. Take your time and be patient. Clip in extensions are easier to wash because you take them out.

Drying should be done naturally because that does no damage unlike a hairdryer. But if you must use it, make sure that it’s on low heat setting.

Other products you use like hairspray, gels, and oils also affect the condition of your hair and it is recommended that you avoid everything you can. The more product you put on, the more you will need to wash your hair and that will eventually lead to tangles.

Also avoid using hot tools as much as you can because the extensions will become dry, and the heat could shorten their lifespan. At least use a heating protectant when using a straightener or a curling iron.

How to Fix Destroyed Hair Extensions

How to Fix Destroyed Hair ExtensionsI’m guessing you didn’t follow all the maintenance and care instructions and now you’ve ended up with awful looking hair that looks like a weird tangled creature. Or maybe you bought low quality extensions that got ruined regardless of your care. But don’t despair, there are ways to bring back their old shine. Follow this simple guide and your extensions will be almost like brand new.

1. Regardless of whether you have clip ins, tape ins, fusion or micro links, you should remove your ruined extensions. You will need a sink or a tub, shampoo, conditioner, and natural oil (like almond, coconut or other).

2. Pour hot water in the sink and place your extensions inside. Add some natural shampoo and gently squeeze and massage the hair. Do this for a couple of minutes until the hair is thoroughly washed. Rinse and make sure that there is no shampoo left on the strands.

3. Now pour hot water again and add the hair. This time add a leave in conditioner and a few drops of natural oils. Use your hands to mix it all in together. Don’t be shy with that conditioner, you want to coat all of the strands. If you want, you can also add some treatment for damaged hair inside. Leave that overnight, or even longer if you have the time.

4. While the extensions are still wet and covered in conditioner, start brushing them gently. Begin at the ends and work your way up towards the roots. Be very patient here because it will probably take quite some time, depending on how bad was the state of the extensions.

5. After you have thoroughly brushed every weft and made sure that there are absolutely no knots or tangles, start rinsing out the hair with warm water. Place it on a dry towel and leave to air dry.

6. When the extensions are completely dry, brush them one more time and they’re ready to wear. Your hair should be completely revived, shiny, and tangle free!

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How to Avoid Skanky or Tangled, Rat Tail Like Hair Extensions?

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