How to Blend Clip-in Luxy Hair Extensions with Thin Hair


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Add Volume to Thin Hair While Maintaining a Seamless Look

Having thin hair can pose many challenges. We are all familiar with the longing to try a new look, but know deep down inside, our thin hair isn’t always the ideal canvas. Who are we kidding, if we even try to slick back our hair, the result it gives off is more bald cap than sexy and sleek. Even us gals with thin hair deserve a chance at hair glory. By incorporating clip-in hair extensions in our styling routines, we can kiss the boring ways goodbye, and instead, say hello to gorgeous versatile hair.

However, in order to successfully achieve this seamless illusion, we must keep in mind the steps needed when installing your clip-in hair extensions.

Have Thin Hair but Want to Add Locks for Volume? Follow the Steps Below to Seamlessly Blend Your Clip-in Extensions

1. Select the Right Extensions

If we want to disguise our extensions amongst our natural hair, we must first select the appropriate hair types. Choosing the thickness of the extensions purchased will additionally help them lie seamlessly with your existing hair. Clip-in extensions are typically measured in grams and may be found by volume categories such as thin, medium and thick.

Texture also plays a role in your selection. There are extensions that come in straight, light to deep waves, and various curl patterns to match your own texture. While we will be styling the extensions at the end to our hair, selecting the correct texture further helps when styling and creates a more natural looking blend.

We cannot forget the importance of color. Selecting the right shade is the most obvious part of the illusion. Extensions can be found in an extensive variety of shades. When choosing your shade, consider what tones and highlights your own hair has. Some may also opt for blonde variations that allow you the ability to custom color them with your own stylist for an even more optimal look.

2. Find the ideal zone

Find the right zone to blend clip-in hair extensions with thin hair – Airy Hair blogTo correctly disguise the hair we will be adding, we have to find the perfect hiding spot. Finding the Ideal application zone allows the extensions to lie flat with the natural hair. This prevents the wefts from jutting out and becoming visible. Take some time to play around with the clips to find your own ideal zone.

Since we have thin hair, we must be aware of selecting a zone that is too high on our head. Placing our clips high on the head and above the ears will not allow the clips to lay flat underneath. Instead, an obvious bump will be visible where we applied the wefts. If encountering some challenges in the process, try this technique: Create an imaginary circle around your head at eyebrow level. Typically, our ideal application zone will be beneath this level. Applying your clip-in extensions below this line makes them easier to disguise.

3. Placement of wefts

Now that we have located our ideal application zone, we must select the specific placement of the individual wefts. There are different pattern choices when applying the clip-ins. Some may choose to use the cone pattern, starting with the longest row first, then decreasing the number of wefts each row has as you taper them down. Others prefer to position them in a diamond shape, which follows a similar concept but has the widest row in the middle.

Take care not to apply the clips too high on the head. We must remember that hair lying closest to the root has the most movement, thus making the clips harder to conceal. Bear in mind that you might not even need to apply all of the wefts in your extension set. Forcibly clipping all of the wefts will counteract the seamless look we are trying to achieve. Sometimes, a couple of strategically placed wefts may be all the help you need.

4. Create a base

Having thinner hair can come with some challenges. We all know the feeling of clipping in a hair accessory towards the top of your head, only to have it slowly slip down and fall off. My hair can’t even hold a small clip on its own, let alone one weighed done with sown in hair! Now that we are ready to start clipping in our extensions, remembering this crucial step will prevent us from experiencing any embarrassing hair moments.

In order to avoid slippage, the wefts need to have a solid base to grip. After parting the hair where we want to apply the individual clips, lightly spray the roots with some hairspray or dry shampoo. Then, tease the hair towards the roots and clip in the weft on the solid base we have just created. This lets the wefts maintain a secure hold of our hair and provides us with a worry-free wear.

5. Style to blend

Flaunt your new blend of clip-in hair extensions with thin hair – Airy Hair blogIf we have selected the appropriate hair texture, our extensions may already be wearable at this point. However, for a finishing touch, styling the extensions to our natural hair will boost the look we are going for.

If a tousled look is preferred, we must remember to grab sections of hair that include both our extensions and natural hair. Wrapping the blend around our curling iron or wand will ensure the hair flows together nicely. Styling our hair with curls gives us thin haired gals some extra oomph when it comes to volume. Or maybe we are feeling a sleek straight look instead. Following the same concept, take sections of the blended hair, and flat iron together to disguise.

Now, flaunt it!

Now that we’ve completed the process, it is time for the fun part! Since we have securely applied our clip-in extensions, we can enjoy our new look without worrying about experiencing a hair faux pas. Having thin hair no longer needs to be boring. We can stop limiting ourselves when it comes to new styles and instead, switch up our look. The numerous hairstyles we can achieve with our newly added length and volume will provide us with endless ways to enjoy our new gorgeous locks!

Ready to add some gorgeous length and volume yourself?


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