Buy Ombré and Mixed Tape-in Hair Extensions

Buy Ombré, Mixed & Custom Color (Straight, Curly and Bodywave) Tape-in Hair Extensions

In all lengths, textures, colors and weights.

If you are looking for Ombré, extremely long (such as 30 inch) or custom color tape-in hair extensions, then good news, AiryHair has just extended its inventory and will no longer limit your choice. Yes, from now on, we offer tape-in extensions in all available colors, or even your own:

Colors: #1, #1B, #2, #4, #6, #8, #10, #12, #16, #18, #20, #22, #24, #27, #60, #613, Rosa, #30, #33, #99J, #350, Red, Bug, Violet, Pink, Lilac, Blue, Green, Turkis and more.

Blends: Ombré and Mixed

Not only can you choose a custom color, but you can also get ombre and mixed tape-in extensions that consist of two or more colors. This opens up huge possibilities for our dear customers because you can essentially create unique tape-in extensions that nobody else will happen. Combine your two favorite colors into a cool ombre mix or even add a third one for a more colorful look. Apart from natural hair colors, we also offer a wide range of trendy shades as well.

Length: 16 to 30” or more (please use the custom order form)

AiryHair offers you a variety of lengths, going up to thirty inches which is quite long. It is perfect for girls who are dreaming about that extra-long mermaid hair. But there are also shorter options for those who don’t want such a drastic change, but simply a few inches more. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that the shortest and longest AiryHair tape-extensions are of the same quality and density.

Weight: 100g or more (please use the custom order form)

Weight basically means density when it comes to hair extensions. So more grams equals more thickness, to put it simply. This is another feature of our tape extensions that you can customize according to your preferences. We recommend choosing less grams if you have very thin strands because a lot of weight is not good for fine hair. However, if your hair density is normal, you go for more grams and experiment with adding more volume.

Texture: Straight, body wave and curly

Texture is hugely important when choosing tape extensions. For a nice blend, it is crucial to choose a texture that resembles your natural one as closely as possible. The main three textures we offer are straight, body wave (including loose wave and deep wave), and curly (including deep curls, kinky curls and yaki hair). Since our tape-in extensions are made out of human hair, you also have the option to change the texture afterward by using a hot tool like a curler or a flat iron. However, we don’t recommend that you use hot tools on a daily basis, or multiple times a day if you want to extend the life of your extensions.

Tape: Transparent / invisible

AiryHair tape-in extensions are made out of transparent tape which is completely invisible once you attach it. You no longer have to worry about the tapes showing or not blending nicely. The tape is also very soft and thin which means the extensions are incredibly comfy which is important because they’re worn for longer periods of time without taking the tapes off.

Pieces: 20 or more

You can also choose how many tapes you want because some girls need less while others need a larger number of tapes.
Basically, you can choose an extensions type, blend, length, weight, texture, and quantity. Yes, you read it right, you can pretty much customize the tape-in hair extensions (or any extensions for that matter) just for you. That’s something you can’t find in every extension store.

Our goal is to provide our every customer with extensions that are exactly what they’re dreaming of. Why wear extensions that are not as long as you want them to be, or the wrong color? We are always adding more customization options so make sure to check our offers regularly.

The best part? It does not cost anything! That’s right, you can customize your tape-in extensions for free with no extra charges.

So what are you waiting for? Check our tape in hair extensions page as well as custom orders page.

Thank you!
AiryHair Team.

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Buy Ombré and Mixed Tape-in Hair Extensions

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