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Everything about hair extensions, from tips and care to application steps and awesome hairstyles.

How to Dye Synthetic Hair Extensions or Wigs? (2019)

If you were looking for a cheaper way to add volume or length to your hair, you have probably bought synthetic...
Hair extensions length chart

The Complete Guide for Buying Hair Extensions (2019)

Hair extensions are a great way to amp up the beauty, length, and volume of your hair. Whether you’re ready to...

How to Repair Damaged, Tangled, and Dried Out Hair Extensions

Repairing Damaged Hair Hair extensions are extremely popular in all its forms, from tape-in hair extensions, glue-in, sewn-in or braided, clip-in, and...
Hair Extensions Texture

Hair Extensions & Wigs Texture Guide (2019)

Choosing the right texture for your hair extensions can have a big impact on loving your new look. While the blending...
How to Remove Tape-In or Keratin Hair Extensions at Home?

How to Remove Hair Extensions at Home (All Types)?

The best, the fastest and the most natural ways.After applying hair extensions, there comes a time when you want to or...
Top 3+: Best Hair Extensions for Thin & Fine Hair (2019)

3+ Best Hair Extensions for Thin & Fine Hair (2019)

Having thin hair can be both a blessing (allows you to save more money) and a curse. Although fine strands are...

Hollywood Celebrities and Pop Stars Who Have Hair Extensions

If you think your favorite celebrity has naturally long and voluminous hair, you’re completely wrong. Just like us, celebrities also have...
7+ Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair & How Long Hair Should Be (2019)

7+ Best Hair Extensions for Short Hair & How Long Hair Should Be (2019)

If your hair is on a shorter site, either due to haircuts or accidental damage, we will do our best to...
How Much Do Strand By Strand Hair Extensions Cost?

Hair Extensions Cost and Price. What To Consider?

The cost of hair extension may vary significantly, and the price range starts at a couple of hundred dollars up to...

Important Tips on How to Care for Your Tape-in Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a great type of hair extensions and one of the most popular methods. Tape-in hair extensions are...
How to Hide Tape-In Hair Extensions?

How to Hide Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Tape extensions are one of the best methods of boosting your natural locks by adding length, volume, and style. This method...
How Long Do Tape-in Hair Extensions Last?

How Long Do Tape-in Hair Extensions Last?

Whether you have already decided on buying tape-in hair extensions or not, there are few factors that one should know. Yes,...

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