Enhance Your Locks With Easy Clip-in Hair

Enhance Hair LocksIf you’re into alternating temporary low-maintenance looks, you’ll love the simplicity of clip-on hair extensions. Just insert AiryHair layers quickly in the morning to make your natural locks longer and fuller. Detach them easily at night. Change your hairdo rapidly anytime. Shampoo and style your rooted and supplemental tresses separately as needed. Sounds ideal? Then review the tricks below.

Selection Criteria

You’re the only person who should know that you’re wearing extensions. To avoid telltale signs, choose quality human hair for a more natural look than synthetics. Refer to the AiryHair selection guide for help picking the appropriate length and weight for your clip ins.

Choose the color from the online chart that’s most like your personal shade. If no available option matches perfectly, realize that your actual roots and ends vary visually. Flip your tips up to the top of your head to notice the difference. Then order a tone that blends in with your own color range.

Find a hair texture that matches your existing type (straight, wavy, curly, etc.). Avoid consistency variations that create fake, uneven looks. Select the AiryHair quality/price point ratio that suits you best. To place your order for 100-percent real clip-on hair extensions with free shipping, indicate the quantity.

Attachment Steps

Clip-in sets of hair curtains come in multiple widths with one to four fasteners. Follow these application steps:

Curl your natural hair: Create loose random waves with a curling iron. Strive for added volume, not perfectly styled locks. (Remember to use a heat-protection spray or cream on both  your hair and the extensions before curling.)

Untangle and curl extensions: Remove knots from all sections with a broad-bristle brush or wide-tooth comb. Hold clip end tightly in one hand. Curl small portions with your hot tool. Or snap a piece in some head location temporarily where you can style it more easily. Then detach it for later use.

Place panels on flat surface: Let AiryHair curls cool and set. To prevent ringlets from loosening, spritz them with hairspray.

Apply back sections in rows: Make a part crossing the back of your head horizontally. Secure natural tresses in a claw clip on the top of your head to get them out of the way. Place full-width extensions with fastening teeth facing toward your scalp. Just under the part line, attach far right clasp near your ear, affix one or two middle clips, and snap the remaining far left one near the other ear. Release hair on the top of your head. Depending on the number of sections in your set, create one or more rows higher than the first. Repeat the side-to-side gripping pattern until you’ve clamped all back panels.

Add smaller remaining extensions: Position and affix narrow two- and one-clip strips to fill in empty spaces. Concentrate on areas under back part ends and both sides to ensure overall volume consistency.

Brush to blend: After clipping in all layers, brushing the ends will blend your rooted and AiryHair. Curl any stray strands so you can’t recognize your natural ones from the extensions.

Removal Process

Hair Removal
You should remove your extensions every night before you go to bed in order to keep your extensions in good condition. After all, buying clip-in extensions means you don’t have to wear them all the time so you can give your head a rest while you sleep.

Create a part that exposes the highest layer on your head. Carefully pull on each comb holding the top row of extensions to remove from your hair. Be careful not to pull right on the extension hair or get it tangled with your own hair. Be careful not to yank on your own locks. Repeat that process, moving downward until you’ve detached all clips.

Washing Tips

Your clip-in extensions won’t get as dirty as quickly as your normal hair, or like more-permanent extensions. We recommend that you wash them ever 15 to 20 wears, or when there is too much product buildup.

When you’re ready to wash your extensions, start by detangling loose extensions. Your regular shampooing and conditioning products will cleanse and refresh your AiryHair. Holding clips, dip hair into lukewarm water from the ends. Don’t wet threads securing attachments to avoid loosening the grips. Apply cleaning formula in downward motions to remove dirt along with excess oil. Rinse and repeat until water looks clear.

After spreading conditioner in a descending fashion, wait 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. Air dry to prevent heat damage from blow-drying. Hang panels or place them flat on absorbent towels. Brush slightly extensions gently only once they are dry.

Maintenance Routine

You can reuse our semi-permanent clip-on additions as often as you wish. If you insert and remove your AiryHair frequently, maintaining your clip-in human hair extensions is vital. Store strips flat in the original packaging to avoid creases and tangles. Sew loose fasteners onto hair sections with color-coordinated thread. Before reapplying, brush extensions gently. Re-curl as necessary to achieve your desired look.

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Enhance Your Locks With Easy Clip-in Hair

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