How to Make Any Wig Look More Realistic


How to Make Any Wig Look More RealisticThe main goal when wearing a wig is to make it look as realistic as possible. Nobody wants a hairpiece that looks so obviously fake and weird. Although many wigs produced today look incredibly realistic and flawless, there are still some steps you can take to elevate that. Those who have a bigger budget might decide to buy a high-quality hairpiece like a full lace wig or 360 wig and spend less time on making it look realistic because those hairpieces already look pretty flawless. But if you bought a cheaper wig, you will need to use all kind of tricks to make it look good, especially if it’s made out of synthetic hair. Human hair wigs need only slight customization to look perfectly natural, while synthetic ones need a bit more work. They often look a bit boxy and plastic which is fine for a Halloween costume, but certainly not for daily use. So if you’re a DIY kind of girl and are not afraid to customize your hairpiece, take a look at these amazing hacks that will make any wig look more realistic. You can try only some of the tips and tricks or all of them, it depends on the current state of your wig.

Cut the Wig

One of the easiest ways to make any wig look more realistic is by simply cutting or trimming it. Although hairpieces come in a variety of cool hairstyles, the particular one you chose might not be perfect for the shape of your face. A slight trim might make all the difference. In case you’re not that handy with scissors, you can ask a hair professional to cut the hairpiece for you. He/she will also know what suits your face best and customize your wig perfectly.

Change the Color Of The Wig

If the shade of your hairpiece looks a bit weird or natural, or if the color is to uniform, you might want to think about dyeing it. However, this can only be done on wigs made out of 100% human hair, you should never, under any circumstance, color a synthetic hairpiece because it will be completely ruined. Even some highlights or pops of colors might make all the difference, the balayage technique is really good for that. Coloring is also best left to the professionals but if you’re confident in your dyeing skills, try it yourself.

Darken the Roots

If you look at natural strands you can notice that the roots are usually slightly darker than the rest of the hair. That’s because locks can get lighter in color when exposed to the sun, while hair on the roots is young and darker. So a cool trick that makes any wig look more realistic is simply darkening the root area. For example, if you have a medium-brown hairpiece, simply color the roots into a darker brown and the transformation will be huge. This is quite easy to do at home, so there’s no need for going to a salon.

Pluck the Hairline

Another cool trick that many girls use is plucking the hairline. If you observe natural hair, you’ll notice that nobody has a perfect, dense hairline. This is the area where strands are usually thinner and there are a lot of baby hairs sticking out. That’s what you want to achieve with the wig. Using tweezers, pluck some of the hairs from the hairline and you’ll instantly notice how better it looks. Those who are too lazy to do that, can simply buy pre-plucked wigs and problem solved!

Buy a Wig with Fringe

As it was mentioned before, the natural look of the wig is hugely influenced by the hairline. If the hairline looks fake, everything else also won’t look good. A great trick to avoid the hairline altogether is by purchasing a wig with a fringe. It not only looks fashionable and trendy, but it covers up the hairline imperfections. Isn’t that cool?

Style It

Some effort is needed to make your hairpiece flawless so don’t expect to just put in on and go about your day. If you’re aiming for a natural look, spending a couple extra minutes on styling can make a huge difference. There are no strict do’s and don’ts when it comes to styling because every wig is different, and you will know what works best for you. An additional tip is – if you notice that your curls are losing their shape, use a curler to restore that oomph.

Add Powder to Synthetic Wigs and Remove the Unnatural Shine

If you own a synthetic hairpiece, you know that it’s never perfectly realistic. One of the main issues is that weird sheen which is a consequence of light bouncing off of plastic fibers. No natural strands are every that shiny so it needs to be reduced. A simple and effective way to do that is by adding powder to the wig or spraying some dry shampoo. This will create a nice matte effect that will make the synthetic hairpiece look a lot more natural.

Use Products to Make It Look Flawless

There are many hair products that you can use to keep your wig in a pristine condition. Apart from the obvious ones like shampoo and conditioner, you can also use natural oils if the strands are dry, products that are designed for keeping the texture in good condition, as well as hair masks. Find a hair routine that works best for you and stick to it. However, we don’t recommend overusing the products because you will have to wash the hairpiece more often which shortens its lifespan.


So what we have learned is that how realistic your wig will look doesn’t depend only on the quality of the wig itself, but steps you make to make it perfect. Hopefully, these simple tricks will make that process easier for you and help you achieve that glamorous look. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us!


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