How Much Do Strand By Strand Hair Extensions Cost?

Strand by strand extension methods are increasing in popularity lately. Although clip-in extensions are still very much used, you need to take them off every day and those big wefts sometimes don’t have a natural movement. As the name implies, with strand by strand methods, a strand of your real hair is connected to an extensions strand. This allows for a natural movement and flow of the hair and creates a seamless look. Strand by strand methods are also more suitable for girls with thinner or shorter hair because the extensions can be hidden much more easily. If you’re thinking about purchasing single strand extensions, you should first do your homework in order to see if this is the right method for you. Before we get into the details about cost, let’s first take a look at what does strand by strand mean how it works.

What are Strand by Strand Extensions?

How Much Do Strand By Strand Hair Extensions Cost?You have probably heard this term if you were reading up on extensions, but it might be confusing what does it actually mean. To put it in simply terms, this type of hair extensions come in many small strands so there are no wefts or tapes involved. You might wonder how those strands are actually attached to your locks. Well, there are actually two main methods of attaching this type of extensions – micro loop (or micro ring) and fusion. So in order to purchase the right strand by strand extensions, you need to know which one of this methods you plan on using for installation. The micro link method uses strands that have a loop and micro ring method uses I-tip extensions, also known as sticks. For fusion, you need U-tip hair extensions with glue on them. For a quick introduction to each one, keep on reading.

Fusion Strand by Strand Extensions

Fusion has become a big hit in the extensions industry and it’s no wonder more and more girls are asking about it. The easiest way to install extensions using this method is to purchase pre-bonded U-tips. What these are is strands with keratin glue shaped as the letter U. All that needs to be done to install them is heat the tips using a hot tool, apply it to your real strands, and simply rolling the tips which connect everything together. This is also known as the hot fusion method because the keratin glue on the tips is melted during the attachment.

Micro Loop Strand by Strand Extensions

This is a very popular strand by strand method because it requires no glue or heat. The revolutionary technique used here enables you to install all of the strands in no time and have a completely different look that everyone will envy. The way it works is actually pretty simple; you strand is pulled through a loop and beads are used to attach the extension strand. Many of these strands are attached to create a full and lustrous look. Once the extensions are installed, you can wear them for about 2 months, after that they simply need to be refitted and moved up. It’s so simple! Micro loops offer you such variety and a completely natural look. The rings hold the strands securely and are so small they will not be detectable to anyone.

Micro Ring Extensions

This is a very similar method to the last two and it is also known as cold fusion. Just like micro loop, no heat or glue is needed for installation. If you like this method of application, you will need I-tip strands which are attached to your strands with a micro or nano beads. These very small beads hold everything in place and there is no way that you can see them. If you don’t like using glue on your hair, definitely consider the micro ring option.

The Cost of Strand by Strand Extensions

Before we get into the cost of each one of these extensions, we need to quickly go over the factors that determine it. First, it depends if the extensions are made out of human or synthetic hair. Human hair is more costly, but the look and feel of it is so much superior to synthetic hair. You also have to think about the length of the extensions. Depending on how long you want your locks to be dictates the final price. As you might guess, the longer the strands are, the most expensive it will be. Another thing to think about is the weight of the extensions. The weight determines the overall density of the hair. Again, more weight equals more dollars. The place where you live might also be a factor, so we recommend that you stick to online stores.

If you want to buy human hair strand by strand extensions, it the cost goes from $20 to $100. Micro loop, micro ring, and fusion extensions cost pretty much the same, but it is the previously mentioned factors (length, weight) that influence the final price. For example, AiryHair offers strand by strand 6’’, 30 gram extensions for only $20. If you’re looking for more length, 18’’ (50 grams) is about $30, 20’’ (140 grams) is about $70 and so on. These prices vary a lot because each store can have a different price.

Another thing to think about is whether you want to install the extensions yourself or have it done professionally at a salon because that will increase the price significantly. If you’re on a budget, we recommend that you purchase your strand by strand extensions online and apply them yourself. All of the abovementioned methods are quite simple to get a hang of and do at home. There are great tutorials that you can find on how to do it.

We recommend that you first decide on the method that you’re going to use (micro loop, micro ring, or fusion) and do a bit of research on the online prices as well as the quality of the hair. This will give you a much better insight and help you with your shopping.

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How Much Do Strand By Strand Hair Extensions Cost?

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