Seven Tips for Buying Quality Clip-in Hair Extensions


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Are you looking for premium hair extensions? Perhaps you don’t know the difference between regular hair extensions and those of high quality. However, there are many ways to judge whether the extensions that you are considering buying are worth your time and money. For example, if they are synthetic, they should be all the same color and have more than a passing resemblance to human hair and they should be made by a reputable company. And, if they are real, they should be of “remy” quality (more on that below).

Here are more tips for buying the most exquisite hair extensions available:

1. Check the clips

If you are buying hair extensions and you are looking for good quality, you must be sure that the clips are manufactured well. You will know if they are tight enough to hold as long the wefts down not travel down your natural hair. However, besides fastening correctly, they must also be comfortable.

There is a wide variety of clips to choose from. Some are made from rubber, while others are made from flexible plastic. There are toupee clips, or what some call snap clips, which have silicone-lined crossbars, which are probably best. Some of these clips have tines that are U-shaped, and they work well for thicker natural hair, but most of the time you will get better hold from those that have straighter tines resembling a fork.

2. Be sure that they are thick enough

Any finely-crafted extensions should have uniform thickness from the top to the bottom. To check thickness, hold each weft up to a light and see if there are any visible gaps in the hair. If there are more than a few gaps and the hair is not as thick on the bottom as it is on the top, then the extensions are probably of poor quality and you can find much better.

3. Avoid any extensions that shed

The best extensions sold will not really shed much, even after extensive use and high-volume styling. Simply run your fingers through each weft and see if you can easily glide right through without excess shedding taking place. You really shouldn’t lose more than a few strands if the extensions are worth paying good money for.

4. Examine the length of the wefts

Length of the weft – tips for quality clip-in hair extensions – Airy Hair blogHere are some guidelines for the lengths in which typical extensions are sold:

  • 16 inches in the back falls to the top of the bra line, and in the front falls right above the chest.
  • 20 inches in the back falls right below the bra line, and in the front it falls right below the chest.
  • 24 inches in the back falls to lower back or towards your bottom and in the front fall to the waistline.

Remember, appropriate extensions will always be even in length unless they are cut in layers purposely.

Also, there are many variables that factor into the length of the extensions that you decide to purchase for yourself. First of all, your height is important. Shorter people sporting the same length extensions as a taller person will naturally appear to have much longer hair.

Also, remember, the longer you want your hair to appear, the heavier each weft will feel on your head. So, if you have especially thin hair, this can become burdensome and can lead to tension headaches from the added pressure. You may eventually get used to the extensions, but you should not try a whole bunch at once if you are just starting out. Try a few shorter wefts at first and move up to longer ones after a little experience wearing them.

5. Inspect the wefts for quality

Every weft needs to be sewn to high professional standards in order to work properly. Strands should be stable inside each weft and none should protrude from the sides.

6. Learn about how each wet is measured for sale

Hair extensions are measured in metric grams, even in the United States, because ounces, as an increment, are not fine enough to properly weigh them. It is important to check into this because often times it is not enough to know how many pieces are included in a set if they are mostly lightweight and contain minimal hair. If you are getting an abundance of 1 inch or 1 clip strips that are too light in weight, they will fall out too easily and can be pretty useless overall. A two clip minimum is preferred to ensure that each weft stays securely in place.

Plus, sometimes sets are sold in 100-gram quantities which not nearly enough for your whole head. Adding length is the primary reason why one buys extensions, so that is not really enough to work with. However, if you are only concerned about adding thickness, it may suffice. Just remember, the shorter and thicker your natural hair is, and the longer you wish it to be, the more grams you will find necessary to achieve your desired look.

7. Choose the type of extensions you need

It is important to choose the hair extensions best for your purpose. If you want extensions that can do the job appropriately for a fair price, you can use synthetic hair, but if you want to use them daily, and you are going to style them vigorously, it is probably best to splurge on real human hair. Synthetic hair is coated in silicone and cannot be styled with heat or styling products. Both will cause them to melt or deform.

Remy extensions are human hair extensions that are naturally sourced with cuticles all facing the same direction. They are considered the highest-quality and most natural-looking hair extensions on the market and are well worth the expensive price tag if you need to use them often enough to make the investment feasible.

You will also have many additional decisions to make once you zone in on the type of extensions best for you. They come in many shades, lengths, thicknesses, as well fine and coarse varieties. You should also try extensions that will work best with your real, growing hair. Be sure that they are all facing the same direction to maintain a natural, flawless look.

Clip-in hair extensions are reaching peak popularity for good reason. They can turn your ordinary head of hair into an instant hair model candidate! Unlike traditional accessories, hair extensions have to be able to create an instant change in your personal style without putting in too much effort. Using the tips found above, you should be able to easily find the best hair extensions for your needs and rock a glamorous look in little to no time at all.

Now we are ready to make a purchase for a new year!


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