4 Research Studies Proving Why You Need to Wear Red Lipstick (2022)

With Valentine’s Day approaching quickly everyone is trying to tie down a man. Based on the research studies listed below, wearing red lipstick is one way to appear more attractive to the opposite sex. After reading these four studies you will want to wear that red lipstick sitting in your drawer more than once a month!

Next time you go out, put on red lipstick and flirt it up with the cutie across the bar. Who knows, maybe you won’t be lonely this Valentine’s Day.

1 Red Lipstick Gives 5 Extra Seconds of Attention

Did the picture above catch your attention? A research study done at University of Manchester found that red lipstick draws more attention to your mouth. Especially with the opposite sex.

In their study, they tracked the eye movements of 50 men who were looking at different pictures of women wearing different shades of makeup. They found that men spent longer looking at the pictures of women wearing red lipstick.

They found that they spent 7.3 seconds staring at red lips, 6.7 seconds on those with pink lips, and 2.2 seconds on those who wore no lipstick. Wearing red lipstick gets you an extra five seconds of attention from men. Seven seconds may not be a long time, but it’s better than 2 seconds.

2 Red Lipstick Increases Tips

A study conducted at Université de Bretagne-Sud in France found that red lipstick increased female waitresses’ tips from male customers. Researchers had seven waitresses wear red, pink, brown, or no lip color and served 447 customers. The conclusion?

It was found that male patrons gave around 50% more tips to the waitresses wearing red lipstick than to other waitresses. This effect was found only for the red lipstick, not the other colors. If you are a waitress, I highly suggest you buy yourself some red lipstick immediately based on this study!

3 Red Lipstick Makes You Look Younger

According to a study directed by Chanel’s R&D division and researchers at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania in 2013, emphasized red lips have been proven to make you look younger.

As we get older, our skin darkens, but our other facial features become paler. Meaning that our lips are dull in color as we age. By wearing red lipstick, it contracts with our darker, ageing skin flattering your overall complexion.

4 Red Lipstick Boosts Confidence

Everyone by now must know this, but it’s good to have science back up your claims. The Harvard study in 2011 concluded that women felt more empowered and way more confident at their work. If they have had lipstick applied that is.

I’m sure the same applies to makeup, but what’s the point of that if you don’t put the final touches on some matching lipstick? Likewise, hair extensions have also been studied and offered the same benefits. In addition to the increased possibility of tips and salary.

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Author: Sophia Strojny.

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