AiryHair has the best real hair extensions, in 8 easy-to-apply styles like clip-in, tape-in & more.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

hair extensions

    You don't have to be a hair extension pro to pull off this look flawlessly. Our extensions are so simple to apply, you can get a style boost from natural human hair in less than 10 minutes with clip-in hair extensions that add volume and length.

Stick / I-tip Hair Extensions

    Applied using a cold fusion method, these stick/I-tip hair extensions are built to last and won't tangle. Like all AiryHair Remy hair extensions, the stick/I-tip style uses double-drawn hair, which produces thick ends and extra volume.

Nail / U-tip (Keratin) Hair Extensions

hair extensions

    These nail/u-tip hair extensions are designed to be worn for several months and feature hair strands with a u-shaped tip consisting of artificial keratin. The cheap u-tip/nail extensions are attached with a heat bonding method and may last for months.

Micro Ring Loop Hair Extensions

Micro-loop hair

    Another user-friendly option and alternative to clip-in extensions, micro-loop hair extensions can be applied without a stylist in as little as 10 minutes. Available in a variety of textures, this inexpensive hair extension option delivers va-va-voom results.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

hair extensions

    Tape-in extensions offer a way to get the hair look you want, quickly. So easy to apply, you can do it yourself without a stylist, in as little as 20 minutes or even less. These tape-in hair extensions are simple, convenient, and utterly fabulous.

Weft Hair Weave Extensions

Hair wefts
& weaves

    Get total customizability with AiryHair's cheap weft extensions. These can be applied however you want them to be, sewn in, clips, glue, or nylon. These weft extensions are ultra-thick and strong, making these some of the highest-quality hair extension options available.

Instant Flipped Wire Hair Extensions

Wire hair

    The latest trend in the hair industry! cheap flipped wire (also known as the instant hair extensions) is applied in seconds, all thanks to a single loop that is placed on your head and secured with few clips. Easy to take in and out, no experience required.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Nano ring
hair extensions

    The latest trend in the world of hair extensions - nano rings. Super easy to attach, nano ring hair extensions are a dream come true. With the help of nano rings, customers can transform their look in less than ten seconds.

Custom Hair Extensions

hair extensions

    Still can’t find what you are looking for? With AiryHair you can create any type of Remy hair extensions. Get any texture extensions, including kinky or afro curl, yaki, loose, etc., or any tone hair (ombré, sombré, balayage) at no extra cost or min. order requirements.

Ombré Hair Extensions

Ombré hair

    If you prefer ombré tones over cheap Remy hair extensions, try our extremely versatile and colorful option. It will instantly transform your look into that of a hair diva. Made of real hair and only the highest quality materials.

Black Label Hair Extensions

Black label
hair extensions

    Designed for longevity and premium feel, our Black Label extensions will blow you away. It’s our latest invention that ensures a sturdier product. Yes, all strands are cheap and still made of the 100% real Remy human hair.

African American Hair Extensions

hair extensions

    Going all around your head, the African American hair extensions were created for the most demanding hair. Get back the control of your lovely hair texture. Boost not just the hair density but hair volume as well.

The Best High-Quality, Cheap Hair Extensions Available

Forget about waiting a year or even longer to grow out your hair to the length you want it. With the cheapest, real hair extensions from AiryHair, you can get a new beautiful, and affordable hairstyle instantly. Our 100 percent human Remy hair is a dream to touch, silky smooth, and oh-so-natural, not like low-quality synthetic locks. With cheap but 100% real hair extensions from AiryHair, no one will know the difference between your hair and your extensions. They'll just be dazzled by the amazing voluminous and versatile look that begs to be touched and styled.

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Human Hair Extensions by AiryHair

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