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Buy Remy Ombré, Balayage Tape-in & Clip-in Hair Extensions

Order any hair color, style, length, or texture, there are no limits when you pick AiryHair real human hair extensions. We are one of the very few suppliers in the whole world that can supply you with unlimited customization options without any extra costs or minimum order requirements.

All AiryHair extensions (be it colored or not) are made out of genuine, 100% real Remy human hair and do not include synthetic or animal hairs.

What are Ombré Hair Extensions?

You have probably heard about ombré since it has been one of the most popular coloring techniques of recent years. A subtle color gradient is created and it can go from dark to light color, light to dark, or from one color to another. Ombré is perfect if you want to try out something new and change your hair color. If you’re not a big fan of dying your hair, an ombré effect can also be achieved by using human hair extensions. It is much simpler and does not damage your hair. Since our ombré extensions are made out of the highest quality genuine human hair, they will blend in perfectly and won’t shed or tangle.

Ombré Hairstyle Color Ideas

This is just a small portion of ombré tones that we can offer. Remember, you can order any color combination and we will make it for you:

Ombré (#1 Black + #12 Warm Light Brown / #613 Blonde / #Purple / #Red / #White)
Ombré (#1B Off Black + #6 Medium Brown / #27 Strawberry Blonde / #613 Blonde /#30 Copper / #99J Red Wine)
Ombré (#2 Dark Brown + #4 Chocolate Brown / #8 Brown / #24 Golden Brown / #Green / #Lavender / #Pink)
Ombré (#4 Chocolate Brown + #Blue / #Lavender / #Pink / #Platinum / #Red / #Teal / #Violet / #White)
Ombré (#6 Medium Brown + #20 Gold Blonde / #Lavender / #Pink / #Platinum / #Teal / #Violet / #White)
Ombré (#12 Warm Light Brown + #20 Gold Blonde / #613 Light Blonde / #60 Platinum Blonde / #99J Plum)
Ombré (#18 Honey Blonde + #60 Bleached Blonde / #Rosa / #30 Red Brown / #33 True Copper
Ombré (#60 Platinum Blonde + #Lavender / #Pink / #Rosa / #Teal / #Violet / #White
Ombré (#Pink + #Violet / #Blue / #Teal)
Ombré (#Violet + #Teal / #Green / #White)
Ombré (#White + #Blue / #Fushia / #Green / #Red / #Teal)

... and many more.

For regular colors and different weight options, see our clip-on page.

What are Sombre Hair Extensions?

Temporary Party Hair Extensions: Colored Clip-in Strands
Sombre extensions are very similar to ombré and it is basically a lighter version of ombré. The color transitions are more subtle in order to achieve a more natural look. Sombre hairstyle usually goes from dark brown to blonde, avoiding strong, bright colors.

What are Balayage Hair Extensions?

Balayage extensions use a hair shading technique where special sticky strips are used to single out strands of hair that are then dyed. This technique enables both low and high color contrast and generally looks more natural and blended in.

Balayage Hairstyle Color Ideas

For balayage extensions, you can order from many different tones, including (but not limited to): Dark Chocolate, Chocolate, Golden Brown (Caramel), Brown, Beuge, Silver, and many more.

What are Three Tone Hair Extensions?

Three-tone extensions combine 3 different colors using the ombré technique. These extensions are becoming more and more popular because it enables a lot of different color varieties. You can show off your individuality and creativity, playing around with all kinds of color combinations. Previously, such techniques were only received so synthetic hair but thanks to advancements in dying techniques and materials, you can now get the very same effect with human hair that won’t dry out.

Ombré Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are one of the favorite choices for girls all over the world and the fact that there’s an ombre option now will certainly make them even more popular. As you probably know, clip-ins are a temporary method which means you don’t have to commit to anything. This is great because you can try out different ombre looks without it being permanent. And if you get bored with the colors, you can always try something else. The clips can be easily attached and blended with almost any hair type out there and you will be amazed by how good the ombre looks. The color gradient is just perfect and all the colors compliment each other so whichever two shades you choose, you can bet it will look flawless.

Ombré Tape-in Hair Extensions

If you’re interested in ombre extensions but are looking for something more permanent, we recommend our ombre tape-in hair extensions. You can wear them for a longer period of time which means you can really enjoy your new ombre look.

All of our ombre tape extensions come with invisible tape which makes them easy to hide and are made of high-quality Remy strands which are carefully colored to ensure a perfect ombre hairstyle.

Mixed Hair Color Ideas

Just like with any other extensions, below is just a small sample of what you can buy. Although you can think of any color and we will make it for you, at no additional cost or minimum order requirement.

Mixed (#1B Off Black + #613 Platinum Blonde / #Fushia)
Mixed (#4 Chocolate Brown + #27 Swedish Blond / #613 Bleached Blond)
Mixed (#8 Light Chestnut Brown + #16 Ash Blonde / #18 Honey Blonde / #613 Platinum Blonde)
Mixed (#10 Light Brown + #16 Ash Blonde / #30 Medium Auburn / #33 Vibrant Red Brown)
Mixed (#12 Warm Light Brown + #20 Swedish Blonde / #613 Platinum Blonde / #Blue / #Red / #Green
Mixed (#18 Honey Blonde + #22 Champagne Blonde / #613 Bleached Blonde / #27 Light Butterscotch Blonde)
Mixed (#Fushia + #Teal / #Lilac / #Violet / #Pink / #Teal)

AiryHair Human Hair Features

Super soft hair extensions
All AiryHair extensions are made of genuine, 100% real Remy human hair that was not mixed with artificial strands or animal fur.

What are Double-Drawn Extensions?

Double-drawn extensions have gone through a manual process of picking and eliminating short hairs. That way 90 to 99% of all hair has the same length at the top and the bottom. This results in a much thicker and voluminous, as well as elimination of uneven and thin ends.

If you’re looking for the shampoo commercial-like volume and thickness, double-drawn extensions are what we suggest.

What are Remy Premium Plus Hair Extensions?

Please note: all our extensions are Remy. For more than 10 years, our goal was to provide you with the highest quality hair at affordable prices. For that reason, we worked hard at developing our third-generation hair extensions that will maintain quality for a longer time because they will tangle and mat even less than standard Remy hair wefts. The way that we achieve this is by manually picking only the best quality strands.

Why Choose AiryHair Remy Human Hair Extensions?

A thing to keep in mind is that a lot of hair companies are misleading when labeling their hair. Often-times you will find extensions labeled as “Remy hair” when in fact they are non-Remy. That kind of human hair extensions is chemically treated to remove the cuticles which are usually replaced with silicone, resulting in low-quality hair that does not meet the Remy standards and will not last as long because the cuticles have been stripped away.

We can assure you that all of our products are of the highest quality, and are not treated with such chemicals. Genuine Remy human hair extensions are made of the best quality hair available on the market. For it to be labeled as Remy, certain conditions must be met: all the cuticles must be aligned, and the hair must not be mechanically treated. This type of hair will not tangle or mat as much as regular hair.

AiryHair Extensions Shipping

There is a range of shipping methods that we offer:

If you live in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, or Western European Countries (except for Italy), we offer free international shipping by registered airmail. This shipping option takes 10-30 days.

We also offer EMS shipping and it will take from 4 to 8 business days for your colorful hair extensions to arrive.

If you prefer the FedEx/TNT/DHL shipping option, it will take only 1-4 business days and applies to the countries listed above.

We need less than 24 hours to handle the shipment and usually send our items right after the payment verification. In some rare cases, handling can take up to 72 hours.

Buy Our 100% Genuine, Human Hair Extensions Right Now

Order Right Now and Enjoy the 30 Day, Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee

A happy kid and his mother smiling
That’s right, AiryHair offers a 30-day return option so there is no need to worry about the quality of our extensions. Also, if you’re a first-time buyer, you have a chance to try out our products. Order right now knowing that you can return the package within 30 days and get a full refund!


Customer Reviews

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Bachelorette party Review by Chelsea Lawrence
I bought a lot of these extensions in clip in form for a party that I was throwing for my best friend, just random strands of various colors. I got some for each girls and we had so much fun putting them on and going crazy. It was a perfect way to let loose and create some crazy hairstyles. Definitely recommend ! (Posted on 2/19/2018)
Amazing three tone extensions Review by Katherine Barnes
I’m a big fan of clip in extensions so I was thrilled to find some cool multi color extensions that I can wear when I want to look extra special. I have worn them a couple of times already and they hold fine. I’ve added them as highlights to my natural hair and it looked really realistic. The colors are simply beautiful and really stand out. (Posted on 1/4/2018)
Best hair ever Review by Dallas Brooks
Omg, the extensions are so amazing! I’m wearing them every day and people love my new hair. They don’t tangle much, which is great, but I do brush them often and never sleep with them. (Posted on 12/11/2017)
Great hair extensions for weddings and other occasions Review by Betty Ross
I was looking for a perfect hairstyle for my sister’s wedding, but nothing looked good with my short hair. A friend of my recommended trying extensions so I decided to go with clip ins because they’re not permanent and I want to use them primarily for special occasions. I purchased wavy ombre hair because I wanted to look glamorous for the wedding. The result was amazing!! Everybody was complimenting me on my hair and I looked great on the pictures. The volume was incredible and that’s something I could never have with my paper thin hair. they were not uncomfortable at all and I soon forgot I was even wearing them. So thank you for making my sister’s wedding even more special, I really enjoyed the extensions and they gave me so much confidence!! (Posted on 11/28/2017)
A match made in heaven Review by Rebecca G.
Thank you so much for allowing me to create my own hair colors and giving me a complete freedom. This is a real deal, girls, wish I found you sooner so could have made into my sister's wedding with these colors :( (Posted on 6/22/2017)
So far, super impressed Review by Jessica W
Ordered two tone ombre hair extensions, remy premium plus quality, 22 inch, 100g tape-ins, two sets and I am extremely impressed.

If you care about quality, go with the premium plus as these are miles ahead of anything i have seen from any other premium brand. The colors match perfectly, tapes are invisible and overall, i am super pleased with my purchase (Posted on 5/29/2017)
Ombre, yes, please Review by Lisa Gremlinie
I cant believe you allow to order any color hair and dont charge anything extra, highly recommended, created 5 tone crazy color combo and airy delivered :D thank you (Posted on 5/28/2017)

7 Item(s)

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