Top 9+: Beautiful White Ombre Hair Extensions Ideas (2020)

Black to White and Grey to White Ombre Hair.


White looks beautiful as a hair color and its popularity has been increasing. It looks very stunning and most importantly it looks great with any other color. That’s why white hair color is very popular for creating ombres with other hair colors. Ombre is probably the trendiest hairstyle right now and if you don’t know what it actually is, here’s a short explanation. Ombre is a hair coloring technique where two or more hair colors are used to create a gradient transition between the colors. You can either have dark colored roots that transition to light colored tips or the other way around. Some use your natural hair color on the roots and the lower part of your hair is dyed, however if you want more unusual colors, both ombre colors can be dyed without the use of your natural hair.

That, of course, is more complicated and includes a lot of dyeing and that’s why many women use extensions to create the ombre effect. There are also extensions that already have the complete ombre effect with two or more colors and that makes it even more easier. One of the main reasons ombre extensions are better than dyeing your hair is that ombre is a not a simple coloring technique and it requires a lot of skill to make it look right.

Also, if you want colors like white or other non-natural colors, the coloring can sometimes damage your hair. Another reason is that there is always a possibility you simply won’t like your ombre hairstyle and if you’re using extensions, you can simply take them off and your natural hair will be intact. That’s why make sure to choose something that fits you best and if you’re looking for some inspiration for your new ombre hairstyle, take a look at these beautiful white ombre combinations that will definitely transform your hair.

White and Black Ombre

White and Black Ombre Extensions

This is probably the simplest ombre including white hair. It creates a great black and white contrast and it’s usually done with black hair color on the roots that transitions into pure white. This is a great ombre if you have naturally dark or black hair since you only have to dye the lower part of your hair. And if you want to make the process simpler and safer for your hair, simply add white extensions to your natural black hair and that’s it – you’ve created an amazing black and white ombre hairstyle!

White and Grey Ombre

White and Grey Ombre Extensions

This ombre is similar to the previous one but grey color is used instead of black. This is a great hairstyle if you don’t like the harsh contrast of black and white. Grey creates a more subtle transition to the white color and this is actually called sombre. Sombre is a type of ombre where the transitions are much softer, without much contrast.

White and Pink Ombre

White and Pink Ombre Extensions

White and soft pink work great together and this could also fit the category of sombre because of the soft transitions and a lack of contrast. This hairstyle is very feminine and girly and it’s a great choice if you want something subtle.

White and Fuchsia Ombre

White and Fuchsia Ombre Extensions

If you do like a strong contrast between the ombre colors, replace soft pink with fuchsia. Fuchsia is a very strong, vivid color that creates an awesome ombre effect. A touch of fuchsia on the edges can really transform your hairstyle and to make the process simpler, think about using extensions.

White and Purple Ombre

White and Purple Ombre Extensions

Purple is a beautiful royal color and here you can see a different kind of ombre, where you start with the darker purple roots and transition to pure white.

White and Red Ombre

White and Red Ombre Extensions

Red is a fiery color that can really transform your hairstyle. Here you can see both examples of white and red ombre and they both look stunning.

White and Copper Ombre

White and Copper Ombre Extensions

If red is too strong for you, copper is a great alternative, it’s a bit more natural looking but it does add a nice touch of color. In this case, you don’t have to use a pure white color, blonde also works great.

White and Green Ombre

White and Green Ombre Extensions

If you like to experiment and want something really different, why not choose a cool green hair color? This white and green ombre looks totally different and since green is not your everyday color, you can play around with green extensions to create this eccentric ombre.

White and Blue Ombre

White and Blue Ombre Extensions

White and blue create an amazing icy effect that looks incredible. You can simply add beautiful blue extensions to create the ombre without dyeing or damaging your hair.

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