How to Restore Your Natural Hair Color and Increase Hair Growth?

Everyone wants to know how to refresh their hair color and make it look like it was just dyed. However, while you can’t really combat aging, there are some tricks that should help you to slow down the time (when it comes to gray hair) and speed up the hair growth.

Of course, mother nature is always here to help us out and thankfully, some of the do it yourself solutions are rather easy, in fact, all you have to do is try a tea that were specifically handpicked to moisturize your scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

Please keep in mind that while drinking tea will increase your hair health, other measures should also be taken, such as reducing the amount of fat foods, working out and just improving your overall body shape in general.

Drink Barley Tea to Promote Hair Growth

DIY: How to Restore Your Natural Hair Color and Increase Hair Growth

Wait, what? Did you expect some hair mask that is a headache to apply or miraculous vitamins? We actually have something different and much easier to incorporate into your daily life.

Did you know that barley tea is a rather spectacular product? In fact, it is one of the healthiest teas you could drink at this moment. Here are just some of the benefits that you should be aware of:

Barley restores your hair color

Thanks to various minerals inside barley (such as copper that is involved in forming melanin, a natural pigment, which colors your hair), you can expect to see a nice increase in the overall tone of your natural hair.

It also promotes healthy hair growth

Just like with the point above, barley is rich in all kinds of micronutrients, niacin, thiamin, and most importantly, Procyanidin B-3, which is linked to hair growth. Since we are living in a world where vitamin and mineral deficiency is a common occurrence, just by drinking a cup or two of barley tea a day, you are guaranteed to minimize such risks.

Could help with a hair loss

Since the deficiency of iron is linked to anemia, which is linked to lower levels of oxygen in red blood cells, your hair follicles as well as nails could be starving. Rich in copper and iron, barley should improve the overall production of red blood cells and reduce the risk of iron deficiency.

Bonus: make your eyebrows thicker and skin healthier

There are two other ways to use this amazing drink:

a) Use the overnight barley tea to brush your eyebrows for the increased thickness.
b) Add dried barley to your bathtub to lighten and refresh your skin.

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Drink Barley Tea to Promote Hair Growth

While you wear your keratin hair (or any other extensions) and rocking stunning, volume rich hairstyles, please visit our store and order barley tea, which is super affordable. Not only will your hair look much healthier, but the volume should increase even more, not to mention other benefits of barley tea, such as: skin tone and elasticity improvements, immunity boost, lower cholesterol levels and more.

For preparation and brewing instructions, please visit the store but to give you a quick version, just add it to the boiling water and let it sit for at least ten minutes.

Enjoy the healthier hair.

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How to Restore Your Natural Hair Color and Increase Hair Growth?

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