Top 10 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples


With Halloween just around the corner, I bet a lot of you have been thinking about what you are going to be. If you are sick of the basic couples costumes like doctor and nurse or angel and devil. Here are a couple out of the box couples costumes to try with your significant other.

Pop Culture

Owen Grady & A Velociraptor

Owen Grady & A Velociraptor Halloween Costume Idea

You may say that Claire and Owen are the love interests in the new movie “Jurassic World.” I disagree, I think that the velociraptors had to really love Owen in order to make him to alpha of their pack and come save him at the end.

Fin Sheppard & A Shark

Fin Sheppard & A Shark Halloween Costume Idea

“Sharknado” is so horribly awful and cheesy, that is surprisingly good. It is hard to tear your eyes away from the killer sharks jutting out of the water tornado. Go as a cult classic this Halloween with this fun costume.

Peter Griffin & The Chicken

Peter Griffin & The Chicken Halloween Costume Idea

“Family Guy” has been on for years and is still producing new episodes. Obviously, they are doing something right. Peter Griffin and the chicken is often overlooked on this show, but their scenes together always crack me up with their gruesome fights over nothing. Be a little more original and go the Peter and chicken route instead of the Stewie and Brian one.


Elsa & Olaf

Elsa & Olaf Halloween Costume Idea

If you do want to go the princess route, but your boyfriend refuses to be your prince. Put your hair in a side braid and dress him up like a snowman. Then you still get to be a beautiful princess and he doesn’t have to wear tights.

Cookie Monster & A Cookie

Cookie Monster A Cookie Halloween Costume Idea

Adorable and easy. This costume allows one of your to go all out with the Cookie Monster costume and the other to spend a small amount of time cutting a cookie out of cardboard. If you are a huge Halloween lover, but your partner isn’t. Let them be less involved with this easy costume.

Blue & Steve

Blue Steve Halloween Costume Idea

Every ‘90’s kid will rejoice in your costume about this favorite forgotten TV show. Every kid I know used to sit down and watch “The Blues Clues” every Saturday morning. Be nostalgic with this cute couple costume.

Wendy Peppercorn & Squints

Wendy Peppercorn & Squints Halloween Costume Idea

If you have never seen “The Sandlot” and have never watched this iconic scene where a chubby ginger kid fake his own drowning to get kissed by the hot lifeguard, you are really missing out.
Traditional with a Twist

Fisherman & Mermaid

Fisherman & Mermaid Halloween Costume Idea

A slight twist from the traditional Ariel and Prince Eric costume. Instead of having your man dress like a prince, which let’s face it most men do not want to do. Have him dress in a fisherman’s outfit.

Goldilocks & A Bear

Goldilocks & A Bear Halloween Costume Idea

The amount of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf couples costumes I have to see each year is overwhelming. If you have been really wanting to do that costume once you finally got a partner. Maybe do Goldilocks and a bear instead for the same feel and more uniqueness.

Cupcake & A Chef

Cupcake & A Chef Halloween Costume Idea

There are always so many career couple costumes like the cop and robber or the nurse and doctor. Mix it up with this sweet costume!

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Author: Sophia Strojny.

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