10 Awesome Halloween Hairstyle Hair Extension Ideas


Halloween – our favorite time of the year is almost here. It is the perfect time to experiment with your hairstyle and come up with crazy looks. Here are 10 awesome hairstyle ideas you can try out this Halloween, thanks to hair extensions! The best part? All of these can be achieved with the help of cold fusion extensions that you can apply yourself. Saving you on hair dye and without having to damage your hair!

Spiders and Spider Webs

Spiders and Spider Webs Hair

What says Halloween more than spiders and spider webs? This is perfect if you’re looking for a spooky hairstyle. You can braid your hair into a spider web or even make an actual spider out of your hair!

Matching extensions

26″ (100 – 160g) tape-ins or clip-ins
Color: any
Price: from $54.90 + free shipping

Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein Hairstyle

If you want a classically inspired Halloween look, the bride of Frankenstein is a great choice. It is a cult film and a cult hairstyle. It’s fairly easy to make and the most important part is to have that streak of grey on the side.

Matching extensions

12″ (50 – 100g, 6 pieces) clip-ins
Color: Grey
Price: from $22.90 + free shipping

Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil Hairstyle

This is a similar Halloween hairstyle and it’s inspired by Cruella De Vil. If you want to look like the evil villain, dye one side of your hair black and the other completely white. It looks sinister!

Matching extensions

26″ (100 – 160g) tape-ins or clip-ins
Color: #1 (Black) and #60 (Platinum Blonde)
Price: from $54.90 + free shipping

Dia De Los Muertos

Dia De Los Muertos Hairstyle

Day of the dead is a Mexican holiday, similar to Halloween and it is famous for its sugar skull tradition. It is no wonder that this kind of makeup and hairstyle is very popular for Halloween. The trick is to paint your face to look like a skull and use traditional Mexican designs. You can be creative with your hairstyle, but it’s important to place a lot of beautiful, big flowers in your hair to get the full effect.

Matching extensions

26″ (100 – 160g) tape-ins or clip-ins
Color: 3 Tone: #1 (Black) + Teal + Green
Price: from $54.90 + free shipping

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Hairstyle

Suicide Squad costumes, and especially Harley Quinn costumes are extremely popular this Halloween. If you want to embody your favorite super-villain, the makeup and hair are the most important parts. Harley Quinn is famous for her blond hair and blue and pink pigtails, so you definitely want to do that to get the complete look. You can dye your hair or you can get some great extensions to complete your look!

Matching extensions

24″ (100 – 160g) tape-ins or clip-ins
Color: Ombré: #60 (Platinum Blonde) + Pink / Teal
Price: from $50.90 + free shipping

Pop Art

Pop Art Hairstyle

If you’re an art fan, this is a perfect look for you. Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein’s famous comic-like artworks, this look is so cool and perfect for Halloween. It consists of painting your face with lines and dots, just like a comic book drawing, and having bright yellow hair.

Matching extensions

24″ (100g) flip-ins
Color: Pure Yellow
Price: from $52.90 + free shipping


Pinup Hairstyle

Pinup costumes are always popular for Halloween. Who wouldn’t want to look like a sexy pinup model? Along with makeup and vintage clothes, an important part of the pinup look is the hair. It’s inspired by 40s and 50s hairstyles and it includes perfectly styled hair, bangs and bandanas.

Matching extensions

26″ (100 – 160g) flip-ins or clip-ins
Color: Teal or #613 (Blond) or #1 (Black)
Price: from $52.90 + free shipping


Mermaid Hairstyle

If you really want to shine on Halloween, go for the mermaid hairstyle. Dye your hair or get some beautiful long pastel hair extensions. You can get creative with all kinds of accessories on your hair including shells, beads and sea stars.

Matching extensions

28″ (160 – 200g) tape-ins or clip-ins
Color: Ombré: #60 (Platinum Blonde) + Pink / Teal
Price: from $94.90 + free shipping


Unicorn Hairstyle

Another cool Halloween hairstyle idea is unicorn hair. It is bright colored with awesome color transitions. Just don’t forget the horn!

Matching extensions

24″ (100 – 160g) tape-ins or clip-ins (straight or bodyweave)
Color: Ombré or Mixed: Pink + Violet and Violet + Teal
Alternative: 3 Tone: Violet + Teal + Turkis
Price: from $52.90 + free shipping


Rainbow Hairstyle

Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with crazy hairstyles and hair colors, so why not try out a rainbow colored hair? You can color your hair in different colors, but you can also use different color extensions and really take it to the next level. Either way, it looks really cool!

Matching extensions

18″ (50g) tape-ins
Color: Tapes of different color pieces: Red, Teal, Blue, Magenta, Green
Price: from $32.90 + free shipping


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