How to Braid Black or African Hair with Extensions? (2021)

A Step by Step Guide to Braid Your Hair.


How to Braid Black or African Hair with Extensions? (2021)

The great thing about extensions is that they give you amazing density and incredible length, as well as look completely natural so you can do anything you would with your natural locks. That also includes braiding. So if you want to braid your black or African hair with extensions, there are many ways in which you can do that and achieve great looks! Not only can you braid hair with extensions, but can also braid the extensions into your strands which is a great method of installing them.

Many different braiding techniques allow you to seamlessly attach extensions of different lengths and styles. When done properly, all of them look completely natural and are safe for your locks.

How to Braid Extensions into Your Natural Hair?

First, let’s take a look at a great way of installing extensions on black or African hair by braiding. It is one of the most simple ways to do it and it is done in no time.

  1. You will need single pieces of extensions that you will braid into a regular cornrow.
  2. Start on one side of the hair and section the first piece.
  3. Take one extension strand, fold it in half and place the fold on the natural strand.
  4. Start doing the first cornrow and don’t pull on the hair, just gently fold it. So you’re working with one strand of real hair and two strands of the extensions.
  5. If you need to, you can also add another piece of the extensions further down the cornrow and continue braiding.
  6. Continue down to the end of the hair and keep your braid consistent, not too tight and not too loose.
  7. Repeat these steps for all of the cornrow braids and that’s it!

How to Do Protective Style Box Braids with Extensions?

How to Do Protective Style Box Braids with Extensions?You can also use box braids in order to braid your extensions in. They look amazing and also protect your strands from damage. It is a great style that looks even better because the extensions allow you to make them long and cool. Here’s how you do it, it is really simple:

  1. You can start by washing your natural strands and applying some natural oil after it’s dry.
  2. Section off one layer of hair at the bottom, just above your neck and separate it into three smaller pieces.
  3. Now take one strand of the extensions and separate it into two pieces. One should be smaller than the other, about 1/3, while the other is 2/3. Find the middle of both and loop the smaller strand around the bigger one and connect it into one normal-sized strand. So now you have three strands of the extensions.
  4. Place the three strands of the extensions on the root of your natural hair that you have sectioned off and start braiding.
  5. Take one side and go underneath the middle section, do the same the opposite way, and repeat that process. So basically you’re going from left to right, underneath your middle piece and you’re grabbing from side to side.
  6. Continue down until you finish the first box braid and then repeat the process for each braid.
  7. As you go up in layers, the number of braids will increase. So at the very bottom, you started with three, on the layer above you can have five or six and so on.
  8. When you’re all done, make sure to moisturize your braids and that’s it!

How to Do a Kinky Twist with Extensions?

How to Do a Kinky Twist with Extensions?For this, you will need to buy kinky extensions that you will braid along your natural strands.

  1. Wash your hair first and brush it in order to remove any knots.
  2. Decide where you want to start your first kinky twist and section off a small strand of hair. Now separate that into two smaller pieces.
  3. Take one kinky extensions piece and fold it in half. Place it in the center of two strands and twist the strands and the extensions tightly.
  4. Overlap the two new twisted strands and do it over and over again.
  5. Finish by tying a knot at the end.
  6. Repeat these steps for each kinky twist.

If you’re still unsure how to do any of these braided looks, you can ask a friend to help you or get your hairstylist to do it for you. All of these must be done right to look good.

How to Care for Your Braided Extensions?

You need to maintain your braids to avoid any frizz and keep them looking amazing. Follow these simple tips and tricks for gorgeous braids:

  1. When washing your braids, apply some shampoo on your roots and use the tip of your fingers to scrub. It is easier if you do it one row at a time and make sure you’re very gentle while doing it. You can use a spray bottle with some water and shampoo in it and simply spray it. There is no need to apply the shampoo to the bottom of your braids. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly.
  2. You also want to condition your braids. Apply a leave-in conditioner all over your braids and wait for ten to fifteen minutes before washing it out. While rinsing, lightly rub your scalp. Remove excess water by squeezing your braids because that will make it easier to dry. Also, use a dry towel to gently squeeze the braids.
  3. You can also use some products on wet hair, like natural oils or frizz removers.
  4. It would be ideal if you have the time to let the braids dry naturally, but if you do use a blow dryer, use it on a cool setting.
  5. When sleeping with your braided extensions, it is recommended that you tie a scarf around your head to keep the braids from moving too much while you sleep.


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