How to Dye Your Hair or Extensions Ombré at Home


How to Dye Your Hair or Extensions Ombré at Home

Ombre hairstyles are still very popular and there are so many to choose from. But if you don’t like dyeing your own hair or simply want to try out an ombre look without it being permanent, there’s a great way to do that – dyeing hair extensions. This is something you can do at home and the process is fairly simple, although it requires a bit of work. It is also a great idea if you’re tired with the color of your extensions and want to try out something new and fresh.

A Step by Step Guide

You Will Need


You should purchase high quality extensions if you want to dye them because there are some extensions you can’t dye and some that can get damaged if you dye them. High quality remy extensions can be dyed and they will stay the same even after you dye them. It is best to use light colored extensions like blonde or light brown.

Dark Dye

You will need a dark dye the darker part of the ombre that matches your roots. The simplest way is to get a boxed dye because it already comes with the right color and developer in it and you don’t have to worry about buying those separately.


You also need a toner or a color to get the lighter shades of the ombre. A great option is to buy a high lift color which has a little bit of bleach in it, but it’s a lot less damaging and it can strip away the unwanted tones from the extensions.

Cream Developer

Cream Developer

You’re going to need a developer to mix with your toner.


  • You need a bowl to mix the color.
  • A brush for dyeing for applying the dye.
  • Gloves
  • Measuring cup to measure the ratio of developer and the color.
  • Newspaper of plastic bags to put on the surface you’re going to dye on because it can get really messy.

Preparing the Dark Dye

The first step is putting the dark dye on the top portions of the extensions to mimic your roots. You can follow the instruction for the dark dye to prepare it. A boxed dye comes with the developer and the color already in the box so you basically need to mix those two together. The dye usually comes with a bottle ready with the developer in it so you just need to add the color in there and then shake it to mix the two. Once it’s shaken properly, you can cut the top of the applicator off and start the dyeing process.

Dyeing the Hair Roots Dark

Preparing the TonerOnce the dye is ready, you can start applying the dye straight from the applicator on to the top parts of your extensions and brush the dye in with a dye brush going in downward strokes. If you don’t want the harsh line between the dark hair and the lighter hair, you can put a bit of dye on a comb as well and brush that into the extensions to get that nice transition. That helps avoid the harsh line between the two colors and creates a nice ombre gradient. To make sure that the dye is evenly distributed on all the hair and that you don’t have any patches, go back periodically with the dye and make sure that it’s saturated well. And of course, don’t forget to do the other side of the extensions because the color doesn’t really go through so it’s important to repeat that process on the other side. Repeat this process on all of the wefts.

Rinsing the Dark Dye

Once the dark dye has processed for about 30 minutes, you do want to rinse it out, but since you’re going to dye the lower part of your extensions and you want that part of the hair to be dry and rinsing your extensions will make all of it wet. To avoid that, you can take a paper towel and wet it and dampened all the dyed part of the extensions and that stops the dye from processing further and the lower part of the extensions will still be dry.

Preparing the Toner

Now it’s time to prepare the toner for the lower part of your hair extensions. Take the measuring cup and measure how much toner you have and then you will need double the amount of developer. Because the ratio is 2 to 1, it’s basically one part toner and two parts developer. Mix the two together in a bowl.

Toning Hair Extensions

Toning the Extensions

Toning the extensions is really easy. Take a clean dye brush and brush in the toner in the rest of the hair. Make sure it’s well saturated and that you don’t have any patches of color that are not dyed. If your extensions are very thick, you should dye them in layers to get all the color in more easily. You can also use your hands (while wearing the gloves) and massage the color in. Make sure to repeat the process on the other side of the weft. After you’ve finished with the dyeing, you should way from 10-15 minutes for the toner to set.


To rinse, use a sulfate-free, color safe shampoo. Put it on your hands and lightly rub the extensions to clean them. Don’t be too rough with them because you don’t want to cause any knots or anything like that. Make sure you thoroughly wash out all of the dye. Once that is rinsed out, add the conditioner on the extensions. Focus it mainly on the mid points down to avoid it being to greasy on the root area. Now that you’re done with rinsing the hair, you can finally get to styling it and seeing how the color turned out!

Styling the Hair

It is very useful to have a hair extensions hanger so you can hang your extensions. That way, it’s much easier to style it. Take some macadamia oil and distribute it across the hair concentrating it mainly from the mid points to the ends because you don’t want to get it greasy on the roots. Take a heat protection spray and spray it before blow-drying. Then section off the weft into a few sections and blow dry it using a round brush.

You’re Done!

That’s it, now you have awesome ombre extensions! The process is really not that complicated and the results are great and it also saves you a lot of time and money because you don’t have to get your hair professionally dyed in a salon.


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