How to Dye Micro Link Hair Extensions At Home

Among many hair extension types, micro link extensions are one of the best. The revolutionary thing about it is that no glue or clip-ins are used. Instead, these types of extensions use a lot of small micro rings which are shut tight, keeping the hair in place. Micro links are also much more natural looking and easier to care for because very small pieces are used for each micro ring so they have a natural flow and movement. It is impossible for someone to notice you’re wearing micro ring extensions.

These extensions last for a very long time and are of high quality, you can literally use them for months! The only thing you have to do from time to time, as your hair grows longer, is have your micro rings refitted. But that process is really simple; micro links are opened, the extensions are moved higher up, and the micro rings are shut tight again. Removing micro rings is also very simple and doesn’t damage your hair whatsoever, which is not the case with some other types of hair extensions.

How To Dye Micro Ring Hair Extensions At Home

Because these are high quality human hair extensions, they can be dyed and won’t lose any of its quality. That’s a great thing because you have the option to change your hair color and try something new. You can go darker or lighter in color or try something completely different like turquoise or purple hair color which are really popular at the moment. You can have your extensions dyed by a professional, but you can also do it at home, and it’s really not that complicated once you get a hang of it. You just need to be gentle with your extension and follow these steps to avoid making any mistakes.

Required Tools for Dying

  • Of course, you will need some micro link extensions. Make sure that they are made of 100% human hair. If they’re not, dyeing them will damage them and you won’t be able to wear them anymore. Human hair ones can be dyed and won’t get damaged at all.
  • Needle and thread
  • A hair dye of your choice.

Getting Started

Getting Started

The first thing you’re going to do is take off the elastic that’s holding your micro ring extensions together. Then separate your extensions into sets of 25. Now take your needle and thread it, you can take any needle that you like, just make sure it fits between the micro rings. You need to make sure that you have a double thread at the bottom because that will make it easier and you’ll get extra strength. Now take one micro ring and thread it through the loop. Repeat this step for all of the 25 micro rings and when you’re done, tie a knot to keep them in place. Now that you have your sets of 25 micro rings threaded and on a loop, it will be it a lot easier to dye them because they’re all attached to one loop as opposed to dyeing every single strand individually.

Preparing the Hair Dye

Take the hair dye of your choice. Follow the instructions on the box and mix the hair dye. Make sure to wear protective gloves to avoid dye getting on your hands because it’s very difficult to wash it off. Make sure that you mix the dye very well, otherwise the color is not going to mix very well on the hair extensions.

Dying the Hair Extensions

Dyeing The Hair Extensions

Take one set of hair, place it on a protected surface for dyeing and brush it through to make sure there’s no knots in it. Apply dye on the hair and rub it in thoroughly, making sure you get the color everywhere and don’t have any spots. Turn the hair around and repeat the process. You can also use a comb to spread the hair dye more efficiently. Repeat this process for every set of hair and make sure it’s completely covered in hair dye. After you’ve applied color to all of the sets, put them all together, fold them up, and place them into a foil or a towel and wrap them up. Let the color set, the time needed for this step depends on the hair dye you’re using, so follow the instructions on the box.

Washing Micro Link Hair Extensions

Thoroughly wash the dye from the hair using a sulfate-free shampoo and do it very carefully. Make sure you don’t damage the extensions or the micro rings. It’s important to get all the hair dye out, so don’t rush through this step. Also, use a deep conditioner to keep your hair nice and smooth. After washing, use a towel to dry extensions and brush them with a hairbrush. Keep in mind that hair is going to look much darker when wet, so don’t think you’ve picked the wrong color, just wait until they’re dry to see the actual color.

You’re done!

That’s it, you’ve learned how to dye your micro ring hair extensions at home! The process is really simple and it’s much cheaper than having it done by a professional, but the results are still great. Now you need to get them installed and this is something that it’s better to have done by a hair stylist because links are not that easy to install, unless this is not your first time.

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How to Dye Micro Link Hair Extensions At Home

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