12+ Best Hair Extension Tools for Applying & Removing Locks (2022)

Must Have Hair Extension Tools, Installation and Removal Accessories.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional hairdresser or not, having the right tools is essential for doing a good job on hair extensions application.

Today, we are happy to share with you some of the essential hair extension tools that will make the whole process much easier be it hair blending or removal. Some fusion types require certain tools to attach them properly. All of these accessories or extension removal tools are very simple to use! Meaning that any can be great for beginners or hair professionals alike. Whether you install extensions at a salon, or you simply want to apply extensions on your hair at home, these tools are a must-have!

And yes, this list includes equipment for both cold and hot fusion bonding.

Tape-In and Keratin Extensions Glue / Adhesive Remover

Now, this one is a no-brainer if you are using keratin or tape-in hair extensions.

How Does It Work?

These drops remove the adhesive safely from your hair! Simply apply a drop or two and peel extensions with ease. As of 2019, another alternative has appeared in a form of a gel. It’s the same thing. These adhesive removers are 100% safe for your strands and won’t cause any damage.

You can also use drops or gel to remove any glue residue from the strands after you have taken the extensions off. Lastly, adhesive remover can also be used to remove lace wigs that were attached using glue.

Fusion Types: Tape-in, Keratin Hair Extensions and Lace Wigs

Price: $3.25

Click here to order.

Removable Double-Sided Tape

Running low on the tape adhesive? No worries! Just order additional double-sided tape and extend the lifespan of your extensions.

How Does It Work?

Since our Remy tape extensions last for a long time, it is more likely that the tape itself will get damaged before the actual strands. If that happens, simply remove the damaged tape carefully, cut a new piece of tape, and stick it onto the extensions!

In early 2019 we have added another option: pre-cut pieces, in case you don’t want to cut them yourself. This will save you a lot of bucks in the years to come. Enjoy rejuvenated tape-in extensions that you can wear again and again. Clients may also use adhesive tape to apply weft extensions as well as wigs. It’s a very useful tool that’s great to always have around, especially if you work at a salon.

Fusion Types: Tape-in, Weft Hair Extensions and Wigs.

Price: $4.9 to $24.8

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Silicone, Copper and Aluminum Micro Rings Links

This goes for all the cold fusion fans out there. Including micro ring loop and i-tip extension users. A must-have for hair salons and anyone that plans to wear strands longer than a few months.

How Does It Work?

These links (also referred to as beads) are used to install or re-install hair extensions. While not fragile, with hundreds of them in your head, sooner or later you may need to refit at least a few strands.

AiryHair offers rings made of three different materials including silicone, copper, and aluminum. The rings or beads also come in different color combinations so that you can match them perfectly with natural hair. In other words, rings will be completely invisible and hidden away.

If you own a hair salon, your customers will be thrilled to see that you have a wide variety of different micro rings. So, make sure to stock them up!

Fusion Types: Micro Ring Loop and I-Tip Hair Extensions.

Price: $29.9

Click here to order.

Ultrasonic Hair Connector or Heat Wand

Now this one depends on your budget and preference. We have two options to fuse keratin hair extensions with your hair. One is a traditional and affordable method while another is future-proof.

How Does It Work?

Despite different price ranges, these tools achieve the same goal. Customers may use a simple heat clamp, which is also known as a loof, or the more advanced, ultrasonic connector. Later does not use any heat and instead relies on the sonic waves. As a result, you don’t have to worry about any burns, ever!

Sure, a loof works great, but there is a risk because heat is involved. For those who want to be extremely safe and gentle on your hair, consider the ultrasonic hair connector. It is a great investment for any salon and will show your customers that you’re very professional and take safety seriously. It is simple to use and fuses keratin extensions in seconds.

Fusion Types: Keratin Hair Extensions.

Price: $19.9 or $84.9

Click here to order.

The following product page also features affordable hair straighteners (US Model).

Scalp, Hair Glue and Heat Protectant

If you’re applying hair extensions with glue or heat, this one is a must! Especially for the first-timers. Think about it, pay a few bucks for the protection or risk ruining your hair?

How Does It Work?

A heat protector not only protects the scalp from heat or hair from the residue but also makes extensions’ application much easier. By separating one strand from the rest, you can handle each tip without any effort.

In addition to that, we recommend heat protectors for all our hair salon owners or stylists. Your customers will feel much safer with them on as there’s no risk of burns or damage to the hair. This cheap and simple tool is very easy to handle and can be used for strand-by-strand extension types.

Fusion Types: Glue-in and Keratin Hair Extensions.

Price: $9.9

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Finger Cots or Glue Protectors

Speaking of protectors, here is another one but this time it’s for your nails and fingertips.

How Does It Work?

Just put it at the ends of your tips and change the way you apply hair extensions? No more sticky or nasty fingers! Installation of many extensions, including tape and keratin, can get quite messy and this is a perfect tool to avoid that.

Finger cots are great for both beginners, professionals and are quite cheap. You can also use these protectors when handling hair dyes. For a bonus, cots have a special texture at the end to enhance grip.

Fusion Types: Glue-in, Keratin and Tape-in Hair Extensions.

Price: $19.90

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Glue and Keratin Melting Pot

Want a useful and easy-to-use tool that will melt keratin or glue? You have just found one.

How Does It Work?

Once you plug it in, the pot gets hot and you simply need to add keratin or glue which will then melt. Once the adhesive is in a liquid state, use it to apply keratin, glue-in, or even weft extensions.

Since hot glue can be very dangerous, it’s great to have a professional pot to do the whole procedure and keep safety at a high level. It is a great addition to any salon and will certainly make the whole process a lot easier. Here’s the best part: it keeps the temperature steady.

Fusion Types: Glue-in and Keratin Hair Extensions.

Price: $19.99

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Glue Sticks

Now, what goes with the glue melting pots? Glue sticks! What if you are running out of inventory? We got you covered too, just hit the link below and push these sticks to your cart.

How Does It Work?

It’s glue and it glues things together. You should know that by now. Every professional salon should always have these. Glue sticks come in a variety of colors and can be melted in a pot or used in a hot glue gun.

This is an essential tool for anyone who installs fusion extensions regularly.

Fusion Types: Tape-in, Glue-in and Keratin Hair Extensions.

Price: $9.9

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Hot Glue Gun for Extensions<

Originally, glue guns were created for indoor and outdoor use. However, hairdressers have quickly put them to a different use.

How Does It Work?

If you don’t want to use a glue-melting pot, add one stick to the device and start the application process yourself. It works with strands and can be used to easily and evenly apply glue on tips. That’s the most important part, always apply glue on extension hair tips!

Available in a few different power options for home or industrial use.

Fusion Types: Tape-in and Glue-in Hair Extensions.

Price: $26.9

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Latch Hook Crochet Needles (Wooden, Plastic)

If you constantly apply i-tip, micro ring loop extensions, or just prefer the most convenient way to do so, this tool will be your lifesaver.

How Does It Work?

A latch hook needle enables you to thread a strand through the micro ring with such ease. The needles can also be of great help when sewing wefts on, as well as attaching wigs.

AiryHair latch hook crochet needles consist of a nice handle that’s easy to grip and use as well as a metal latch on the tips. The tips also come in a variety of sizes and we recommend that you have at least one tip. This is a great tool for both home and salon use and can be used for a lot of different things, not only extensions.

Fusion Types: Sew-in, Weft, I-Tip Stick and Micro Ring Loop Extensions.

Price: $19.9

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Nylon and Cotton Sewing Threads

Here’s an obvious one, which most women will already have. These are essential for every weft hair extension lover and yes, we are talking about the nylon and cotton sewing threads!

How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever sewn extensions, then it’s obvious. A lot of thread is needed so make sure you don’t run out in the middle of the process. These threads are used to hold wefts tight and fuse with your own har.

You can choose from nylon and cotton ones. It’s up to you which one you’ll choose, both are great for a sew-in. AiryHair threads are also available in different colors and as you might assume, can be used for all kinds of different things related to sewing.

Fusion Types: Weft and Sewn-in Hair Extensions.

Price: $6.9

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Hair Extension Pliers

You can’t get micro ring loops, keratin, or i-tip extensions without buying a great set of pliers. It’s as simple as that. Unless your man loves to work in the garage, chances are this one will be harder to find in your drawers.

How Does It Work?

Micro ring beads need to be clamped down to hold the hair and there’s no other way to do it but with pliers. The same goes for the removal of micro rings. The pliers are easy to handle and will not damage the microbeads in any way.

Plus, they’re amazingly inexpensive, but still high-quality which means the pliers are very sturdy and you can use them for a long time. This is a must-have if you install micro ring extensions in your salon.

Fusion Types: Micro Ring Loop, Stick I-Tip and Keratin Hair Extensions.

Price: $6.95

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Hair Loop Brush

If you haven’t bought a professional loop brush yet, please do so now. It’s the most critical piece of equipment, seriously.

How Does It Work?

While the brush part might sound obvious to you, loop brushes work differently. They were created with hair extensions in mind and don’t add pressure while brushing your hair. Thanks to small loops, strands are never pulled and remain intact.

If you want to have the majority of hair left a few months after installing extensions, don’t use a regular brush.

Fusion Types: All Hair Extensions.

Price: $6.9

Click here to order.


These are the most essential tools for applying or removing hair extensions. We can’t imagine any others that one must-have. We should have covered them all, essential and not so much.


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