5+ Best Ways to Store Your Hair Extensions (2022)

How and Where to Store Your Hair Extensions at Home or When Traveling?

5+ Best Ways to Store Your Hair Extensions (2022)

From clip-in to weft hair, the best way to store your newly purchased hair extensions could impact the precious tresses’ lifespan. Regardless of the extension type, all hair needs to be cared for to keep its flawless look and make it last a long time. If you take poor care of your new set, it will turn into a messy nest. Not to mention a much shorter hair extensions lifespan.

Neglecting to wash or brush extensions will lead to tangling, knots and matting. Which is not a good look for anyone! However, did you know that storing is also an important part of extensions’ care?

1 Why Should You Store Hair Extensions?

5+ Best Ways to Store Your Hair Extensions (2019)

Many girls have admitted to poor storing habits that inevitably resulted in unwearable extensions. If you’re simply going to throw your wefts in the closet or shove them in a drawer, they will look horrific once you get them out!

That kind of tangled mess is simply impossible to work with. When you have hair in this state, you would have to wash it first, detangle it, and style it before installation. That’s an awful lot of time to spend on something that can be avoided. It’s simply easier to store the hair properly and have it ready when you want to wear it. Also, what’s the point in spending so much money on top quality Remy extensions if you’re not going to look after them? Do you want your hair to be unusable in weeks?

Proper hair storage is quite simple and doesn’t require any special storage containers. There are essentially a few basic requirements:

  • All hair wefts must be in a dry and cool place, without much moisture.
  • While not in use, extensions should be away from direct sunshine.

So, keep this in mind when choosing a storage place. It takes only a couple of minutes to safely put away your wefts and there is absolutely no reason to avoid it. Also, this will reduce any mess you have in your room or bathroom.

To make it even easier for you, we have explained a couple of different simple and quick storage methods that you can choose from. They include storing extensions in boxes, using hair extension hangers for storage, and storage bags, as well as additional information about how to travel with hair extensions.

General Rules for Storing Hair Extensions

  • First, wash your hair and let extensions dry naturally. Not to say that you can’t use a blow dryer since you definitely can! Just make sure that hair is not tangled.
  • Second, straighten extensions with a hair iron and comb them.
  • Now, as far as the storage goes, make sure the clips are always closed.
  • Always make sure the extensions are dry before placing them anywhere. Otherwise, expect mold and other nasty bacteria.
  • Some recommend a vacuum bag, which is a bad idea. We prefer breathable material like cotton. This is the ideal place for your hair extensions. Alternatively, try a bag with mesh vents.

2 Store Hair Extensions in a Box

Store Hair Extensions in a Box

This is one of the easiest ways to put away any hair extensions. You can use the box that came with the hair, or a regular shoebox (more about that later). We recommend this storage option when you want to store the hair for a longer time and don’t plan on using it every day.

Here is how to properly do it:

  1. First, brush the hair gently and make sure it’s nice and smooth.
  2. Stack the wefts on top of each other and roll them together.
  3. Brush them one more time and finally twist the hair and place into the box.
  4. If you have a lot of wefts, repeat this step a few times, making multiple hair bundles.
  5. Close the box and put it in your closet, drawer, or shelf.

Price: Free

3 Use Hair Extension Hangers

Another cool way to safely store extensions is hangers. There are special hangers made specifically for wefts. Nonetheless, regular hangers can also be used if you’re on a budget.

We recommend this option when ordering clip-in wefts that you wear every day. This will help you to safely store extensions and use them instantly when necessary.

There is no specific formula. Use as many or as few hangers as you need to. If you got a set with many pieces, use more than one hanger. Do not squeeze them! Hangers designed for extensions will work better, but it’s just a suggestion.

Brush the hair and place the hanger in your closet. What’s cool about using hangers is that you can style the extensions this way. For example: curl or straighten wefts while they are still on hangers.

Price: Free

4 Try Hair Extension Storage Bags

Try Hair Extension Storage Bags

If you want to get fancy with hair storage, purchase storage bags made specifically for extensions. AiryHair sells them for around $14.95. This is a recommended method by many hair extension stores, but not a must. Depending on the quality of extensions and your budget, consider rewarding yourself with one nicely made bag.

These bags come with hangers and are used on top of it, which shields hair even more. So, once you clip extensions to a hanger, place the storage bag on top of it and zip it up!

All you need to do now is place the storage bag back in the closet and you’re all set. Rest assured, your extensions are safe.

Price: $14.95

5 Make Your Own Hair Storage

Don’t have any spare boxes? Here are some of the ideas to create your storage solutions! Trust me, you won’t have to use any tools or build treehouse-like structures. These storage tricks will help you to have hair extensions that last months and not weeks.

  1. Find a decent size drawer and lay a cotton towel at the bottom.
  2. Depending on hair length and drawer size, shape wefts into “J” or “U”.
  3. Gently lay hair extensions (after smoothing them out).
  4. If your drawers are in direct sunlight, lay another cotton layer on top.

The same method applies to shoeboxes and other cardboard containers. Do not put hair into tight-sealed, plastic, or glass containers. You want your extensions to breathe!

6 How to Travel with Hair Extensions?

How to Travel with Hair Extensions?

When going on vacation or business trips, all of us want to bring our fancy extensions to look extra good. But then you face a new problem, how do you pack hair properly without any damage?

Simply sticking them into a travel bag doesn’t work. You might think that wearing extensions while you travel is the best way, but you would be wrong. If you’re traveling on a plane, clip-in extensions might get detected as you go through the metal detector at the airport! Some women would not care, while for others it could be extremely embarrassing. You will have to hold up the line while taking your hair off in front of everybody. Flip-in extensions aren’t immune either as the loop is attached with tiny metal parts.

If you have room in your suitcase, bring the whole box with you. For less room, buy a traveling bag for extensions. It is a small, well-designed invention that will keep hair safe and secure. When on vacation, remember not to swim in a pool or salty sea with extensions since such water could damage hair permanently!

7 How to Revive Poorly Stored Extensions?

If you made those mistakes we talked about and didn’t store the hair properly, there’s a very good chance you ended up with awful-looking wefts that are completely tangled and lifeless.

Stop! Before you throw hair away, there are some things to try to bring extensions back to life.

    Fill up the sink with warm water and add conditioner.
  1. Place the tangled wefts inside and leave overnight.
  2. Rinse hair extensions and leave it to air dry.
  3. Apply some detangling spray and start brushing.
  4. Be very gentle, but thorough.
  5. To finish, add any type of natural oil to the hair, which will give it that lost shine.

Now the extensions should look completely revived, but that doesn’t mean you should continue to avoid proper storage. As you can see, it will take you more than just an hour to revive tangled extensions. It is a long process, which does not always work. So, prevention is the best way to go about it.

If your extensions were seriously damaged, be sure to read our repair guide. Remember, AiryHair also accepts returns of tangled and damaged hair bundles. We got you covered.

Do you have ideas of your own? Share them below!


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