Top 10+ Awesome Wig Hairstyles & Hair Ideas (2021)

Amazing Hairstyles for Wigs.


Top 10+ Awesome Wig Hairstyles & Hair Ideas (2020)

Shopping for 360 wigs can be very exciting because there are so many different styles to choose from. Most 360 wigs come pre-styled which is great because you only need to put on the wig and you’re all set! Choosing a wig style will depend on the reason why you’re buying it in the first place. There are three main reasons why girls decide to wear a wig. The first is hair loss. Many different diseases can cause mild to severe hair loss which is very traumatic and unfortunate.

Wigs are lifesavers in this circumstance and give you that much-needed hair during the treatment. In this case, girls usually want to mimic their natural hair as closely as possible so they should choose a style that’s closest to the real one. The other reason why someone might want to start wearing a wig is that they find it easier to manage than their hair. Some hair types are just hard to style while wigs already come pre-styled and flawless.

If this is true for you, you might also want to look for a wig that resembles your natural strands and style. The last reason for buying a wig (read our guide here) is changing a hairstyle without having to wait for your hair to grow or use chemicals on it. If you like experimenting with your look, you can choose whichever style you like best and go for something completely different than your natural hair.

To help you choose the best 360 wig style for you, we have compiled a list of top 10 360 wig styles. You can see a lot of style variety here and find something that you like. This top ten list will make the wig shopping experience much easier because you’ll already know what kind of style you’re looking for.

#1 Curly Ombre Style

Top 10 Hairstyles Using 360 Degree Wigs

If you have never tried an ombre hairstyle, this is your chance. You can find 360 wigs that are pre-dyed with a mix of darker and lighter shades. Although you can dye human hair wigs yourself, it’s much safer and better to buy a wig that’s already been dyed.

Curls are a great option for a 360 wig because they create so much volume and make the ombre look even more interesting.

#2 Medium Length Curls With Bangs

Top 10 Hairstyles Using 360 Degree Wigs

Curls are one of those most popular wig styles because they’re so bouncy and create amazing amounts of volume and density. If you’re not into over-the-top length, this medium-sized hairstyle is just right. What is unique about it is the bangs which are a great choice when wearing a wig because you conceal the hairline and make the wig look even more realistic and cool.

#3 Lustrous Body Wave

Top 10 Hairstyles Using 360 Degree Wigs

The waves on this 360 wig are gorgeous! They are so full and create so much body and volume. We recommend this wig style for all women who want to look extra glamorous and special. What’s amazing is that this body wave will stay the same even after you wash the wig so you can forget about having to style your locks every day. The pop of purple color makes this style modern and trendy.

#4 Extra-long Curls

Top 10 Hairstyles Using 360 Degree Wigs

When choosing a 360 wig style, why not go for extra length? Growing this much hair would take years and you can get it instantly with a wig. Long, wavy tresses always attract attention so if you want to be in the center of attention, go for a similar style.

#5 Simple Medium-length Style

Top 10 Hairstyles Using 360 Degree Wigs

Some girls like their wigs to be simple and mimic their hair. This straight, medium-long style is great for achieving just that. The parting on the side makes the whole look more interesting but still subtle and great for everyday use. This kind of straight-cut hairstyle also goes great with bangs and looks pretty in all kinds of different shades.

#6 Bright Red Afro Curls

Top 10 Hairstyles Using 360 Degree Wigs

If you want to make a statement with your 360 wig, we recommend that you go for something like this. Afro curls create an amazing shape and body. The bouncy curls will make you stand out from the crowd and show your quirky personality. The fiery red color elevates this wig style, even more, making it trendy and cool.

#7 Medium-Length Curly Bob Cut

Top 10 Hairstyles Using 360 Degree Wigs

Bob cuts are very trendy at the moment, especially medium-length ones.  They shape the face nicely and look good on most people. This is a curly variation of a bob cut which is particularly interesting.

Usually, bob cuts are straight and curls just make everything more fun and youthful. Play with different partings – it will create a whole different style.

#8 Long And Sleek

Top 10 Hairstyles Using 360 Degree Wigs

Extra-long wig styles always look special and unique. Straight hair accentuates that length even more, although you can curl human hair wigs if you prefer to.

Color also plays a big role in wig styles so choose it wisely. Blonde and brown shades are great if you want to mimic the color of natural strands, but for something more trendy and out of the ordinary, go for red, ginger, grey, or violet.

#9 Wavy Blue Style

Top 10 Hairstyles Using 360 Degree Wigs

360 lace wigs are perfect for a big hair transformation. If you always wanted to try an unusual color, but don’t want to put your natural locks through the complicated and often damaging dyeing process, try colorful wig styles.

This wavy blue wig looks gorgeous and will make you the center of attention. Unusual hair colors are very trendy at the moment and many wig styles include them.

#10 Mermaid-like Wig Styles

Top 10 Hairstyles Using 360 Degree Wigs

360 wigs are perfect for experimenting with styles and colors. If you want to show off your personality and have a trendy look, go with extra-long, mermaid-like wig hairstyles. This wig has a stunning ombre going from dark to light pastel violet color, which is very popular at the moment, so why not try something different?


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