Top 10: Before & After You Buy Fusion Hair Extensions (2020)

Top ten things to do before you buy and after you install hair extensions.


Your life before and after hair extensions.

Hot fusion is a very popular method of applying hair extensions. It is a natural looking solution and if applied correctly, very non-damaging to your hair. It is one of the oldest methods! However, that doesn’t mean it’s dated. Still, fusion is one of the most popular solutions available. These extensions are tipped with keratin glue and are very versatile (if they are made of the real human hair that is). They can be dyed, straightened, curled, just like your own natural hair.

Although fusion method is simple, it is best that the application process is done professionally. With a hot fusion wand, the glue is melted onto your hair and rolled together. The process itself takes about three to four hours, depending on how much hair you have. Fusion extensions can last from 3-6 months depending on how fast your hair grows. After that, you need to have them re-installed. They need to be removed by a professional to maintain the healthiness of your natural hair.

The great thing about fusion extensions is that they’re very versatile. You can use them to apply full, long head of hair or add highlights to your hair. That works if you don’t want to use chemicals like bleach or hair color on your natural hair. This method is great for those who are looking for a more permanent type of hair extensions and don’t want to worry about taking them out every night, like you have to do with clip ins, for example.

Top 10: Before & After You Buy Fusion Hair Extensions (2020)

Before getting fusion extensions, there are a couple of things you should know beforehand and be prepared for. If you’re brand new to the extension’s world, you’ll find that it’s a big adjustment from having nothing in your hair, to having fusions. They are also one of the most difficult to take care of methods. So, the more information you get about these extensions, the better your experience will be and they will last you for a long time.

1. Gathering Information

When you meet with your stylist, perhaps consult first. If this is the first time for you, it’s a good idea to get all the additional information and ask if you don’t understand something. Make sure you ask the right question and try to inform yourself a little bit beforehand to make sure that your technician is giving you quality extensions and to make sure that she thoroughly explains how to care for them.

What if your technician isn’t of much help? Then make sure you take initiative and do the research yourself prior to getting fusion extensions. Once you get them in, you should know how to care for them, otherwise they won’t last you as long and they may damage your hair.

2. Your Human Hair Extensions Might Have Animal Hair

Hair Extension Layers

When it comes to affordable hair extensions, a lot of people will spend hours looking through the web, checking different suppliers just to save a dollar or two. While we have nothing against such practices, things are not what they seem in the hair extensions world.

Here’s how it all started for most of us. A lot of people would buy the cheapest possible extensions if they are “real” hair. Therefore, making other suppliers and manufacturers rethink their strategy or profit targets. However, with margins already being razor thin, manufacturers began decreasing the quality. Just so their audience that only cares about the price is satisfied. The result? A lot of suppliers now mix real hair with animal hair, with ranges varying from few percent to as much as 20%.

This is the result of buyers wanting the cheapest thing.

3. Real Hair Are Often Synthetic Hair

While some manufacturers add animal hair, others go the other route. These either mix real hair with the synthetic hair or get rid of the human hair completely.

For better or worse though, there are few manufacturers producing synthetic hair can sometimes be good and only after few washes the defects start to show. That or a professional hair stylist can tell the difference, at least until they melt.

4. Some Manufacturers Sell Extensions at a Loss

AiryHair Reviews

Now this one might be hard to believe… Yes, AiryHair did that as well (we have been in business for over 10 years).

Since the beauty industry is extremely competitive these days, some wholesale manufacturers sacrifice their profits for a year or two just to get into the business. Of course, these businesses need to have deep pockets to survive but the goal is simple… Hook the client that needs high quality extensions in huge quantities and take a loss for their order, hoping that he or she will return in the future and (at least) help you to break even.

After You Get Fusion Hair Extensions

Once you do get keratin hair, you are going to be thrilled because fusions usually look the most natural and they can really enhance your hair for sure, whether it’s length, volume, thickness, or different colors. Whatever it is, you’re going to see a big difference and you’re probably really going to love it.

But soon, you might feel that your head hurts a little bit. Some girls have a bit of a scalp sensitivity which is completely normal and typically does happen for the first few nights after your get fusions, or any other type of hair extensions.

The reason for that is because suddenly you have all this extra hair and attachments on your head so it may feel weird at first. So, expect the first couple of nights to be a little bit uncomfortable. It’s kind of feels like you’re having a ponytail and you might feel a bit of tugging. But don’t worry, this only lasts for a very short period.

1. Sleeping with Fusion Hair Extensions

Sleeping with Fusion Hair Extensions

Before bed, you should be putting your hair up so expect that that will be your new way of going to bed. You can do pigtails or a high ponytail because that is the best way to go to sleep with extensions without causing matting and it’s the most comfortable way to sleep with fusions.

If you did feel a bit of pain the first couple of nights while sleeping with fusions, don’t worry. After the first wash, the symptoms will go away pain and you will totally get used to them.

2. Washing Fusion Extensions

Washing Fusion Extensions

Going from regular washing to suddenly washing your hair with a full head of fusions is totally different. The first thing to keep in mind that you should wash your hair standing up in the shower! Yes, not bending down and flipping your hair upside down. Why? Because it’s difficult to maneuver and you’ll end up causing some tangles. It’s a lot easier to do it while you’re just standing in the shower.

Okay, here is how you do it! Basically, when you’re ready, use a small amount of shampoo and scrub your scalp where there are no attachments. That’s around the top and the sides of your head! Then what you do with the rest of the shampoo is just kind of bring it through the rest of your hair, as if you’re putting conditioner.

You don’t want to scrub aggressively where the bonds are. This is a bit of an adjustment because people are usually used to scrubbing the entirety of the scalp, but rest assured it does get clean, so you just must get used to not scrubbing too aggressively.

3. Drying and Styling

Styling Your Fusion Hair Extensions

Keep in mind that you will need some extra time for the drying and styling process after a wash. A lot of people have an extremely simple and quick routine, but now that you have fusion extensions, you must expect that it will take a much longer to dry and style your hair. You should also never go to bed with wet hair because the water can damage the glue.

You want to dry your hair right away and to super-dry full long hair, it takes some time. Be sure to give yourself some extra time for that. It may be a different routine than what you’re used to. However, you have to schedule it in so that you get most out of your extensions, they don’t get damaged or fall out and they will look really good.

The biggest thing that people aren’t used to after getting fusions is that you shouldn’t wash your hair every day. If you wash your hair less frequently, you’ll find that your extensions will last you a lot longer. Instead, you can start using a dry shampoo and wash your hair every three or four days. This is something to expect if you’re someone who washes their hair every day.


And here you have it… When it comes to buying hair extensions on a budget, it can be trickier than initially though.

The good news? There are some awesome hair suppliers out there.

With AiryHair, you will never have to worry about fake reviews, mixed hair, or any other dirty tips and tricks. It’s all about the affordable beauty!

Now that you have all the basic information, you’re ready to finally get your fusion extensions. They are amazing and you’ll be very happy afterwards. Sure, they do require a bit of maintenance, like most other hair extensions (or long natural hair), but it’s worth the trouble!


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