Step by Step: How to Do a Boho Braid Twist (2020)

Boho Twist Braids Made Easy.


In 8 – 10 minutes (with pictures and video).

This boho hair style looks like it would be hard to complete, but in reality, all you need to know how to do is a French braid.

This style is one of my preferred hair looks for myself because it keeps my hair away from my face and looks more elegant than a bun. This hair-do is like a little black dress; perfect for everyday wear and more formal occasions.

What You Will Need

Hairbrush, 2 Small Hair Ties, 2 ½ Inch Rollers, 2 Spiral Spin Screw Pins

Hairbrush, 2 Small Hair Ties, 2 Inch Rollers, 2 Spiral Spin Screw Pins

How Long Will This Look Take: 8 to 10 Minutes


Step One

Brush your hair!

Brush your hair

Step Two

Part your hair in the middle.

Part your hair in the middle

Step Three

With your two hair ties, create two pigtails below your ears. Then drag your fingers through your hair by your temples, pulling down some stray pieces. With your rollers, curl up those stray pieces, rolling inward toward your temple.

Create two pigtails below your ears

Step Four

Take down a single pigtail and then starting at your forehead French braid the loose hair. Go all the way down your hair until you run out, it is okay if your layers stick out of the braid because this look is meant to look a bit messy. When you complete French braiding that side, do the same with the other.

Take down a single pigtail

Step Five

Take your braids and then tie them in a knot at the nape of your neck.

Take your braids

Step Six

Tuck the end of your braids into the knot, hiding the ends that are not braided.

Tuck the end of your braids

Step Seven

Using one hand, hold the knot in place. With the other hand, get one spiral spin screw pin and twist it in by the bottom of your scalp going inward. Do the same to the other side, but in the opposite direction.

Twist pin by the bottom of your scalp

Step Eight

At this point, do your makeup or go get breakfast with the rollers still in your hair. Right before you leave your house, take out the two rollers and brush the curls out a bit.

Take out the two rollers

Step Nine

Tuck back the excess curls into the twist. There should only be a few curled wisps to frame your face, not whole long strands.

Tuck back the excess curls

Final Result

See, it wasn’t that hard! You have completed the look! The boho braid twist result should look like this!

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Author: Sophia Strojny.


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