How to Temporarily Change Your Hair Color?

Your natural hair is always beautiful, but here are many occasions, like parties, or Halloween, when you would like to have a different hairstyle or hair color but you don’t want it to be permanent. That’s why temporary hair dying is very popular. There are many different ways you get different temporary hair colors and some work great while others not so much. It’s important to note that temporary hair colors dye your hair temporary which means the color will wash out and get back to your natural hair color. With permanent dyes, there’s no going back and the color is there to stay. There are also terms like semi-permanent hair color and demi-permanent hair color. Demi- permanent means that is less permanent and it last for about 12-24 washes. It works great if you want a color that’s similar to your natural hair color or darker, but it doesn’t work so well if you want a lighter shade. Semi-permanent hair color is similar to demi-permanent and it can enhance your natural hair color, making it shinier. It can also help with covering up grays or as a touch up for your permanent hair dye so you don’t have to visit the hair saloon so often.

Color Shampoo

Color Shampoo

There are many brands of color shampoo that work well as a temporary hair dye. It usually lasts for a couple of washes and then you’re back to your natural hair color. The good thing about color shampoos is they don’t damage your hair that much since there is no permanent dying or bleaching involved. To dye your hair with a color shampoo, you simply rub the shampoo in, let it sit for a bit, rinse out and you’re done. The problem with color shampoos is that you can’t get any color you want. For example, if you have dark or brown hair, you can’t dye it lighter with color shampoos. Also, trendy colors like pink, blue, turquoise, grey, purple etc. won’t work either because those colors require very light blonde or bleached hair. The intensity of the color will also not be so great and there may be patches of the hair where the color simply didn’t stick. It’s a fun thing to try out, but if you want a permanent hair color that is very different from your natural hair, there are better methods.

Hair Extensions

Weave Hair Extensions

The best way to temporary change your hair color is hair extensions. You don’t even have to temporary dye your hair to get excellent results. One of the great things is that you can literally pick any color you want or a couple of different colors and create the hairstyle that you want. You can add cool highlights to your hair, create an ombre or balayage effect, or add some cool and trendy colors to your hair which is perfect for special occasions or parties.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are probably the best choice if you simply want to change your color and hairstyle for a party or night out. Clip ins come in wefts that are easily installed, you don’t even have to go to the saloon because it’s easy to do yourself. You can place them however you want in your hair and experiment to get the perfect hairstyle. Besides changing the color of your hair, hair extensions also add to the length of your hair which is another cool way to temporary change your hairstyle. After all is said and done, it will look like your natural hair and nobody will notice it’s not your real hair. When the party or the special occasion is over, you can simply take them out and your hair will be back to normal and of course, you can place them back in whenever you want.


How to Temporary Change Your Hair Color?

That’s why hair extensions are definitely the easiest and the safest way to temporary change your hair color. They don’t require any kind of dyeing or complicated hair treatments and you don’t do any damage to your hair. Any kind of hair dyeing and coloring, even if it’s temporary and not permanent, can damage your hair. And most of the time, you won’t get the results you want. Temporary hair dyes are also very expensive and you would have to buy them each time you want to temporary change your hair color, while you can use the same extensions over and over again.

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How to Temporarily Change Your Hair Color?

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