Top 13+ Confident Rockabilly Pinup Hairstyles (2021)

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Although rockabilly and pinup hairstyles are very vintage, they are still really popular today. These kinds of hairstyles look different and unique and that’s what makes them so popular. They look great with all kinds of styles and hair colors and you can show your individuality with these hairstyles. Pinup hairstyles look very elegant and classy, but they also work great as everyday hairstyles.

Although they look extremely complicated to make, that’s not the case. Most of them are simple to make and you can find out how in this article.

Vintage Up-do With A Barrel Roll And Bandana

Pinup Up-Do With Bumper Bangs

This hairstyle takes its inspiration from the famous Rosie the Riveter hairstyle. This is a good everyday hairstyle and it’s quick and easy to make. For this hairstyle you need medium length hair. This rockabilly hairstyle works great with all kinds of hair colors like black, red, pink, and blonde.

  • To make this beautiful hairstyle, you first need to pull your hair up to a tight, high ponytail, make it on the top of your head. You should leave your bangs out of the ponytail and section them high up into a U-shape so that there is just a little space between your ponytail and the beginning of your bangs.
  • Now you should section your bangs and curl the ends of each part with a curling iron. Then take a fine-toothed comb and tease your bangs, it’s going to give you a great volume to work with. Then comb your bangs backward and take the tips of the bangs and roll them into a big curl, holding it in place with a pin. Make sure the hair is very smooth; you can use hairspray to help you with that. Then curl your ponytail as well and tease it a little bit, it’s as simple as that!
  • For the final step, you need to tie your bandana. Simply tie in the front, in the space between your ponytail and your bangs. And that’s it; you’ve created an awesome everyday pinup look!

Pinup Up-Do with Bumper Bangs

Pinup Up-Do With Bumper Bangs

This another iconic pinup hairstyle with the famous bumper bangs. This can be an everyday hairstyle but it’s also great for any kind of special occasion or a night out. It’s not that hard to make and it looks simply stunning!

  • First, separate your bangs from the top of your head. You’ll need a bun maker to create the bumper bangs. Simply roll your hair around it, pull it up and secure it with pins. If the ends of the bun maker are showing, move your hair carefully to the edges to cover it up.
  • You can leave the rest of your hair down if you want, but you can also make an up-do. To do that, take smaller strands of your hair, roll them up and secure them with pins on the top of your head. You can improvise with this part, the main thing is to get your hair up.
  • For the final step, tie a bandana on the top of your head, between the bangs and the rest of your hair and you’re done!

Rockabilly Hairstyle with Victory Rolls

Rockabilly Hairstyle With Victory Rolls

This is another awesome rockabilly/pinup hairstyle. The main focal point of this hairstyle is the very iconic victory rolls. You can have this hairstyle with bangs or without them. Although it looks like this hairstyle is hard to make, it’s not that hard.

  • To start, section your hair on both sides around your ears, take two front parts and curl the victory rolls. You want to curl it away from your face and it’s easier to curl it in smaller sections. Now tease your curls, to get that roll shape you need the teasing to keep in place. Now wrap your hair around two fingers and create a little donut shape. Roll it around further and that creates a victory roll. To finish it up, stick a couple of pins in the middle of it. Then you repeat that on the other side to create a second victory roll.
  • Now you’re going to move to the back of your head. Curl all of your hair, using small sections of the hair. Now lightly comb out your curls and use a bit of hairspray to make it nice and smooth. And you’re stunning rockabilly hairstyle is done!


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