Tips for Sleeping With Hair Extensions

Tips for Sleeping With Hair ExtensionsSo you finally decided to get yourself some new fancy hair, but you’re wondering how do you actually sleep with extensions? There are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to sleeping with your newly acquired hair, and it all depends on the type of extensions you have. There is not a one strict rule that applies to all extensions so you shouldn’t make any assumptions.

Knowing can you sleep with hair extensions and how is crucial for keeping your new hair beautiful and damage free. It will also provide you with important insight about how each type works. For more details, check our article on sleeping tips.

Can You Sleep with Hair Extensions?

To find out whether you can sleep with hair extensions, please take a look at our list below where we cover pretty much all existing types.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

As a general rule of thumb, it’s not recommend to sleep with clip-ins attached, mostly because the clips could break and after all, these extensions are designed for those that want temporary results. Another reason why sleeping with clip-in wefts is not recommended is the amount of tangling and matting you would experience. The clips could get all tangled up with your natural strands and the extensions and you would end up with a huge mess in the morning that would take a long time to take care of. Since clip-in extensions are so easy to remove and reattach, there is really no reason for sleeping with them. Simply make it a part of your daily routine that you take them off before going to bed and install them in the morning. That way, your clip-ins will be in perfect condition at all times and last significantly longer.

Flip-in Extensions

Wire or flip-in extensions are quite similar to clip-ins, the only difference is that they consist of one large weft, instead of a couple smaller ones. But since the attachment method is very similar, wire extensions should also be taken off before getting into bed at night. It won’t take you more than a minute to remove the large weft so there is really no reason to keep it on.

Keratin Hair Extensions

Absolutely. Since Keratin extensions are attached using the most natural hot fusion method, there is no way for hair attachments to break or suffer any damage while sleeping. This is also known as a semi-permanent method which means that keratin extensions are actually designed to be worn for longer periods of time without taking them off. The keratin bond is very secure and it will stay on no matter what. Some tangling is possible during sleep, but that can easily be solved by simply brushing your hair before you go to bed and in the morning when you wake up.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

The answer is also yes. Just like with Keratin hair, the hot fusion method ensures long lasting look. Just be sure to get a higher quality tape if you don’t want for it to fall out while you are asleep. Tape-in extensions are also very comfortable to sleep in because the tapes are quite thin and soft so you won’t even feel them!

Stick / I Tip Hair Extensions

Unlike the last two types we discussed above, stick extensions are attached without using any heat, which you would think could affect your sleeping regime. However, the good news is that yes, you can sleep with stick hair as well, as long as it was properly attached by a highly skilled stylist or a hair dresser. I-tip extensions are attached using small beads that keep everything in place. Not only are the beads very secure, they’re very comfortable because of their size and softness. You can wear I-tip extensions constantly for at least one month without having to take them off which is perfect for girls who want a more permanent solution. After that time has passed, the I-tips need to be readjusted.

Micro Ring Loop Hair Extensions

Girls with curly hairWhile these extensions are attached using the cold fusion method as well, you can still sleep with them. The only thing that you need to remember is the fact that such extensions need to be re-adjusted from time to time. Otherwise, there is a risk of some strands falling out due to loose loops so make sure that the installation is done properly. If you want to be extra safe, you can braid your hair or collect into a ponytail for sleeping because that will reduce the strain during sleeping.

Weft Hair Extensions

For wefts and sew-in hair, it all depends on the attachment type but the overall consensus (or 99% of the time) is that yes, you can safely sleep with such hair. Otherwise, it would be pretty inconvenient to take them out every single time you are going to bed. If you decide to attach the wefts with the sew-in method, sleeping with them will be amazingly comfortable because there so no way you will feel the thread. So if you’re looking for one of the comfiest extensions for sleeping, consider sewing the wefts in, you’ll love it!


Wigs are not strictly extensions, but it’s worth mentioning them as well. Generally speaking, you can sleep with most hairpieces, although it depends on the attachment method. If a wig is sewn in, it is safe to keep it on because that method is a more long term option anyway. It is also quite comfortable. However, if the hairpiece is glued on, it might be wiser to remove it before going to bed. Although the glue can hold pretty well, there is a chance that the wig will detach. When you toss and turn in your seep, it puts a lot of tension and strain on the wig and glue might not be strong enough for that. It is also recommended that you use a silk pillowcase to reduce tangling.

Tips for Sleeping with Hair Extensions

We will show you different methods you can use when sleeping with your extensions in. This is for the people that have permanent extensions like keratin bond, cold fusion, sew-in or anything like that, that requires you to sleep with your hair extensions in. It’s important to note that before you go to sleep, you have to comb out all the tangles from your hair. If you have a lot of tangles, use a leave-in conditioner or detangler to carefully comb them out so that you don’t rip any of your extensions out. The reason why you shouldn’t go to bed with loose hair extensions is that you’ll wake up with a lot of tangles in the morning. When you’re lying down and you roll around in your sleep, the hair rubs together and tangles and wraps around each other. So you want to avoid that because you’ll spend less time in the morning dealing with it and also sleeping with loose hair can permanently damage your hair extensions over time and cause many problems like falling out or breakage of the extensions. So here you can learn how to sleep with your hair extensions.

Braid Your Hair

The first and the easiest method is simply braiding your hair. This is very important because you don’t want to tangle up your hair extensions while you’re sleeping because that can make a huge mess and permanently damage your extensions. You can use two simple three-strand braids, or one at the back of your head. And the tighter the braids, the tighter the wave you’ll get in the morning. So if you sleep with loose braids, you can get a nice loose wave in the morning. So this method can also style your hair and create awesome waves besides protecting your hair extensions.

Wrap Your Hair In A Silk Scarf

If you don’t want to have wavy hair when you wake up and you want to wake up with straight hair, you can wrap your hair with a silk scarf. You want to make sure it’s a silk scarf, not a cotton scarf for example because cotton absorbs the moisture from your hair while silk and satin doesn’t. That’s why it’s recommended that you sleep with a silk or satin pillow versus a cotton pillow because cotton pillows promote breakage and absorb moisture from your hair which you don’t want. So simply wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf, making sure it will stay tight overnight. Try what works best for you but he easiest way to do it is to brush your hair and literally wrap it around your head and bobby pin it along the way. Then fold your scarf to make a triangle and wrap it around your head, tying it at the back.

After you’ve tied your scarf, you can carefully take out the bobby pins from your hair because they can be uncomfortable during sleep. Now you can bring the edges of the scarf to the top of your head and tie it there one more time. This is a really comfortable method because you don’t have hair everywhere. But keep in mind that this method works best if you have sew-in extensions or lock and stitch extensions. If you have individual keratin bonded extensions or cold fusion this method may not work as well because it can pull on the individual bonds a little bit and that can cause breakage. Wrapping your hair around your head adds pressure to the bonds and that could damage your hair extensions.

A Sleep Cap

You can also use a sleep cap and of course, make sure it’s not made out of cotton, use silk or satin. This method also works with sew-in extensions and keratin bonds because you don’t have to wrap your hair around your head, you can simply place it inside the sleep cap. You can also braid your hair and put the sleep cap on top of it.

Make A Bun or a Pony Tail

If you want to wake up with curly hair, you can make a bun or two buns on each side. You simply twist your hair in a bun and secure it and when you wake up, you’ll have nice curls. And the buns keep your hair in place while you sleep and prevent it from tangling or damaging the extensions. So this is a really simple method you can use and also get awesome curls.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below. For some of the nicest looking hair extensions, visit us at AiryHair.

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Tips for Sleeping With Hair Extensions

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