360 Degree Synthetic vs. Real Human Hair Wigs


360 Degree Synthetic vs. Real Human Hair WigsIf you are unfamiliar with the basic wig terminology, your wig shopping experience might be a bit daunting. There are so many different online stores, wig types, and articles that are often not so easy to understand so it’s hard to figure out what to do with that information. Let’s first explain what 360 wigs are. It is a type of hairpiece that consists of a wide strip of lace with strands use, human hair ones are great for wearing for longer periods of time. r’s. . attached to it, going all around the head. Because there is lace all around the perimeter, the hairline looks just like a real one and that’s one of the reasons why 360 wigs are in high demand. Another basic terms are synthetic and human hair 360 wigs. It is very important to know the difference because otherwise you might not end up with a good and satisfying product. Although both synthetic and human hair wigs have a wide range of quality, generally, human hair wigs are considered those that are made only out real hair collected from donors, while synthetic ones are made out of artificial fibers that only resemble real strands. But there are, of course, different types of human and synthetic strands which all have different quality, and we’ll get into details later.

A common problem is that the labels are often misleading. Some online stores and sellers try to use certain terms in other to deceive you. Basically, they’re trying to sell synthetic 360 wigs as real human hair wigs so read the labels very carefully. Often what they’ll do is write “human hair quality” or “human hair blend”. When you read the first one, you would think that it’s a 360 wig that’s made out of human hair and you would be wrong. It’s actually a synthetic wig that has human hair “quality”. “Human hair blend” means that the wig is made out of both synthetic and human hair, but usually the percentage of synthetic fibers is much larger. That’s why it’s important to be very careful when shopping for 360 wigs and only buy from trusted online stores that have many good reviews.

Now that you know two basic wig terms – human hair and synthetic hair, you need to decide which one to buy. It is not as simple as it seems because there are many pros and cons of each one, so we’ll explain those in more detail below.

360 Degree Human Hair Wig Pros and Cons

We’re going to break down all the main features of this wig types, as well as some advantages and disadvantages that you might expect.

Different Types of Human Hair

Let’s begin by explaining different qualities of human hair that you will find on 360 wigs. The two main types of human hair are regular human hair and Remy hair. the difference between the two is determined by a couple of factors, but most importantly, the cuticles. To put it simply, hair cuticles are like a protective layer that’s on the outermost part of each individual hair. Regular human hair has often gone through a process where those cuticles have been removed and replaced with an artificial solution. That kind of hair is cheaper to make, but over time, the strands get weak or damaged because the cuticles have been stripped and there’s nothing protecting the hairs. On the other hand, hair that has all cuticles intact and facing the same direction is called Remy hair. This is another important term to remember and look for when buying a human hair 360 wig. Remy is considered to one of the best types of human hair around and very long-lasting.

100% Natural Look and Feel

The best thing about 360 hairpieces made from human hair is they look just like real hair. There is almost no way to notice the difference. So if you’re someone who values a realistic look, we recommend that you go for a human hair wig. Although high-quality synthetic hair may look pretty close to the real thing, it can’t even be compared to hairpieces made out of real hair.

Lasts Longer

Another advantage of 360 wigs made out of real hair is that its lifespan is considerably longer than those made out of synthetic strands. Simply, put the quality of the strands is much better and less prone to damage. That is, of course, if cared for properly. It cannot be said with certainty how long this type of 360 wig will last, but it’s usually more than six months. It also depends whether you purchased regular human hair or a Remy wig.

Can Be Curled and Straightened

Human hair 360 wigs offer a lot of variety in terms of style because they can be made curly, wavy or straight. That certainly gives you a lot more options and room for trying out new hairstyles. Although it is safe to use hot tools on this type of wig, just like on natural strands, you still shouldn’t overdo it. Avoid using a curling iron or a flat iron every single day and you should be fine.

Perfect for Longer 360 Wigs

A general rule is, the longer the wig, the higher hair quality you should go for. Long hair has more movement and it is more prone to frizzing or tangling. So synthetic wigs are definitely not a good choice if you want an extra-long hairstyle.

Great Long-term Option

While synthetic 360 wigs are more suitable for temporary use, human hair ones are great for wearing for longer periods of time.

Reacts to Weather Conditions

A downside to human hair 360 hairpieces is that they can be influenced by weather, like high humidity, for example. In this way, the wig is just like natural strands.

Needs to Be Conditioned

Because the hairs attached on a wig cap don’t get any nutrients and oils from the scalp, you need to use different products. Applying a leave-in conditioner is a must, but you can also use natural oils and similar products to give the strands everything that they need. By doing this, the 360 wig will stay soft, shiny, and free of any damage. However, don’t overuse the products, it is enough to apply them only when the hairpiece is washed.

More Time for Styling Needed

While synthetic 360 wigs hold their style, the same cannot be said for ones made out of real strands. That means you need more time to style it every day. Styling the hairpiece is very important because it makes the whole look more natural and realistic.

More Expensive

The price is probably the main downside of human hair 360 wigs and they cost considerably more than synthetic ones. The strands are collected from real people and that makes it harder to source, and the price goes up. However, if you can afford, it pays off in the long run. Real hair lasts for a long time and you would have to buy at least three synthetic hairpieces to last you as long. So when you do the math, it can actually be a smarter choice to buy a quality human hair wig than a synthetic one.

360 Degree Synthetic Wig Pros and Cons

360 Degree Synthetic vs. Real Human Hair WigsMoving on to 360 synthetic wigs. Here you can get familiar with some pros and cons, as well as main features.

Different Types of Synthetic 360 Wigs

Synthetic 360 wigs are not all of the same quality. There are some which are made from really low quality synthetic fibers and others use acrylic fibers which have a higher quality. Although they are a better option, even the best synthetic hairpieces will not look 100% realistic.

Ready to Wear

The best thing about a synthetic 360 hairpiece is that it’s always ready the wear. Synthetic strands hold the style so there’s no need for styling, just put it on and you’re ready to go. This may be appealing to a lot of busy women who can’t spend thirty minutes or more getting ready before rushing to work. That makes a 360 synthetic hairpiece really easy to maintain.  


The biggest advantage of synthetic wigs is, of course, the price. If you’re on a tight budget, human hair might not be a realistic option unfortunately. Although synthetic hair doesn’t have such a long lifespan, it still serves its purpose. Also, those who are not sure if a 360 hairpiece is the right choice for them can try out synthetic ones first just to see how it’s like without spending a fortune. Some also buy wigs for special occasions, cosplay, or Halloween. In that case, a synthetic 360 wig is a much better choice and you will also have a lot more unique colors and styles to choose from. Synthetic hairpieces literally come in all colors of the spectrum so there are many choices there.

Good Temporary Option

A 360 synthetic wig is also a great temporary option and it is also recommended for chemotherapy patients. Although people experience hair loss while going through chemo, the strands luckily grow back after the treatment is over. That’s why it makes more sense to go for a synthetic wig. Also, this type of hairpieces don’t require much maintenance and styling and that’s perfect for patients going through the treatment.

Doesn’t Need Conditioning

Because it’s not made out of real strands, synthetic 360 wig doesn’t need any conditioning. That’s great news because it means less thing to worry about. Synthetic 360 hairpieces are very low maintenance and that’s what is great about them.

Doesn’t Last as Long

The main downside to synthetic 360 wigs is their short lifespan. The synthetic fibers, even quality ones, simply cannot withstand constant use, brushing, and washing so they wither and deteriorate over time. Although it’s a good temporary option, if you want a wig that’s durable and long-lasting, choosing human hair is a no brainer. It all depends on what you want out of the 360 wig so you should choose accordingly.

Frizzes Over Time

Synthetic hairs are prone to frizzing, which increases over time. You definitely should brush often and that might reduce it a little bit, but as the time goes by, frizzing and matting is inevitable. This happens because the synthetic fibers brush against each other as the strands move around and as the result become tangled up.

Damaged by Heat

Curling and straightening is not recommended for synthetic 360 wigs because one of two things can happen. If the synthetic strands are low-quality ones, they can actually melt when coming in contact with heat so avoid that if you don’t want to literally burn off the hair. Higher quality synthetic strands might not melt, but can still get severely damaged without giving you the results that you want. Either way, it’s best to abstain from using a curling or flat iron. However, synthetic 360 wigs come pre-styled and stay the same even after washing so there’s not much need for curling or straightening them anyway. 

Unnatural Sheen

You have probably come across some people where it’s so obvious that they’re wearing a hairpiece. You can bet that they’re wearing a synthetic one because human hair ones cannot be detected as easily. The main problem is the unnatural glare these hairpieces have which makes the whole thing look a bit off. Although natural locks are shiny to a degree, synthetic strands usually have an exaggerated glare which makes it obvious that it’s fake. To combat that, women often apply some dry shampoo which makes the hairpiece more matted so that it doesn’t reflect light so intensely.


To sum up, human hair 360 wig are higher in quality, look flawless, and last for ages while synthetic ones have a shorter lifespan, and don’t look as realistic. However, synthetic 360 wigs are considerably cheaper. So it’s really up to you to decide what works best for you. Hopefully, now you understand both a bit better and can make an informed decision.


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