Top 20: Best Glow in the Dark (Neon) Hairstyles & Extensions (2021)

Get Your Neon Hair Extensions and Hairstyle Ideas.


The top 10 list turns to 20.

At first it was rainbow hair, then galaxy hair, then pixel hair, followed by some bizarre hairstyles, but now, we are witnessing a re-birth of an absolutely awesome trend: neon (or glow in the dark) hair.

Below, you will find some of the best examples that will certainly inspire you to try the neon spray yourself.

Let’s get started.

Want to experiment with the neon spray but don’t want to destroy your hair? Get AiryHair’s super cheap extensions and play along!

When everyday makeup is not enough, why not switch to something completely mind-blowing? What are we talking about? Neon everything! Get wild and crazy, go for neon lips, neon eye shadows, neon lipsticks and add some neon eyelashes.

What’s the result? Scroll below and find out!

Whether you enjoy clubbing and need some inspiring makeup examples when it comes to neon makeup or not, one thing is certain: these models look incredible.

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