How to Get Your Hair Healthier and Grow Faster?

Long hair

Long luscious locks are always beautiful and head turning. Long hair also gives you a lot of styling options and room for experimentation. But oftentimes, the process of hair growth can be excruciatingly slow and it just seems like your hair is not growing at all. If your hair is not as long as you would want it to be, or it is just not growing fast enough, there are many ways you can speed up the growth of your hair. From general tips that involve being generally healthier to some specific tips and tricks, here are the ways you can make your hair grow faster.

Nourish Body to Grow Longer, Healthier Strands

Tea minerals

Dermatologist Harold Lancer recommends using vitamin supplements that have vitamin B derivatives and antioxidant blends to boost hair strength. You can also take supplements that contain biotin which also helps with hair growth. But before you start taking any supplements, consult with your doctor to make sure it is safe to add these supplements to your nutritional plan. Also, you should consume nutritious, protein rich and well balanced meals so your body has what it needs to work efficiently and grow your hair.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping beauty

Make sure to get enough sleep every night. Aim for at least 8 hours nightly to give your body enough time to repair itself and regenerate. This will also help you combat stress which can cause hair loss or slow hair growth and that’s something you definitely don’t want to happen

Hydrate Often

Hair hydration

Remember to drink a lot of water during the day because it will help your hair to be moisturized and hydrated from the inside out. And that definitely promotes faster hair growth. Being sufficiently hydrated also helps your body work more efficiently at detoxing your system and improving circulation.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Heat

Hair chemicals

Reduce or completely avoid chemical and heat based processes because they can slow down your hair growth and even cause damage or hair loss. So give your hair at least six months to grow without being subjected to harsh styling products, dyes, or hot appliances. If possible, air dry your hair instead of blow-drying it every day or if you’re in a hurry, use indirect heat to dry your hair and use a heat protectant before ironing or blow drying to lessen the impact of the direct heat.

Wash Your Hair Less Frequently

Washed wet hair

Avoid washing your hair all the time because that can strip your strands and scalp of natural oils that moisturize your hair and stimulate hair growth. It is recommended that you wash your hair every three days because that is enough time for the oils to regenerate and help you hair growth. Also avoid using extremely hot water for hair washing, go for moderately warm.

Scalp Massage

Scalp massage

Give your scalp frequent massages to stimulate blood flow to your scalp which will help the nutrients go to your follicles more quickly. You can do this while washing your hair, taking the time to massage your scalp with your fingers, starting at the back of your neck and working up to the area around your hairline.

Frequent Trimming and Hair Growth

Short hair

This is a famous myth, but in fact, frequent trimming doesn’t make your hair grow faster because the growth happens in your scalp so the tips don’t have much to do with it. However, it is still a good idea do trim your hair every now and then to keep it healthier.

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions, happy

If you’re simply too impatient to follow all these tips and wait for your hair to grow, you can simply buy any type of extensions and make your hair long immediately. This way, you’ll avoid all the hassle of making your hair grow faster and waiting for months. There are many different types of extensions in infinite colors and styles so you can definitely find the right fit and have that long, beautiful hair. And the best things is, while you’re enjoying your awesome extensions and long hair, your real hair will constantly grow one day you’ll just realize how much your natural hair has grown. So the extensions can also be used as a temporary solution or just as a distraction from waiting your hair to grow, either way extensions are a great option!

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How to Get Your Hair Healthier and Grow Faster?

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