How Long or Short Should Your Hair Be for Hair Extensions?

How Long Should Your Hair Be for Hair Extensions?Ah, the age-old question on whether or not your hair is long enough to apply hair extensions. For women with short (or accidentally damaged) hair who want to change their look, the answer can make it or break it, and today, we give you the answers.

If you are rocking an extremely short haircut (either by choice or not), then here are your options that you should consider (click on the name to reserve your hair extensions today and transform from a beauty with short hairstyle to a princess with long and spectacular hair). If you have no hair at all, then we have a perfect solution for you too. Hopefully, this article gives you a new hope.

Hair Extension Types and Lengths

Clip-in hair extensions: 3 – 4-inch (7 – 10 cm) length hair will be enough. The hair length is required to cover the clip base and just properly attach clips without them making you feel uncomfortable. If your hair is on a shorter side, then you might experience some hair pulling. This means that either the clips were attached too close to the roots or vice versa. If it does appear that you have secured clip in extensions properly and are still experiencing these issues, check the clips themselves. Some companies tend to do better than others, AiryHair for example is coating all their clips with silicone, which prevents your real hair from sticking to the clip.

Tape-in hair extensions: ~3-inch (7 cm) length hair should be enough if you are using the invisible tape. It requires slightly shorter hair to get properly attached since there are no clips or other parts. The tape itself can usually be trimmed or cut into pieces to make it work too. It is important to go with the transparent tape, which means that the part that attaches to your hair blends perfectly with your own hair.

Keratin hair extensions: ~2.5 – 4-inch (6 – 10 cm) length hair is what you need for the Keratin extension. Are you wondering, why is there such a big difference between the lowest and highest hair length value? It’s because these extensions are applied using the hot fusion method and it all depends on the skill of the stylist. If applied properly, you can go from shortest hair to the longest in your entire neighborhood.

Micro ring loop extensions: 2.5 – 4-inch (4 – 10 cm) length hair is preferred for extensions using loop rings. These are usually the go-to extensions for long hair, mostly because they are cold fusion, hold really well and can be done at home with proper training.

Stick tip extensions: ~2.5 – 4-inch (6 – 10 cm) length hair. Just like with Keratin extensions, it all depends on your stylist and its ability to fuse extensions with short hair in a way that is comfortable. Since they are applied by attaching individual strands and then secured with the pliers, you need less starting material (your hair that is).

Weave / wefts: 3 – 5-inch (7 – 12 cm) length hair is the ideal for sewed in and other similar extensions. These are usually preferred by women with already long hair. Since the wefts must be sewn-in, there should be enough hair material to begin with. However, if you know a hair stylist that is extremely skilled, wefts can still be applied.

What if Your Hair Is Too Short?

If you have extremely short hair that are below hair extension recommendations, then do not worry as there are still plentiful of solutions to double your hair volume. Your alternative would be to use a human hair wig until your hair is long enough to install extensions. Check our selection at AiryHair wigs.

In Conclusion

You hair should be at least 2.5-inch long (6 cm) to install hair extensions. The recommended length is 3 to 5 inches (7 to 12 cm). Ultimately, that the length of hair, or how long it should be for the hair extensions, depends on the attachment type and your hair stylist. Personally, for short hair I would go with either tape-in or clip-in extensions. If you have medium to long hair, then your options are endless, and you can have the longest hair extensions without any trouble.

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How Long or Short Should Your Hair Be for Hair Extensions?

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