How to Make A Wig at Home? User-Friendly Guide


How to Make A Wig at Home?High-quality hairpieces can get pretty pricey and if you don’t want to settle down for synthetic ones, you can try to make your own. It might sound really complicated and although it does take some work and effort, it doesn’t require any special skill other than sewing.

It is also a great way to create a wig that completely customized, so if you can’t find the kind of hairpiece you like, make your own. For those of you who want to try this out, we put together a simple-to-follow tutorial on how to make a wig at home.

What You Need

Let’s first start with all the things you will need to make your own hairpiece.

– Tape measure

– Scissors

– Mesh Material

– Remy Wefts (you can buy high-quality wefts here)

– Thread and ventilating needle

– A Styrofoam wig stand

– Some patience


We’re going to start off by making measurements so you can make a wig that fits nicely. Using a tape measure, measure the circumference of your head (simply follow your hairline). Now measure from the center of your forehead all the way to the back. Write the two measurements down. If you want, you can also measure from one temple to the other to have an extra measurement.

Making the Cap

– Now it’s time to start making the wig cap. Transfer the measurements to Styrofoam wig stand. You can use marker and literally draw this out, it will make the whole process a lot easier.

– Pin the mesh lace material on the wig cap, following your measurements. (It’s a good idea to have some extra lace, you can cut it off afterwards.)

– Sew the mesh material together to make a cap

– Try on the lace cap to make sure everything fits nicely. It should be too tight or too loose, but fit snugly.

– If there’s something wrong with the fit, you need to start again and see where you went wrong. The measures were probably incorrect.

– If everything fits perfect, your wig cap is done and you can start preparing the hair

– If you find making your own cap too complicated, you can buy a pre-made cap but keep in mind that it might not fit you perfectly.

Ventilating the Wig

– Ventilating a wig simply means adding hair to the cap. Before you do that, you need to prepare the wefts.

– Although you can use synthetic wefts, we do recommend using real hair because the results will be much better.

– Brush the wefts thoroughly make sure there aren’t any knots.

– You need to select the ventilating needle because they come in different sizes. If you want to add many hairs to one knot, you will need a larger needle, for less hairs a smaller one will be fine. This also depends on the mesh material you have chosen. If the gaps are very big, you need to add more hair and thus need a bigger ventilating needle.

– Start sewing from the neck area. Begin by making knots that connect the weft and the mesh cap. Sew the weft from left to right and then fold it and go back to the other side.

– Go up the head, covering the sides and the crown with hair. Remember that hair on the sides should be secured more so do a double knot.

Final Steps

– When all of the hair is sewn in, it is time to make a parting of your choosing.

– You should cut the wig in the style you prefer. That will make it look more natural.

– You may also want to pluck some of the hairs from the hairline to make it look more realistic.

– Now it’s time to finally try your finished wig on. If you have followed all the steps, it should perfect on you. Now you only need to choose an application method (glue, tape, sewing) and you’re all set.

– Make sure to take care of our new hairpiece and maintain it.

Other Options

If you’re not that skilled with a thread and needle or you simply don’t have time to make your own hairpiece, there are some other options you might want to consider.

Customized Wigs

If you still want a completely customized hairpiece that should look exactly the way you want it, you can pay someone else to make it for you. This is quite an expensive option, but you can choose every single detail about the wig and have it fit you perfectly.

Buy A Wig from A Store

This is an obvious option, but you can simply buy a hairpiece from a store if you don’t want to make it yourself. There are many options out there and you will certainly find something that you’ll like. This is, of course, a bit more expensive than making your own wig, but it definitely saves you a lot of time and hard work.

We recommend choosing either a 360 frontal wig, a full lace wig, or a lace front. Those are three most popular choices and for a very good reason. All of them look very realistic and natural and have a cap made fully or at least partially out of the mesh lace material which makes the hairline look flawless. Having a realistic looking hairline is what makes a hairpiece look perfect and all of these three choices will make that happen. Wigs you buy from a store are also pretty customizable. You can choose the style of the wig, length, color, and density. So you have a lot of control over how your wig will actually look. We recommend going for a similar style that you already have, but you can also experiment with different shades and lengths.


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