Hair Extension Business: Cost & Price. What To Consider?

Hair Extension Cost and Price

The cost of hair extension may vary significantly and the price range starts at a couple of hundred dollars up to as high as a few thousand dollars. The final cost will largely depend on several factors including the type and quality of hair, amount and length of hair and the method of application of the hair extensions. Another important variable that you need to include in the cost equation is the time required in applying the hair extension, and you can expect to spend a lot more if the method of application is time intensive.

Factors that Affect Hair Extension Cost

The price variance of hair extension is due to several factors. Aside from the type of hair, there are other factors that affect the hair extension cost, and the major factors are the following:

– Amount and length of hair – The more and longer hair you want to wear, the higher the price that you have to pay for your hair extensions. The ideal amount will largely depend on the volume and length of your own hair. And if you want to have a long head of hair, then you will obviously have to spend more than when you are just looking for a shorter or medium length hairstyle.

– Quality – The high-end option is the Remy hair extension. It is made out of authentic Indian human hair. One of the distinctive features of this hair extension is that the cuticle layer remains intact. The cuticle layer is the outside portion of the hair strand. Because of their superior quality, Remy hair extensions occupy the top end of the price spectrum. Other popular types of human hair include Malaysian, Spanish and Brazilian.

Hair Extensions Quality

When shopping for high-end hair extensions, you must choose those that appear healthy and full. There are retailers that offer Indian hair extensions of poor quality at prices that appear to be good bargains. If you want to get the best value for your money, then it would be best that you avoid these hair extensions. Most of the cheap hair extensions look dry and stringy on the ends.

– Geographical Location – Hair extensions are generally more expensive when purchased in larger cities mainly because the salons have higher operating expenses. This same rule applies when comparing the cost of hair extensions in more expensive communities to the less expensive or lower income sections of a city.

– Durability – There are certain hair extensions that last longer than others. In most cases, the high-end and more expensive ones are more durable and will normally last for more than 12 months even with continued use. Your hair extension is nearing the end of its service life when the tip of the hair strands becomes stringy and dry.

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair – Cost Comparison

The cost of human hair extensions would range from $100 to $500 depending on the specific type of hair that you choose. The most expensive hair extensions are those that are made up of 100 percent virgin human hair. This is the type of hair material that has not been treated with chemicals. This high-end hair extension may require you to spend more upfront. However, you will definitely get the best value of every dollar you spent for it. If you want a natural look and wear one that will last the longest, then this high-priced hair extension is the definitely the best buy.

The fake hair or synthetic hair extension is the cheaper alternative to human hair extension. This cheaper option has a price range of $50 to $100. One of the key strengths of synthetic hair extensions is that they are not easily affected by humidity and rain as the synthetic material used has already been pre-set. Of course, color and heat treatments are not possible with synthetic hair extensions. This means that you cannot color, curl, flat iron or blow-dry them. It may actually be more expensive using synthetic hair extensions in the long run as you cannot reuse them like human hair extensions.

Price Ranges of Various Options and Methods of Application

The hair extension cost is also dependent on the option as well as the method used in its application. Here is the breakdown of the price ranges for each of the different options and methods of application.

Weave Hair Extensions

Weave – This is one of the highly preferred methods of application of hair extensions. The hair extension is actually woven or braided into your hair. This is the most appropriate method if your primary reason for using hair extension is to fill out the thinner portions of your hair. The price range for this option is from $1,000 to $2,000.

– Coil Hair Extensions – This application method involves the stringing up of the hair with tiny copper coils. The hair extensions are inserted into your hair by clamping down the copper coil using a special tool that keeps the hair extension and your natural hair in their original position. No chemical is used in the procedure and the tension on the hair is kept to a minimum. The price range for this option is from $750 up to a few thousand dollars.

– Cold Fusion Bonding – This option makes use of a polymer which is keratin-based in attaching the hair extension to your own hair. This procedure is relatively gentler than hot fusion bonding and it can last up to 6 months. This is the main reason why the procedure is offered at a much steeper price. The price range for this option is from $1,000 up to as high as $3,000.

– Hot Fusion Bonding – This is one of the most economical methods, and the procedure involves the use of hot glue in attaching the hair extensions to your own hair. The price range for this option is from $350 to $500.

Maintenance Cost

Clip On, In Hair Extensions

Another important aspect of hair extension cost relates to its care and maintenance. You may need to visit the salon on a monthly basis for the proper care and upkeep of your hair extensions. A visit to the salon may cost you around $50 to $100.

The amounts cited in this article are generally the average values for each of the cost components. The price can easily escalate and can even run up to $10,000 if you are going to consider the high-end and exclusive salons, like the ones frequented by known celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Anything else? Yes.

Clip-Ons – Cheapest Alternative

If you find the prices of hair extension way over your budget range, then you may consider using clip-ons. You can easily attach this hair extension yourself using the built-in clip of the hair extension. The average price of this type of hair extension is about $80 and you can get one for as low as $20.

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