How to Blend, Put & Install Hair Extensions on Short Hair? (2022)

All About Blending Hair Extensions with Short Hair.


Short haircuts were and will always remain popular. However, sometimes you just want that long, luscious, beautiful hair. It opens the flood gates to opportunities and creative freedom that one gets with long hair.

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How to Blend Hair Color on Short Hair?
How to Install Hair Extensions on Short Hair?
Installing Tape-in Extensions on Short Hair
Detaching Tape-in Extensions from Your Hair
What About Hair Color?

Waiting for your hair to grow long again can take months or years! So, the trick is to use hair extensions whenever you miss your long hair. Although installation on short hair can be a bit more difficult and trickier, it’s not impossible! In the end, you can create a seamless, beautiful look. Below, we are going to teach you exactly how can one install extensions on short hair! Also, guide you through the process of picking the best hair extensions for hair on a shorter side.

How to Blend, Put & Install Hair Extensions on Short Hair? (2019)

If you have short hair and want to have long hair for a day or two, or when you miss your long hair, Remy Clip-on extensions is your best choice.

You can clip them in when you want to and clip them out at the end of the day. They’re not going to rip out or damage your natural hair. Also, you don’t have to wear them while going to the gym. Lastly, you don’t have to wear them in bed. Simply pop them in whenever you find that occasion. Just when you want that extra volume or that extra length.

They’re the perfect solution! You can view the clip-in extensions as more of an accessory. Whenever you have an event that you feel they’re just right for, you can easily put them in and feel extra glamorous.

Another alternative? Flip ins!

It’s a lot easier if you have a single-tone color hair to match hair extensions to it. If you have a two-tone color, highlights, or an ombre, it will be a bit harder. The best for that is to mix and match hair extensions and use two sets of different colors and blend them.

Please keep in mind, you must layer these two sets to create a mixed effect and blend them into your natural hair.

How to Install Hair Extensions on Short Hair?

  1. The first thing you want to do is pull back most of your hair and just leave a tiny little piece on the bottom.
  2. Now, backcomb this back piece heavily since you will have to pin all of it up. This is a great trick if you have short hair that you’re trying to clip into.
  3. After that bit is pinned, take notes. This is where your first layer of extensions will go. If you use two sets of different colored extensions, use the darker color at the bottom.
  4. Right on top of add, you add a lighter color. Layering dark and lighter colors creates that blended look that looks natural.
  5. Now that you have two layers in, get one layer of your natural hair out.
  6. Place the next layer of extensions on it. It should be somewhere above your ears. You can use the darker color again.
  7. Then take out another layer of your hair and place the next layer of extensions. They should be lined up with the middle of your forehead approximately.
  8. For the end, place a set of four clips at the back. To lock down all the other clips you’ve got in there and had this one cohesive bit covering them all.

If you want, you can also take some single clip pieces and place them in strategic places. Where you will put them depends on your hair. However, usually, those places are behind your ears or at the back of your head.

Now that you have all the extensions attached, you can tease the top of your hair above the extensions. That will allow it to stay in place and you’ll never have an extension pop through. Mostly because you will have that thick piece of hair covering it.

For maximum effect, it is best to curl your hair because that way everything will blend nicely. If you want to save time, you can pre-curl too! You can place them on a coat hanger and curl the clip-ins. So, when you want to install them, they’re already nice and curled. But even if you curled them before installing, you still need to make a couple of curls. Just on the top to blend your natural hair with the extensions and get that transition super smooth. And that’s it, you’re done!

When you get the hang of it, this process is simple. It doesn’t make much difference if your hair is short or two-toned. When your special event or a night out is over, you can simply take them out and get back to your cool short hairstyle.

Alternative Hair Extensions

There is another and long-term solution for women with short hair. That would be Remy tape-in hair extensions, and installing them is also easy.

Installing Tape-in Extensions on Short Hair

  1. Using a rat tail comb, make two parts in the back. The line should go right down the middle of the head. Then section off two parts of the hair at the front, creating four different quadrants. It is a bit easier to separate when you have long hair. For a shorter style, please just apply a few more clips and hold these pieces separate.
  2. Starting at the bottom on either side, measure three-thirds of an inch which is approximately two fingers from the hairline. Your first tape piece will be here.
  3. Take the tape and pull off the tab that’s protecting it, it comes off very easily. Take a section of hair equaling the amount of hair in the actual extension. Make sure you have a very clean line. You don’t want any extra hairs. Pull that hair up, place the tape, and hold it on the sides. This creates a flat surface that you can then put down the hair, and smooth out with a rat tail comb.

    You also want to make sure that it goes with the curvature of the head, so that way when it’s going up and down, it’s very comfortable and it’s not tugging at any hairs on the scalp.

  4. Grab the second piece and reveal the adhesive. All you’re going to do is lay that piece directly on top of the previous and pinch that together. There are no tools or heat necessary and it’s going to be in there nice, secure, and seamless. When you pull up the hair, you can see that nothing is revealed.
  5. Since you know how to place the tapes, repeat steps number three and four next to the first tape you put in. Place two more tapes on both sides higher up. It depends on the density of the hair how much you want to leave between each section, but they should be pretty close together.
  6. Now go even higher and section of the hair. This is where you can start the bricklaying pattern, placing three pieces above the two that you already have. You do a row of three tapes and then a row of two. Depending on the fullness desired, you will place each tab approximately a quarter of an inch from the last, bricklaying as many pieces as needed.

    Typically, at least 5 rows are done on an average head. The rows should end about two inches above the ears, making sure you have enough hair to cover any of the tabs.

  7. Next, move onto the sides. Continue with the pattern you already have and make sure you start approximately two inches above the ear. That way the tapes are not in the way of wearing glasses or sunglasses. When doing the sides, make sure that they are going with the curvature of the natural hairline. It is also important to connect the back and the sides to where there are no gaps in between. Do that by putting one tape between the back and the side to create a seamless flow without any disconnection or gaps.
  8. Afterwards, make sure that they are not visible around the hairline. Brush the hair, blend it and you’re done! Enjoy the transformation from short to the magnificent long hairstyle.

How to Detach Tape-in Extensions from Your Hair?

For tape-in removal, it is the same for shorter or longer hair, maybe for short hairstyles, it is even easier since you have less tape to remove. You will need an adhesive remover. There are many different brands you can choose from and most of them get the job done nicely. You can also use cornflour which can help to get rid of any excess stickiness or residue. Once the tape has been removed, you will also need a comb to brush your hair.

  1. It is easiest to start removing the top layers first and then make your way to the bottom. Find the top row of the tapes and put the adhesive remover on each tape. Leave that for about thirty seconds on each extension. Now simply peel it off, it should come out easily.
  2. Brush through the section of hair where you removed the first tapes to make sure there is no residue left at all. You can also add a little bit more adhesive to ensure all of it has come off and sprinkle some cornflour to get rid of the stickiness.
  3. Repeat steps number one and two on all the tapes, going down the head, section by section. The tapes at the back of the head tend to be a little bit more difficult to remove so it requires more tape remover.
  4. Brush your whole hair thoroughly, removing any residue glue. Also, if you’ve had the extensions for a long time, there might be some matting, but you just need to wash your hair and brush it. The extensions that you removed can be used again and re-taped. If you take good care of them and follow all the rules, the hair can last you for a very long time and you can reinstall it multiple times.

That’s it!

Final Touches

If you have shorter hair, you’re probably wondering whether you could get tape-in hair extensions. The good news is that you absolutely can, and tape-ins are a great method for shorter hair. If you are a hairdresser, you probably have a lot of clients with short hair who ask about the same thing.

Tape-in extensions blend nicely with short hair because they come in small pieces that look much more natural than clips-ins or wefts. The tape lasts a couple of months, depending on the speed of the hair growth. After the hair has grown out, the extensions need to be removed and reinstalled.

Tape in the application process is a bit more complicated than clip-in, but it’s still easy to do. You don’t need any special tools or wands! Just a set of tape in wefts and a little bit of patience. Below is a guide on how to install tape-in extensions on short hair, it is not that hard.


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