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Remy Premium Plus Hair: What is It and Why You Need It?

You might have heard of the term “Remy hair” before, but do you really know what it means? Yes, Remy hair is a type of hair extensions, but what is it really? Is it a style? A brand? Is Remy premium plus hair as good as they say it is?

Terms used by the hair industry can be confusing especially when used in advertising, branding, and marketing. To define what Remy hair is, first we have to understand what makes up human hair.

Elements of Human Hair


Starting with the innermost layer, the Medulla is as fragile as it is invisible. The Medulla’s true role still baffles scientists, but what they do know is that it exists. This is the part of the hair that you won’t be able to feel or see unless you use a high-powered microscope.


The middle layer of the hair’s shaft is called the Cortex. It is responsible for giving your hair color and is the thickest layer.


The outermost layer of the human hair is called cuticle. It is the part of the hair that can determine whether hair is considered Remy or non-Remy. Found in the hair’s cuticle are overlapping dead cells. Despite being “dead,” this does not affect the hair’s natural color. In fact, these dead cells make the hair stronger and protect each strand.

What Makes up Remy Hair?

Now that we know what makes up each hair strand, what is Remy hair?

As you may have noticed, your hair naturally falls in a downward position, which means the cuticles do as well. Try feeling your hair starting from the tip. With wet fingers, run them up through the strands. It feels a little rough, doesn’t it? What creates the friction are the scales of the cuticles found on each strand.

If the hair extensions you contain cuticles running in one direction, then you have true Remy hair. There’s no other meaning for the term “Remy.” Remember, “Remy” is a marketing term misused often in the hair industry. Remy hair is a label used for a hair extension when the cuticles run correctly in one direction.

Why You Need Remy Premium Hair Extensions

Why you need Remy premium hair extensions – side bar – Airy Hair blogA drawback with clip-in extensions is that they get tangled and matted easily. For someone who always wears weaves, this can be a nightmare. Hair extensions that easily get tangled are usually “Non-Remy.” They knot and matte up quickly because the cuticles point in both directions.

Non-Remy hair happens because of the lack of care during the process of collecting real hair to be used as hair extensions. If the collected hair comes from different sources, there’s a good chance the end product’s cuticles will have up and down directions. To have great hair extensions, it’s important that the human hair comes from a single donor and is cut correctly.

Should one make hair extensions from a single source, the hair must be tied or banded first before cutting. If the donor’s head was shaved in the process, this can also lead to lower quality hair. It’s essential that the strands stay in one position during the wefting and shackling process in order to produce real Remy hair.

Remy Hair Considerations

Don’t make the mistake of believing every hair advertisement calling their hair “Remy.” It’s an unfortunate fact that you’ll often spot hair extensions with the word “Remy” on its label only to find out that what you got doesn’t live up to the name.

If you walk into a beauty store/salon and see Remy hair on the shelf, always ask questions first before you buy.

Not all Remy hair sold in beauty supply shops are pure Remy as we’ve described. There’s a good chance what you’re planning on purchasing may not work for your hair. It may have been manufactured incorrectly or isn’t real, human hair. Always ensure the cuticles remained intact and flow in one direction.

Remy Hair Facts

  • Remy hair is made from healthy and strong hair
  • Remy hair has cuticles that flow in one direction

Remy Hair Myths

  • Remy hair is unprocessed
  • It’s always the best hair extension of choice
  • Remy hair costs thousands of dollars
  • True Remy hair only comes from India

Buying Remy Premium Plus Hair

It’s a shame if you have to buy non-Remy hair in order to save money. In truth, you can get real Remy premium plus clip-in hair extension at airyhair.com.

At first, non-Remy hair extensions may look silky and soft, but a wash or two and they become dry and tangled. And no matter what styling you do, they can stop holding the style after a while. Non-Remy hair looks great at first because of the silicone coating factories put in the extensions. However, this silicone will eventually wash off, leaving you with matted, low-quality extensions.

Non-Remy hair usually lasts about a month and you will end up spending more than what you planned for.

It’s also important to note that Remy hair does not translate to virgin hair. Both terms are often used interchangeably, but they’re different.

Remy hair is intact with mono-directional cuticles. The width of the hair is the same from root to tips, and it doesn’t tangle easily. virgin hair means the hair has not undergone any chemical process such as dyes, acid baths, or bleach.

Make Sure to Get Your Remy Hair Clip-in Hair Extensions from a Reputable Source!

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What is Remy Hair?

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