Step by Step: How to Increase Your Ponytail Volume (2021)

Two Tricks to Learn for that Extra Ponytail Volume.


In just 2 minutes (with pictures and video).

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Method #1: Volumized Ponytails
Method #2: Ponytail with Volume

Do you ever see pictures of Ariana Grande and her perfect ponytail then wonder how she got it to look so fabulous? I do not know about you, but when I wear a normal ponytail, I feel like I should be working out, not going to a social event. Ponytails are perfect when you are having a bad hair day and just want it to throw it up, but they sometimes can leave your hair looking dull. Lucky for you, I did some research and figured out how to make your ponytail more runway ready!

What You’ll Need: Rat Tail Comb, Hairbrush, 2 Hair Ties

How Long Will This Look Take: 2 – 3 Minutes


Step One

Brush your hair!

How to Get a More Volumized Ponytail

Step Two

At the crown of your head, gather a small chunk of hair and brush it upwards. Get all the knots out so your ponytail is bump-free. Make sure you leave at least an inch width of hair between your forehead and the hair gathered.

How to Get a More Volumized Ponytail

Step Three

With your first hair tie, create a small ponytail with the chunk of hair you brushed at the crown of your head. You will look silly, but I promise it will all be worth it in the end!

How to Get a More Volumized Ponytail

Step Four

Get the rest of your hair that is down and bring it to the ponytail you just created. Like you did with the other ponytail, brush out all the bumps in an upward movement.

How to Get a More Volumized Ponytail

Step Five

With your second hair tie create another ponytail with the remaining hair directly overtop your mini ponytail. Your ponytail should look like this.

How to Get a More Volumized Ponytail

Step Six

This the most important part of increasing the volume of your ponytail! Get your rat tail comb and with the pointed end bring it under the top of your hair then lift upwards. This part sometimes works better by just using your fingers by grabbing your roots and pulling upward slightly. Do this not only directly above your forehead but also around your temples.

How to Get a More Volumized Ponytail

Step Seven

Drag your fingers around your hairline, pulling down some stray pieces. This will make your hair look more tousled and the stray pieces will frame your face.

How to Get a More Volumized Ponytail


Ta-Da! You are done! Your increase ponytail volume result should look something like this.

How to Get a More Volumized Ponytail

Before and After

Step by Step: How To Increase Your Ponytail’s Volume
Before (left) and after (right)

While not as exciting sounding, there’s also an even easier way that doesn’t take any time, minus the first step.

The secret? Beauty industry has long created ponytail hair extensions and it’s as simple as that. You can add 5x the volume in less than a minute!

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Author: Sophia Strojny.


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