Top 20: Bizarre, Weird Hair Clips & Other Accessories (2023)

The Greatest, Weirdest Hair Clips Plus and Beauty Tools.

Top 20: Bizarre, Weird Hair Clips & Other Accessories (2023)

Every one of us likes to take care of our hair, it’s an important part of our look, so we try different hairstyles, different hair colors, and of course cool hair accessories. Hair accessories are a great way to do add something cool to our hair that will make it seem more interesting.

Although hair and head accessories are most often used for a special occasion like a wedding, or even a night out, they have become a part of our everyday life. Hair accessories are also a great way to show our personality and individuality.

Of course, there are millions of hair accessories to choose from so everyone can find something that they like. But some people simply take it a step too far. There are so many bizarre hair accessories that you wonder who’s crazier – the people who make that product or the people who wear it? Either way, let’s have a look at these bizarrely weird hair accessories you can buy online.

#1 Repurposing Barbie Dolls

Repurposing Barbie Dolls

Barbie doll was one of our favorite toys when we were growing up, but who would’ve thought that Barbie dolls can be used as a weird headpiece?

#2 Playing the Violin

Playing the Violin

There are many weird hairstyles, but making a violin out of hair? I think that falls into the category of “too much.”

#3 Stealing from The Bird’s Nest

Stealing from The Bird’s Nest

This is another weird hairpiece and it’s extremely bizarre. Having in mind that this was made out of hair, the details and the artistry is amazing, but the taste levels are questionable.

#4 Recycling Bottle Caps

Recycling Bottle Caps

The Dassanech tribe in Omo Valley, South Ethiopia is recycling bottle caps and using them as hair accessories. Although it is a bit weird, it’s a great way to take care of the environment and create jewelry.

#5 Alien Tentacles

Alien Tentacles

This is probably a Halloween costume, but the alien tentacles are just a little bit weird and creepy.

#6 Insects Crawling Your Hair

Insects Crawling Your Hair

Why would anybody want to look like they have gross insects crawling on their head? Well, I guess some people do.

#7 Cat Headband

Cat Headband

We all know some people love cats, but wearing a fake cat on your head is something only cat ladies would consider.

#8 Clocks Everywhere

Clocks Everywhere!

This headpiece is probably inspired by a steampunk style and it’s centered around clocks! This girl must be obsessed with time and at least she’ll never be late.

#9 Eyeball Bows

Eyeball Bows

These eyeball bows are a combination of cute and creepy and they look kind of cool.

#10 Two-faced


This is one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen.

#11 Flies


Well, if you like bugs and insects as many people do, this is a great accessory that will make it look as though you have flown on your head. We’ve had clients at our site AiryCharm that make something similar using gemstones and beads. Then all are sold for over $200.

#12 Growing Plants on Your Head

Growing Plants On Your Head

This weird hair accessory makes it look as though you have plants and sprouts growing from your head. I have to admit, they look pretty cute, but it’s still very strange.

#13 Fries and Ketchup on Your Hair, Anyone?

Fries and Ketchup on Your Hair, Anyone?

This bizarre hair accessory makes you think who thought that it would be a good idea to make fake fast food that you put on your actual head?

#14 Party Glowsticks

Party Glowsticks

Glowsticks are a must if you’re going to a party, but putting them on your hair? Well, although it’s weird, it looks pretty cool. This idea was also covered in our top Facebook hairstyles post.

#15 Harajuku Style

Harajuku Style

These Harajuku girls like colorful and weird hair accessories and it’s their signature style.

#16 Kawaii Style

Kawaii Style

Japan is the place where many of these weird accessories come from. This is Kawaii style and it’s famous for its cool hair accessories.

#17 Barbie Legs

Barbie Legs

This is another strange use of Barbie dolls! All for bizarre headpieces, maybe it’s a trend?

#18 Octopus Tentacles

Octopus Tentacles

You must really like sea creatures to wear this weird octopus on your head.

#19 Taxidermy


Taxidermy is weird in and of itself but making hair accessories from dead animals is strange.

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