Step by Step: How to Do a Creepy Joker Smile for Halloween (2021)

All about that Awesome Joker Smile.


So you want to be scary to Halloween? This look takes barely any time and will freak everyone out. Better known as a “Joker” smile from the Dark Knight movies, this look is a little scarier than the generic smeared red lipstick across your cheeks. If you want to scare and possibly gross out your friends, this is a cheap and fast way to do it!

What You Will Need: Glue Stick, Liquid Latex, Foundation, Makeup Sponge, 3 Paint Brushes, Costume Makeup, and Fake Blood

How Long Will This Look Take: 30 Minutes

Skill Level: Advanced



– First, you get a gluestick and roll it into a small log. Then, press it on your face and be sure to cover both cheeks.

– You should have a thick line of glue on top of your skin.

– Now, begin applying makeup on the glue, just do it in little dabs. As soon as the first layer is done, start painting glue parts with red paint so it looks like flesh.

– Afterward, use black color to dab around the fake rash so it looks like a smile.

– As soon as it dries up, start layering your regular makeup and that’s pretty much it!

– See? It wasn’t that hard to begin with!

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P.S. You know what else can you add to the set? wacky color hair extensions.

Author: Sophia Strojny.


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