Top 10: What Not to Wear in Europe: Style & Fashion Mistakes (2021)

Are Uggs Popular in Europe? What About Ripped Jeans?


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What Not to Wear in Europe
What Wear in Europe

It is widely known that Europe is a million times more fashionable than America. America may know a thing or two more about makeup than Europe, but America is completely dominated in the fashion world. I have been living in Switzerland now for about a month and before that, I was in Poland for 6 months. I can honestly say that I can now pick out an American in a crowd of a million Europeans.

It is not only that Americans are significantly louder and more expressive than our counterparts, but also that we dress down for everyday occasions. Here are some tips for you to blend in better with the European culture next time you make a trip out here.

Follow these tips and you’ll be safe!


Hair Buns

I love bun days. When your hair is looking messy and wrapping it up in a tight top knot can instantaneously make your hair look glamorous again. Sadly, it is an instant sign of an American if a girl puts her hair in this style.

In Europe buns of all shapes and sizes are reserved for the men. Try opting for a sleek pony or a French braid on your next bad hair day to avoid looking “masculine.”

Leggings (Exception: Eastern Europe)

Sexy Leggings

This piece of clothing I miss the most. They are amazingly comfy and make your legs look toned to perfection. Unfortunately, leggings are only for when you are working out and not for everyday use, this includes your yoga pants.

In the words of the great Blair Waldorf, “Tights are not pants!” Listen to the queen on this one and avoid leggings if you want to blend in.

Converse / Vans / UGGs (UGGs Exception: Eastern Europe)

Sexy Converse / Vans / UGGs

Sneakers, in general, are not a thing on this continent, this includes your precious UGGs. I know what you are thinking, “But, UGGs aren’t sneakers, they are boots!” You may be right about this, but it doesn’t matter because face it ladies; UGGs are not fashionable.

They are very comfy and warm, but if you ever took off your rose-shaded glasses, you would see how ugly they truly are. Opt-out for these types of shoes and instead pack your black booties and equestrian boots.



I realize I may be crushing your dreams when it comes to being comfy while you travel. I am sorry to announce that almost all types of sweats are socially banned from this continent.

Don’t be too sad though because some very comfy cardigans are fashionable and cute! You can go back to your hoodie-wearing attire when you return to the states, but as for now stick to more stylish warm clothing.

Ripped Jeans (Exception: Eastern Europe)

Ripped Jeans

Not a thing here. I realize they are just coming back into fashion in America, at the likely make you stick out. Maybe it is because ripped jeans are very casual and casual dress is not something you often see in Europe. Either way, I would leave it out of your suitcase.

A Smile

A Smile

“You are never fully dressed without a smile!” Wrong. Do not merrily smile when you are walking down the street or even show off your toothy whites proudly when talking with a friend. Unnecessary smiling is viewed as suspicious and you will get looks of distrust back instead of a return smile like you would in America.

It is very hard to adjust to, but it is strangely easier to meet people without one of these glued to your face.

Okay, so what works in Europe?


Sexy Black Outfit for Women

Unleash your inner Goth and wear black on black on black. It is normal here and you get to feel like a ninja decked out in this dark color.

Wearing too much black in America makes people seem creepy, but here everyone does it! Embrace the culture and go Goth!

Bright Lipsticks

Bright Lipsticks

Due to the lack of color in their wardrobe, women like to color up their lips with fun colors. Like I said in a later article, dark lipsticks like purple and red are very in this season.

Go little nuts next time you hit up the makeup store to prepare yourself for your European adventure.

Pea Coats

Pea Coats

I am not exaggerating when I say that everyone wears a pea coat in Europe. All the men, women, and children are bundled up in their black wool coats.

They are very fashionable and very slimming. When sweatshirts and winter jackets can make you look plump, pea coats fit your body well and often come with belts to help show off your figure.

Light Makeup

Light Makeup

Women are very into lipstick here, but not much else in the makeup department. You can see women with some mascara, maybe a little eyeliner, and then their bright lipstick.

Dark eye makeup is not seen a lot around here and when I do see it, it rarely is worn by a person from this continent. My advice is to bring all your lipsticks and a mascara wand. You shouldn’t be wearing much more than that to blend in.

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Author: Sophia Strojny.


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