Top 20+ Pros & Cons of Nano Ring Hair Extensions? (2022)

The pros and cons of nano ring hair extensions.

Top 20+ Pros & Cons of Nano Ring Hair Extensions? (2022)

When it comes to hair extensions and extension types, there are so many different terms that can be confusing. Some of them are stick tip, I tip, micro ring, and nano ring hair extensions. All of those are hair extension types that have become very popular lately and are one of the best hair extension methods. In this article, you will find out everything you need to know about these types of hair extensions – what is the difference between them, what is the installation process, are they safe, how to take them out, and what are the pros and cons of these methods.

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What are Stick Tip (I Tip) and Nano / Micro Ring Hair Extensions?

AiryHair Stick Tips Extensions
AiryHair Stick Tips Extensions

First of all, micro ring, nano ring, stick tip and I tip are the same types of hair extensions since they use the same method of application. These types of extensions don’t use glue or clips for installation, but a micro or nano ring that keeps the extensions in place. Stick tip and I tip extensions are basically inserted into micro or nano-rings.

So, these terms are used interchangeably and they mean pretty much the same thing. The only method that sounds similar but is different is micro loop hair extensions. The micro loop method uses a small loop to fit the hair and some people say the quality of the fitting can be much lower than stick tip, I tip, and micro ring which is considered to be more professional.

As there are a lot of extension methods, it is wise to consider all of them to make a good choice. Everyone is different and has unique needs so no one method suits everybody. If you’re unsure whether nano ring extensions are for you, take a look at the pros and cons that explain their main features. This list can help you to weigh out the positive and the negative and aid with shopping for extensions.

Great Way to Add Extra Length and Density

Don’t you sometimes wish that you could magically add a couple of inches or more to your locks? Well, that’s possible and easy with nano ring extensions. Since hair is one of the most important things for every woman, why not have it just the way you want it? There are almost no limits as to how much can strands be extended by using the nano ring method, plus you get an amazing amount of volume. Most people are not so lucky to have very thick and dense hair naturally, so why not boost it with extensions?

Very Long-Lasting

Assuming that you purchased high-quality Remy hair, nano ring extensions last for months and months. Remy’s hair is made from real human strands as is one of the top quality hair currently on the market. However, we have to emphasize that even the best hair out there will not last long if you neglect it and ignore the maintenance instructions. So that’s another important factor to consider. But if you do everything right, expect the nano ring extensions to last five or six months, sometimes even more! Synthetic hair may look alright, but it simply cannot last as long. That’s why we always recommend that you purchase real human hair if you want hair that lasts.

Install at Home

Top 20+ Pros & Cons of Nano Ring Hair Extensions? (2020)
With a bit of training and skill, nano ring extensions can be installed at home and that can save you a lot of money. To do that, you need nano ring hair extensions and pliers. Each strand is connected to a natural one using the nano ring which is then shut tight using pliers (which can be bought in most extension stores). Just make sure to leave some space between the roots and the nano rings. It’s quite simple and even if you make a mistake, simply press on the nano ring with pliers again and it easily opens up and releases the strand. Because of that, the removal of nano-rings is extremely simple and can be done in 15 minutes.

Strand-By-Strand Method

Cold fusion is what’s known as a strand-by-strand method which means there are no wefts, but single strands. Each strand is attached individually and that’s quite a good thing actually because it blends more nicely and is less detectable. And because the nano-rings are so small, the strands will look just like your real hair. The only disadvantage of strand-by-strand methods is that they take a bit longer to install compared to wefts.

No Heat or Glue Required for Installation

One of the main reasons girls all over the world choose nano ring hair extensions is that no heat or glue is required when attaching them. Nano rings are also known as cold fusion because of that feature. Although extensions that use glue and heat are safe for the hair, they can be quite complicated to apply at home (as well as remove) and that’s why some girls avoid it.

100% Safe for Hair

Nano rings are designed in a way that makes them completely safe and harmless to hair. The only way that any damage to the hair can occur is if they’re not installed correctly or you pull too hard on the strands. So remember to be a bit gentler when wearing extensions to reduce the risk of damage.


Nano rings fall into the category of semi-permanent extensions (along with tape-in, fusion, and sew-in methods). That means that the hair cannot be taken off every day and should be worn for a longer time. However, the nano-rings need to be moved higher up as the hair grows. That is very easy to do with nano rings because you simply need to use the pliers to open them up and move them closer to the roots. This is also something that can easily be done at home, without having to go to a salon.


Stick Tip Pros and Cons
Although nano rings need to be reinstalled regularly, you can still use the same set multiple times. The hair itself can last for months so you can reuse it many times. Again, the number of times that you can reuse it depends on the type of hair and how carefully you follow the maintenance tips. To get the most out of the hair, treat it with care.

Extremely Secure

Nano rings are known to be one of the most secure methods out there. Once the rings are shut tight, there is little chance they’ll detach or slide down. So if you worry about extensions coming off, definitely go for nano rings because you will feel very comfortable wearing them.

Nano Rings are Undetectable

Nano rings are designed in a way that makes them virtually undetectable. They are very tiny, even smaller than micro rings. Nobody wants their extensions showing and nano-rings are perfect for avoiding that. Also, nano-rings come in a range of colors so you can pick a shade that’s closest to your strands. That camouflages the rings even more. There are also no limitations as to how you can style your hair; you can part it however you want, wear a ponytail, all kinds of updos, and the nano-rings still won’t be visible.

A Range of Colors and Textures

When shopping for nano ring hair extensions, you’ll notice that there’s quite a lot of colors and textures available. Choose them wisely because both color and texture have a great impact on the final result. Make sure to determine the exact shade of your natural tresses and choose the extension color accordingly. Nano rings also allow you to combine two or more shades if you don’t like uniform colors. You can combine strands of different colors and create a unique hairstyle. Also match the texture, whether it’s straight, curly, or wavy.

Super Comfortable

Another great feature of nano-rings is that they’re super comfortable to wear and don’t take a lot of time to get used to. Since the rings are very small and flat after they have been installed, you will barely feel them on your head. That’s a big plus because you do have to wear them for a longer period. If you feel like the nano rigs are too tight, or any kind of pain or discomfort, that means that the installation was not good. The most common problem is that people attach the nano-rings to close to the roots which result in discomfort and pulling of the strands. If that’s the case, release the rings and move them down slightly.

Blends Seamlessly

Because nano rings come in small strands, they’re much easier to blend with natural tresses. With proper placement, the extension strands will merge with the real ones flawlessly.

Natural Hair Movement

Since nano rings are a strand-by-strand method, the hair is allowed to move much more freely. Wefts can sometimes look unnatural when tossing or moving the strands in any way. That doesn’t happen with nano rings because they truly become a part of your hair. So you should not fear the wind blowing or moving your hair in any way when wearing cold fusion extensions.

Hair Extensions Cons

We should mention some of the cons of nano-rings for hair extensions. We advise you to consider those when buying cold fusion extensions. There aren’t many of them, but they’re worth mentioning.

Not as Cheap as Some Other Extension Types

Unfortunately, cold fusion is not the cheapest extensions out there. Although you can find 100 strands of 20’’ nano ring hair for about $50, that still might not be affordable to anyone, especially those who plan on attaching more than 100 strands or want the hair to be longer. However, cold fusion is one of the best methods out there and it’s worth it to spend a few bucks more. If you’re on a tight budget, consider buying synthetic hair.

Requires Regular Refitting

As we have mentioned before, the nano-rings need to be moved up every few weeks. The exact time will depend on the speed of your hair growth. Although this can seem like too much maintenance, it’s quite simple to do and doesn’t take long. Doing it regularly is crucial because otherwise, you risk damage to the extensions as well as your real hair.

Requires Special Tools for Installation

Another downside of cold fusion is that you need tools for installation. While other extension types don’t require it, like clip-in or tape-in, nano-rings need to be closed using pliers. Although you can use regular pliers, we recommend that you purchase ones that are made specifically for extensions. On the positive side, the pliers are quite cheap and are very easy to use and handle.  

Needs Care and Maintenance

It has already been mentioned before that care and maintenance extend the lifespan of the extensions, allow them to be reusable, and protect your natural tresses from any harm. It is something that simply cannot be skipped when it comes to cold fusion extensions. Strands that are not brushed get all tangled up in a huge mess that’s nearly impossible to salvage. You can avoid that just by simply combing the hair through each day. We also recommend that you use a detangling brush because it’s much more effective and safer. Washing is not that difficult with nano-rings, you simply need to be gentler around the rings and that’s it. Since there is no glue or tape, washing is pretty straightforward. You also might want to protect your locks while sleeping. That can easily be done by braiding the strands or wearing a silk scarf. Also remember that swimming with your new hair is not allowed, whether it’s the sea or pools.

Now that you know all there is to the nano hair extensions, jump to AiryHair’s product page and select your ideal hair length!

We also talk there about other aspects of wearing extensions, including the differences between micro and nano-tips.


  1. Thanks for this clarification! I’m purchasing some micro loops for my new hairdresser to continue pulling up my extensions. Does the size of the micro loop matter when I place my order? I’m not sure what size my original hairdresser put in my hair. Could going too small or too big prevent them from securing in place?Or is it just preference to prevent visibility?


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