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Remy Nano Ring / Tip Hair Extensions

Nano (Metal) Ring, I-Tip Hair Extensions
Hair is something girls pay a lot of attention to, and they always want it to look flawless. That’s understandable because our locks can completely transform our looks and make us more attractive. Girls who have short strands often want long, flowy locks, but waiting for hair to grow is a very long and boring process. Some girls also find that their strands grow extremely slowly, or their locks are so thin that they don’t look good at all, even if they’re lengthy. With nano ring extensions, all those problems are a thing of the past!

You can have amazing-looking strands when you want them and how you want them. Finally, you can control your appearance completely and always look incredible. Nano ring extensions enable you to get that glamorous long hair right now and show everyone your incredible volume and shine. You can forget about using different tricks and products to make your strands appear more voluminous because extensions give you as many strands as you want; there are almost no limits. Once you try nano extensions, you will never want to return to your ordinary look. They are that good!

Nano Ring Tip Hair Extensions Information

Remy Nano (Metal) Ring, I-Tip Hair Extensions (100 Strands) (Body Weave, Curly and Straight)

Nano rings are unique among all other extension types because they use a special method of application which is one of the best around. There is no tape or glue involved, no clips, and no heat is required to apply nanorings. That’s what makes them so popular. Nano rings are installed using a cold fusion method and here’s how that works. Tiny and thin strands of hair are connected to your natural strands with a nano ring which is then secured with pliers. This method may be complicated, but it’s one of the easiest and safest.

We offer all kinds of different colors so that you can perfectly match our nano tip extensions with your natural tresses. Choosing the right shade is very important because it helps to blend and make the whole look more natural and effortless. You can also choose the length of your nanotips, going from ten to thirty inches, offering you a great range. But that’s not all; when you buy from AiryHair, you can choose a custom texture for extensions. So whether you want straight, wavy, or curly, we will provide you with the best extensions! One package includes 50 strands, so two are enough for a full head of great hair. Remember that you also have to pick the right color of the ring that matches your strands best.

• Color: All available colors, including blonde and platinum blonde
• Length: 10 to 30 inches
• Weight: 40 to 140 grams
• Strands: 100
• Single Strand Weight: 0.4 to 1 gram
• Texture: Straight, body wave, yaki, kinky curly, deep wave, or curly

Nano Ring Tip Hair Extensions Features

Super soft hair extensions
There are so many reasons why nano ring/tip extensions have become one of the leaders in this industry. The first is the ease of application and the fact that no heat or glue is involved. Cold fusion methods have become very popular lately because they are considered to be one of the safest and best ones around, producing incredible results. With nano rings, there will be no damage to your natural strands or the extensions, and once you put them on, they can’t fall out accidentally or shed. The rings are very secure on your head, and they can be removed only with pliers. No amount of movement or pulling will ever cause them to slip out.

Another reason why nano rings are becoming an increasingly popular method is that they’re a semi-permanent method. Unlike clip-in or flip-in extensions, you do not take them off daily and reinstall them constantly. Once you put the nano rings in, you are set for a couple of months, but it all depends on how fast your natural hair grows. Similar to tape-in extensions, once your strands grow out too much, it is time to get your nano rings refitted. But what is better is that you don’t have to take them off completely to reinstall them. You open them with pliers and move up!

Because the nano rings are so small in size, compared to micro rings, they are completely invisible on your head. It is one of the best features of these extensions because it enables girls with thin and fine hair to have the opportunity to wear them. Many other extension types are unsuitable for extremely thin hair, so this is a big plus for the nanorings. That also means that you can style your locks however you want to, whether it’s a high ponytail, a braid, or a cool bun, the rings will not be visible, and no one will ever suspect that it’s not your real hair. Because nano tips come in small strands, you have more control over where to put the tips and how many to use, which you can’t do with clip-ins, for example, that come in wefts.

AiryHair nano ring/tip extensions are made of premium hair and will win you over with their soft texture and shiny look. You will not want to take them off ever again!

Some of the other benefits of nano ring/tip extensions are:

1. These extensions are so soft that you’ll want to touch them constantly.
2. Nano ring extensions offer you an easy and incredibly secure application.
3. The rings are so small in size, and they’re completely undetectable.
4. There is no glue or heat required to apply extensions, making them of the best methods out there.
5. AiryHair nano ring extensions are made only out of the best, genuine Remy hair
6. We offer different textures and incredible lengths up to 30 inches!

So if you’re looking for a range and many different features, our nano rings are number one. If you have any further questions, check out our FAQ:

Difference Between Micro and Nano Rings

Nano and micro ring extensions are also very similar and the same with only one difference – the size of the ring. The nano ring is the same method as a micro ring, but nano ring is newer, and you could say an improved method. Since the nano ring method uses a much smaller ring, those extensions tend to be much more comfortable. Also, nano rings are recommended for women with thinner hair because using micro rings might result in the rings being visible because of their size. One downside of the nanorings is that they have to be taken off to be refitted, while micro rings are simply moved up the hair and re-positioned.

What are Double Drawn Extensions?

Double-drawn refers to hair with all the shorter hair removed manually, resulting in much thicker strands because 85 to 95% of hairs have the same length. That means the strands are equally dense from the roots to the tips. Contrastingly, single-drawn hair usually contains a lot of shorter hairs which gives a nasty look with very thin ends, and nobody wants that.

What are Premium Remy extensions?

Only available from AiryHair, Remy Premium Plus are strands that fall into the premium, top-quality products category. We collect only the best human strands from our donors and create extensions that have an even longer lifespan, tangle less, and look better. Our Premium Hair is here to give the best extensions experience, even for our most demanding customers!

Remy Nano Extensions vs. Non-Remy

Remy's hair is an obvious choice if you want the extensions to look just like your natural tresses and last as long as possible. The reason why Remy's hair is considered to be of the highest quality as it is collected from the same donor and all the cuticles are checked manually so that they align in the same direction. This is very important because it ensures that the extensions will be durable, not tangle as much and keep their look for a longer amount of time.

Unfortunately, many stores sell hair that has cuticles chemically removed by using acid. Those bundles are not considered real Remy hair, but sellers still try to mislead you into believing so. That’s why you should be careful where you buy your Remy bundles. You can be sure that all AiryHair products are made out of genuine Remy strands that will withstand the test of time.

If you have any more questions regarding our nano ring/tip extensions, feel free to contact us!

Why Buy Nano Ring Tip Hair Extensions?

Since we have already covered the benefits of various other methods, like clip in and keratin extensions, it is time to one about the nanorings. The great thing about extensions, in general, nano rings included, is that it allows for a radical change of hairstyle, including length, color, volume, and style, while keeping natural locks intact. Hair dyes contain harmful chemicals that can damage the hair, especially when going for a very light shade. That’s why using nano ring extensions to add a new color is a much safer option. It also allows anyone to try new hairstyles before fully committing to them.


Now that you know everything that it is to know about nano ring hair extensions, you are more confident in your hair decisions. Being informed is always great when it comes to extensions because the worst thing you can do is not know the type of extensions you’re buying. Feel free to contact us for any additional information about nano ring extensions.

How to Apply Nano Ring Hair Extensions

How to apply cold fusion strands
These hair extensions are installed by taking a small section of the hair and threading a micro or nano ring onto the hair using a special needle. Then the hair is secured at the roots of the hair using pliers that press the ring shut. The best thing about this method is that no glue is involved, which often damages the hair. The removal is also pretty simple, the rings are squeezed in the opposite direction with the pliers, and the hair extensions easily come off. The simple removal is also one of the reasons why this method is so popular. Here's how to do it:

1. Begin by parting your hair in a horizontal line just above the nape of the neck. This is where you’re going to install the first row of nanorings, and when you’re done, you’re going to move up and section off hair in a horizontal line above it. Repeat this sectioning pattern until you reach the top of the head.
2. Now, insert the small ring through the hook.
3. Separate a tiny strand that can fit through the ring. Ensure all the sections are of the same width and depth to ensure correct weight distribution on the real strands. If you have sectioned off a too-big strand, you won’t be able to fit it through the ring, which means you should go smaller.
4. Thread the strand through the hook to place the ring.
5. Now is the time to get the extension tip. You need to place it inside the nano ring, on the bottom side, to be less visible. Now the nano ring is holding both your natural strand and the extension tip.
6. Make sure the extensions are not too close to the roots because that puts too much strain on your locks.
7. When everything is set and placed correctly, use the pliers to press on the nano ring and flatten it. Now the strands are held tight by the nano ring.

If you’re still not sure how to do it or are feeling insecure about doing it alone, ask a friend to help you or go to a salon.

Product Q&A: Nano Hair Extensions

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Long time buyer - Review by Rosie Read
Third time ordering from AiryHair and I’m very satisfied with their products. I like that all the hair lines and extensions are very affordable . The delivery times are ok with free shipping and great with express which is really important to me.
Great price - Review by Irene Morgan
I bought 200 rings for only $123.45 which is a really good price compared to other online shops. The quality of the hair and ends is very good. I have a lot of experience with nano rings and love how easy they are to install,

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