Cancer Patients: Using Hair Extensions, Wigs After Chemotherapy


A simple guide for anyone looking to get their look back.

Life can be tough sometimes, and if you are reading this post, the whole team at AiryHair would like to wish you the very best of health and more importantly, congratulate for taking the right step and plowing thought the chemotherapy.

Now, while the most positive side effect is obviously the elimination of cancer and the gift of life, chemo comes with one side effect: hair loss.

While there are multiple hair fusion methods, only few of them are suited for the short hairs or no hairs at all, below, you will find our recommendations for all of them.

First Few Months after Chemo (Little to No Hair)

Short hair after cancerYou can either just be patient or go with one of the many wigs. There is no other way around that. What we would personally recommend is a full lace wig, since it does have the most hair and obviously, real human hair is the only option. Avoid synthetic or cheap wigs at any cost.

Itchy, irritated scalp and frizzy hair are only few of the many downsides that can be avoided simply by spending few bucks more.

What you should avoid as well is a 360* degree wig since it covers the sides only, which means that the center of your head will still be with little to no hair.

I know that at this point you are pretty anxious and want to go with hair extensions as soon as possible, but please be patient.

Six Months After Chemo and Hair Extensions

After you have grown at least two inches (5 centimeters) of hair (three to four inches is preferred), it is time to consider hair extensions.

What you should avoid is hot fusion hair extensions since they can put too much stress on your scalp while the hair is still in the early stages of growth. What’s worse, if your hair is still too short and your hair dresser decides to fuse them anyway, you might need to not only remove the extensions but also a small portion of your hair.

What about easy to apply clip-in hair extensions? If you have grown at least 4 inches of hair, it is a viable option although clips could be visible if the hair is too short since most of the wefts are applied and then covered with your own hair.

Happy cancer patient, long hairOkay, so what is the recommendation? Personally, we would go with transparent tape ins, the reason is simple: it has invisible tape, which means that the extensions will be harder to notice, and more importantly, you can cut them into as many or few pieces as you would like. It is honestly one of the most versatile options not only for cancer patients but every single woman out there.

In addition to that, since the extensions need to be readjusted every 4-8 weeks or so (since your hair grows), you will be able to remove the tape and re-apply in just minutes (just get the extra tape), avoiding insane hair dresser costs and simply saving time.

Having said all that, we would love to offer you a special discount of 10% for trying our remy premium plus hair extensions, simply place the order and contact us afterwards. We will issue you a partial refund post order in a form of 10%, that you can spend on ice cream, or any other thing in the world.

The last tip? Don’t go overboard with 30 inch, double drawn hair, give it some time. Sixteen to twenty inches is what we would suggest for the first 3 to 6 months.

Thank you for reading and God bless.


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