Micro Loop Extensions Do-It-Yourself Guide (2022)

The Best Guide for Installing and Removing Micro Ring Link or Bead Hair Extensions.


Are you excited to start using your micro loop hair extensions from AiryHair for the first time, but not quite sure how to best attach them? Fear not, we’ll make you an extensions expert in no time. To master attaching, adjusting, maintaining your micro loop extensions without glue and heat, review the basic guidelines below.

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This guide applies to more than just our extensions. Every micro loop or microbead type is attached the same way. So, let’s dive into the guide and see how it’s done.

Micro Loop Extensions Do-It-Yourself Guide (2020)

The first step in our micro loop extension tutorial is product selection. Look over AiryHair’s 100 percent genuine Remy availabilities online for packages of 100 soft, silky strands. Decide which length up to 30 inches, weight, color, texture from straight to curly, and custom hair options you want. Our exclusive offerings feature tangle-free extended-lengths in hundreds of popular shades.

Then browse through appropriate accessories like combs, brushes, clips, micro rings and beads, and special pliers for your micro loop hair extensions. Order all beauty essentials together so you can begin your transformation immediately upon delivery. So, shop with confidence today and get excited about your new hair extensions.

Also, don’t worry if you mess up or make mistakes. That’s part of the learning process and with little adjustments, you’ll be installing micro-loops for yourself or your friends in no time.

First, shampoo, condition, dry, untangle, and straighten your rooted hair. Once done, pin in the section covering your crown on top. You will need to divide your natural locks vertically. Clip those two side portions over your head. Using a comb, part your back tresses horizontally a few inches above your neckline, and then fasten the remaining hair on top.

Use the section hanging down in the back as your first extension row’s base. Feed 15 natural strands through a loop. Pull on it, drawing your hair through the loop and gripping the bead. Move its attached segment upward until it’s a one-half inch below your scalp line so bonded tresses flow easily. Clamp the ring’s middle firmly with pliers. Then crimp both ends, securing the supplement to your original locks. To fill that level, space bundles one-half inch apart with rooted pieces in between. Leave a half-inch of your hair next to your face, or your additions will be obvious.

Release the back hair you clipped out of the way. Comb through to eliminate any tangles. Make another horizontal part above the first one. Pin the remaining tresses upward again. Repeat the previous parting and attachment stages on more layers until you reach your crown. As rows build up like bricks, new higher tiers fill in gaps between extensions underneath them.

Unpin your side sections. Remove any knots with a comb. Apply bundles sparingly. If your natural hair length exceeds six inches, side additions may be unnecessary. Release your crown portion so it cascades over your extensions, hiding the attachment rings. Comb to blend rooted and supplemental locks. Trim any unruly strands for a balanced look.

Micro Ring Loop Hair Extensions Installation

Increasing your micro strips’ lifetime is easy. Adjust them monthly to keep your lengthened, fuller mane flowing for longer periods. Part your back locks above the first AiryHair row. Pin your upper tresses over your head. Hold the first extension section below the clamped bead. Press pliers against the flattened ring’s outer sides, turning it back into an open circle.

Slide the strip and ring higher up your hair shaft. Stop when it’s a one-half inch from your scalp. Press the added strands inside the bead until their ends align with its top edge. Crimp the ring’s middle and then both ends firmly with pliers for a secure hold. Repeat those steps on all remaining sections and rows.

Proper extension care will ensure that your AiryHair extensions enhance your looks longer. Brush your combined locks three or more times per day to remove knots and boost shine. Carry an extra purse brush as a daily reminder. Before sleeping, braid your mane loosely so you’ll awaken with tangle-free tresses.

Never use silicone-based or oily shampoos or conditioners near clamped beads to prevent slippage. Treat your hair with a thermal protection product before using hot tools like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. That will guard against frizz and heat damage that may occur after frequent hot styling.

Like the adjustment instructions above, section off your first back layer and open your first ring with pliers. Slide the loosened bead down the extension slowly and gently. Then remove the added segment. Repeat that process for each piece and row until your rooted hair is all that remains.

If you’re returning hair, don’t throw away the used beads because some suppliers might ask for them too! In other words, whatever you remove, keep it and place it inside the return package. Now, if you’re just temporarily removing the extensions, it’s better to always start with a fresh set of beads or micro links. That way, you’re guaranteed to have hair that’s properly attached and strands that won’t be falling off anytime soon.


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