Babylights Hair Extensions & What Are Babylights? (2022)

Pictures and Placement of Babylights Hair.


Hairstylists just can’t sit still. By now there are so many hair toning techniques and styles that it’s getting harder to track them all.

Ombré, sombre, and balayage extensions are one of the biggest worldwide trends, and are on the peak of their popularity. However, there is a new trend in the making – babylights!

1 What is Babylights?

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Babylights is one of the newest trends. This style is mimicking the natural look of a child’s hair when they’re in the sun. If you have kids or if you’ve ever looked at kid’s hair, you can see the coolest sun highlights that are sprinkled in.

You can also see bigger pieces that are lightened, especially around the face. That happens because kids usually wear their hair in a ponytail during the summer heat and those parts get bleached by the sun. Many moms are bringing photos of their children’s hair to the hair salon as inspiration.

What’s the Difference Between Balayage and Babylights?

The goal of balayage is to highlight and enrich your hair color while babylights focus only on the smallest of changes. The latter is much more natural-looking and mimics strands that were lightened by the sun.

Babylights are becoming a huge hit in Hollywood. Many celebrities are crazy about this new hairstyle. Since blonde hair is ubiquitous in Hollywood, babylights are a great way to get that natural blonde look. It is so fortunate that unnatural-looking blonde hair is going out of fashion and is replaced by these natural styles.

Blonde and brown hair always looks better when it’s not uniform and the same shade. These cute babylights add style and a bit of color variety to your hair. In other words, it’s a lot more interesting than regular blonde or brown hair. The great thing about babylights is that they are unique because you can decide on the placement of the highlights. They allow a lot of room for experimentation with the placement, length, and thickness of the highlights. And it is best to use different lengths and thicknesses to achieve that natural look. But you can simply play around with it.

2 5 Reasons to Try Babylights

5 Reasons to Try Babylights

Why do people love this technique so much?

Low Maintenance

The great thing about babylights is that they are low maintenance. After you get babylights and your hair grows out, your hair will still look great and it can even look more natural.

That’s great news because nobody wants to be at the hair salon all the time. And the fact that babylights are low maintenance means that they are also very cheap because you can go longer without redoing them.

Picture Perfect Hairstyle

Babylights are also a perfect summer hairstyle. A natural blonde look always looks great in the summer. Also, your hair will get naturally bleached from the sun and it will just add to your babylights. The result? It will look even more natural and subtle.

Looks Stunning on Any Hair

Babylights look great on any hair length, from very long to very short. You can also incorporate it with any hairstyle. So, if you’re generally satisfied with your current hair length and style, but just want something to spice it up a little bit, babylights can do the trick. They can transform your boring blonde or brown hair into a trendy hairstyle everyone will be envious of.

It’s the New Trend

Since babylights are just slowly becoming known, now is the time to get them and be one of the first people who have them. Ombre and balayage are still going strong and it will be interesting to see if babylights become as famous worldwide. Although judging by the internet and celebrities, babylights are becoming a real hit.

Works with Any Job

One of the reasons probably is that it’s a great simple style that anyone can like. It doesn’t include some crazy color, complicated technique nor does it require a lot of money. Also, if your job requires a specific dress code or look, this one is a safe go-to hairstyle.

Simplicity is something that can always be fashionable. It’s a great thing that natural looks are coming back and becoming trendy again.

3 How to Achieve Babylights Look?

How to Achieve Babylights Look?

Get Hair Extensions

The first one is the fastest and least expensive. Simply add a few layers of light hair strands in a form of hair extensions. Should not take more than a few minutes and saves you from the hassle of booking a hairstylist. For best results, use tape-in or clip-in tresses.

Just don’t go with synthetic hair.

Incorporate Balayge

If you have experience with other hair toning techniques, it should be simple.

Babylights style can be done using the balayage technique to get that natural sun-kissed look. The trick is to make it as natural as possible so you can see the highlights, but you don’t see where they’re coming from.

The Foil Technique

The other way to make baby light is to use the foil technique. Simply take tiny, thin sections of hair instead of big chunky highlights that have been popular for the last few years and intermix with the rest of your hair.

Those thin highlights are a very pale blonde and you can’t see that they’re highlights. It’s more of overall lighting that gives it that look.

4 Where to Order Babylights Extensions?

Babylights Hair Extensions

Did the first option sound best? You are not wrong!

To order your own babylight hair extensions, visit our hair creation page. Simply attach a picture of the babylight (or baby light) tones that you want, and we will do the rest.

If that’s too time consuming, check our colored hair extensions section where you can select type, length and let us do the rest.


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