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Ordering hair extensions in big quantities? Would you like to work with a hair distributor with over 15 years of retail and wholesale experience? If so, AiryHair is a perfect candidate for your business!

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1 Real Wholesale Hair Extensions

Since 2004, AiryHair has been one of the leading wholesale hair extensions supplier for top salons and stores around the world. We serve salons and anyone who wants to dramatically transform their look with gorgeous high-quality extensions. AiryHair wholesale human hair extensions are easy to apply and offer long-lasting beauty.

Why Work with AiryHair

At AiryHair, we’re passionate about providing the very best hair extension quality! Our team is obsessed with hair extensions. AiryHair has become a leading supplier and distributor of short-term extensions like clip-in, flip-in and wefts. As well as weft, weave, micro ring loop, tape-in, stick/I tip, and nail/U tip hair extensions. We offer a wide range of application types to serve every customer.

When you become a wholesale partner with AiryHair, we promise you’ll love the expert materials and craftsmanship of our products. In the end, you get low rates and discounts so everyone can enjoy AiryHair extensions and feel fabulous.

Uncompromised Customization

Unlike many other suppliers in the business (be it in Asia, India, USA or Europe), we do not just sell what we have in stock. Instead, we can create hair extensions that have been customized by you, at no additional cost or hidden fees. It’s part of the complete package, and it does not have to be a wholesale order. In fact, you can do that as a retail customer too right now at our custom hair page.

As a result, you can order hair extensions in any length, weight, color (including Ombré, Balayage, 3 Tone and other combinations. Even going as far as specifying blending ratio), texture, and pretty much anything you can think of.

There are dozens of gorgeous shades we offer that will satisfy all your color needs. Textures range from straight, deep curly, kinky curly, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, yaki, and funmi! So, make sure to get a variety of textures for your salon.

We run our own factory and can be as flexible as you want us to. There are almost no limitations as to what we can do. Feel free to be creative and create your custom hair extensions, whether it’s for personal use or your hair salon business.

Looking for a color ring? You can order our color ring here. It will give you a better representation of how colors look.

Actual Human Hair Means No Tangling

l Human Hair Means No T

By now, you must have read the “100% real Remy human hair” label dozens if not hundreds of times. Be it from retailer or wholesale distributor. However, a lot of suppliers will mix synthetic and fiber hair into the blend. They get lower quality human hair and apply oil plus other mixtures to make the extensions appear super soft and shiny. What is wrong with that? After you wash hair once or twice, it will begin to tangle. Ends could become frizzy and overall, it would transform into a bird’s nest that is impossible to fix. In other words, that kind low-quality cannot last more than a couple of weeks at best.

Better wholesale distributors would agree to replace a damaged product. However, AiryHair don’t even sell or offer that kind of low-quality hair. Instead, we make our extensions and wigs of genuine Remy hair. It has been meticulously manufactured to ensure quality and longevity. Also, there are no synthetic or animal hairs in our extensions, only real human hair which hasn’t been over-processed.

Remy Hair You Can Dye, Wash and Curl

As we have mentioned before, lower quality hair distributors would cover hair in mixtures (silicone, oils, etc.), resulting in quality that does not last. We do not process our extensions as much. In other words, you are free to wash, curl or dye your hair extensions.

Being able to curl or straighten and dye AiryHair extensions provides you with so much more options! You can get many different styles from only one extension set. Because our extensions are made from high-quality hair, they’re very versatile which is great for any salon that wants to offer the best extensions to their customers, they will certainly appreciate it.

Largest Selection in Wholesale Business

Largest Selection in Wholesale Business

AiryHair offers a variety of different hair extension attachment times for both wholesale and retail customers.

  • Clip-in hair extensions, from 6 to 30 inches
  • I-tip hair extensions, from 6 to 30 inches and Nano rings
  • U-tip hair extensions, from 6 to 30 inches with tips made of glue or real keratin
  • Micro loop extensions, from 6 to 30 inches
  • Tape-in hair extensions, from 6 to 30 inches and transparent tape
  • Weft hair weaves, from 6 to 30 inches
  • Flip-in type hair extensions, with adjustable size loop

We can customize any of hair types to your liking. If you are looking for lace closure and silk base closures or lace frontal types, please send us a message. Also, AiryHair offers both double drawn (50% / 90% ratios) and single drawn extensions (33% ratio). Finally, we still recommend stocking up on each of those if you own a salon.

Hair Extensions Factory and Distribution in China

As a leading hair distributor, we have made a major investment and have acquired our own hair factory in China.

Fact: There are many hair sellers and vendors in China but only few have their own factory. Everyone else outsources the hair and add to expenses. Don’t cut your profits.

Don’t rely on hair sellers that are limited to specific textures or stock! Go with AiryHair and explore the freedom of hair selling. No limitations mean more opportunities for your business and happier clients.

A Range of Wholesale Hair Accessories

Not only can we provide you with wholesale hair extensions, but we also offer a variety of hair accessories. For example, you can find anything from brushes, eyelashes, and highlights to pliers. Not to mention adhesive tape, scissors, glue guns, and many more. Everything you need in your salon (or at home) to properly install any extension type is there.

Looking to buy for hair accessories in bulk? Check our accessories selection here.

It’s easy to get started, simply register here, and then contact us. We will upgrade you to the Silver membership from the start.

  • $5 Off / Item (Silver – Annual $5,000 Order Value)
  • $7 Off / Item (Gold – Annual $10,000 Order Value)
  • $9 Off / Item (Platinum – Annual $25,000 Order Value)
  • $10 Off / Item (Diamond – Annual $50,000 Order Value)

The more business, the higher discounts. We have had clients start with the Silver package only to reach Platinum level in less than six months. What’s their secret? High quality, real human hair extensions. Basically, as their client base started to grow, so did the word of mouth reach. We can’t stress enough how important that is. If you already own hair extension business and want to try our hair, pick any of the extensions from our site and place the order.

There is 30-day money back guarantee, which we are fully confident will not be used. So, instead of buying a strand of hair as a sample, go for the real thing. For our long-term wholesale clients, we have great deals and exclusives where we work together at improving our current hair line. In addition to that, you will occasionally get new hair to test (free of charge) worth hundreds of dollars. We take feedback and use to improve our current hair extensions.

Buy Wholesale Hair Extensions & Get Discounts (2019)

At AiryHair, we’re proud to have helped launch and maintain dozens of successful hair extension and beauty salon businesses! Why? Because of our wholesale and retail experience. We’re always looking to expand our roster of partners and enjoy working with hair professionals who are passionate about helping customers look and feel their very best with high-quality hair extensions. When you work with AiryHair to fulfill your wholesale needs. You are not just a partner – you become part of the AiryHair family.

AiryHair wholesale hair extensions are sold worldwide. From beauty salons and retailers in the United States and Europe, to major distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you are interested in building a successful business using AiryHair hair extensions and hair products, please contact us.

For hair extension samples, just get the cheapest hair and see the AiryHair extensions difference yourself..


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