Custom Hair Extensions: Create Your Own Colored Extensions

Any length, color or texture hair extensions
Are you looking for hair extensions no one else can find anywhere else? Want a unique look that’s all your own? Craving some daring colors or lengths, and can’t find the hair extensions that perfectly match your vision? With AiryHair, you can create custom-colored hair extensions that fulfill your wildest dreams.

We create custom hair extensions made from the highest quality Remy hair. As leaders in the hair extensions industry, and with our patented methods, we can create a custom look that is all you, made from the best materials for long-lasting results.

Unlike most hair extension retailers or online shops that resell hair extensions from third parties, the AiryHair difference is that our facilities are dedicated to creating the best hair extensions on the market. In addition, it allows us to handcraft one-of-a-kind extensions for our customers. So whether you’re looking for hair extensions that will truly give you a unique look or you’re having trouble finding the exact style you’re thinking of, at AiryHair, we’re always here to help.

Benefits of AiryHair Custom Hair Extensions

At AiryHair, from our affordable pricing to the diverse custom-colored hair extension styles we offer, there are so many advantages to choosing us as your custom hair extensions provider. Just a few benefits include:

• There is no minimum order requirement
• You receive a 15 percent discount when you purchase more than five pieces of extensions
• Customers may order whatever length they want, from just a few inches to incredibly long lengths
• Our extension types range from light to super-heavy, whatever style suits you
• You can get single to double-loop extensions
• Choose from natural hair hues to rainbow-like colors, perfect for everyday wear or special party occasions
• Select custom hair extensions from a variety of hairstyles, including kinky curls, afro curls, yaki, loose curls, and more
• Don’t want to stick to just one color? No problem! We have ombre, somber, balayage, three-tone, and more types of color styles
• Have some hairstyle inspiration? Show us the look you’re after, and we can create extensions based on your favorite hairstyle pictures
• Get single-drawn, double-drawn, or other hair configurations.

We can even change the clips, the materials, or anything else you ask us to! We design your custom hair extensions to be perfect for you in every way, from appearance to feel to how easy they are to apply. You can genuinely get any hairstyle you want with custom-colored hair extensions from AiryHair.

Things to Keep in Mind

Getting custom hair extensions from AiryHair is so simple and easy. Our expert hair extension producers will work with your description and inspiration to create hair extensions that are precisely what you’re looking for. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, and we treat our customers like VIPs!

Please remember that because we have to align the equipment and switch from mass to individual production, custom hair extensions' orders can take five to 10 days to produce. We do work as quickly as possible, but if you are ordering custom hair extensions for a special event, please contact us as soon as possible so you can get your hair extensions well before you need them.

Request a Quote for Custom Colored Hair Extensions

Our team of hair extension beauty experts is ready to help you now with your custom hair extension order. Just simply fill out the form below to get the process started. Please send as many details as possible about what you’re thinking (length, single- versus double-drawn, application type, texture, color, etc.), and be sure to attach photos of any samples of what you envision. We’ll get back to you quickly with a quote for your custom hair extensions.

Want to learn more about the passionate team behind AiryHair custom extensions? View just a few of the benefits of shopping with AiryHair for all your hair extension needs here. Request a quote today and order your custom hair extensions no one else has.

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