Top 20+ Thrilling Ombré & Balayage Hair Extensions Ideas (2021)

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Are you bored with your current hairstyle and want to do something different with it? If your answer is yes, look at these awesome ombre and balayage hair ideas. From subtle and natural-looking to bright and bold – there is something for everyone! Want to protect your hair? See the bottom references for the best quality. ombre hair extensions.

Extra Long Ombre

Extra-long hair

The extra-long hair always looks so powerful and gives us that boost of confidence. Natural shades of brown and blonde blend together in this amazing ombre.

Full, lengthy hair is so rarely seen because it takes a lot of patience and cares to grow out your hair like that. That’s why many of us cheat a little bit and get extensions. Your hair is instantly transformed, and you can even buy wefts that are already dyed as an ombre. That makes it so much easier.

Curly Extensions

Ombre curls

Although long straight hair looks amazing, curls always give the hair so much dimension and volume. Especially with the ombre hair extensions because the combination of dark and light colors creates depth. If you like natural colors, try this out. Ombres don’t have to be bright and bold, subtlety is nice as well.

Violet Ombre Hair

Violet ombre

Purple is one of the most popular hair colors at the moment. So, if you follow trends, consider this violet ombre. The shades going from dark to light are stunning and wavy hair accentuates it even more.

Grey Balayage Extensions

Grey hair

Grey hair was once considered to be only for older people, but that’s not the case anymore. These ombre hair extensions show that shades of grey can be very youthful and trendy. So if you think that blonde is too boring, this ashy hairstyle is a good alternative.

Long and Wavy

Long, wavy hair

Long, wavy hair is just gorgeous, and it is perfect for ombre and balayage hairstyles because you have more surface to work on. Here black descends into a beautiful rose gold color that gets lighter at the ends.

Awesome Balayage

Balayage technique

This one is for blonde hair lovers. The balayage technique was used to free-hand paint the light, almost white, highlights. There are a lot of shades of blonde and gray in there, but it all blends perfectly on this bob haircut.

Dark Grey Ombre

Dark grey ombre

If you have black and hair and want to change up a little bit, but are not into bright and crazy colors, you can create a simple dark grey ombre. You can lift the top part of your hair in a messy bun to further accentuate this monochrome hairstyle.

All Kinds of Natural

blunt cut with natural shades of brown

Sometimes simplicity works best, and this hairstyle represents that. It is a blunt cut with natural shades of brown and blonde transition into one another, resulting in a great everyday look. Yes, you can cut hair extensions too.

Curly Ombre Hairstyle

Curly ombre

This curly ombre has remarkably interesting shades that are hard to pinpoint. The upper part is brown while the lower part is a strange shade of ashy color with tinges of violet and pink. The result is a nice contrast of colors that compliments all skin types.

Blue and Violet Extensions

Hair with shades of blue and violet

If you’re looking for an unusual winter hairstyle, get inspired by this modern ice queen look. Shades of blue and violet are intertwined together and look simply mesmerizing. The result is a thrilling hairstyle perfect for anyone who loves bold colors.

A Boob Cut Idea

Curly bob cut

Another cool bob cut that is very curly and playful. The top part is a mix of grey and pastel purple while you can see black peeking from underneath. This creates a lot of volume and shine.

Purple Ash Hair

Purple ash colored highlights

If you prefer a short casual cut, why not enhance it with a beautiful pastel color? To make it even more interesting, add a couple of white or ash-colored highlights. When you mix it all, you get a very chic, modern hairstyle that will not go unnoticed.

Let’s Try Turquoise Ombre

Purple and turquoise ombre

Anyone who is into bright, eccentric colors will love this hairstyle! So, if you want a bold and unique look then go all out with the colors. This purple and turquoise ombre will turn heads and you will be in the center of attention. The colors are electric, and they go so well together.

Blue Extensions

Blue and purple in flowy locks

This is another bold expression perfect for women who are confident and want to show it to the world. The blues and purples intertwine in flowy locks and there just a splash of dark black on the roots.

This hairstyle works best on exceptionally long, luscious hair so if you need some extra length, you can recreate this hairstyle with extensions. Invest in violet and blue wefts and combine them with your black hair. The result will be breathtaking.

Rose Pink Color Mix

Turquoise and rose pink pastel

This is such an unusual combination of colors and it is not very often that you see turquoise and rose-pink pastel color together. But it works so well together and looks incredible. Black on the top is always a good base to start with, while the other two colors run further down.

Electric Extensions

Electric hair colors

This hairstyle makes such a statement and it’s full of electric colors. You can see shades of blue, turquoise, and violet, all mixed in together to create this combination. The pigment of these colors is so intense that it will catch everyone’s eye immediately. So if you like being in the center of attention and different from everyone else, definitely try out this dramatic wavy hairstyle.

Stunning Rainbow Ombre

A rainbow of stunning colors

This is a rainbow of stunning colors and, amazingly, that can be done to hair. Forget about black and dark colors, this hairstyle is all about bright colors, happiness, and unicorns! It is uplifting and matches an artistic and creative personality.

If you like experimenting and expressing yourself with colors, you won’t find a hairstyle that’s better than this one. But if you’re a bit more careful and don’t want anything permanent done to your hair, go for rainbow colored clip-in extensions that you can install yourself and remove whenever you want to.

Purple, Green and Blue Balayage

Purple, blue, green balayage

This looks more like a piece of abstract art and, amazingly, this is hair. It is so vivid and mesmerizing how the colors mix. The connection with abstract painting is not that far off because this is done with the balayage technique where color is painted free-hand and the hair is like a canvas. There are shades of purple, blue, green, and even strokes of yellow that accentuate the whole thing.

Hair Extension Ideas

Back and green ombre

If the previous hairstyles were just too much for you and don’t like bright, over-the-top colors, this black and green ombre is also gorgeous. Dark green contrasts the black very nicely but it’s not totally in your face. Since green is an unusual hair color, you still get that touch of quirkiness, but it is not completely crazy and unconventional.

Blue with Black

Blue black ombre

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