Best Place to Buy Hair Extensions & Where to Buy Hair Online? (2023)

Best Hair Extensions Stores and Secure Online Shopping Tips.

Best Place to Buy Hair Extensions & Where to Buy Hair Online? (2023)

So, you want to get hair extensions. The first step is to figure out where to buy them. If you are new to this world, that can seem hard and confusing. There are probably many questions that you have. Like, do you buy extensions in a store or online, how to find a trusted brand, what to buy, do you go for quality or low price?

In this article, we’re going to answer all your questions! Provide you with simple instructions on where to buy hair extensions, how to choose a good company, and what you need to watch out for when buying products.

1 Best Place to Buy Hair Extensions

Best Place to Buy Hair Extensions & Where to Buy Hair Online? (2023)

There are a couple of different ways to buy hair and it all depends on your preference and location. But wherever you live, there are always ways to buy beautiful hair and we’ll go through a couple of main ones.

Hair Extensions Shops

If you live in a bigger city, there is a big chance that there will be an extension shop near you. You can ask around or Google the shops in your location and see what comes up. Before you run off and just buy the hair from a shop, check out the prices, reviews, and do a bit of research on the products the shop is selling.

Extension shops are great because it’s usually very convenient, you can check out all the different hair and see and touch it to pick the right strands for you. You can also ask people who work there for advice and they usually take custom orders.

Hair Salons

This is another place where you can buy hair extensions and there is a big chance at least a couple of salons in your area sell them. You can ask your hairdresser if they sell hair or if he/she can refer you to another salon. Another thing you can do is search for hair extensions in your area on

A great thing about buying extensions at a salon is that they can install the hair for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Another pro is that a hairdresser can help you determine what kind of hair is right for you and what color and texture to pick.

That can be of great help if you don’t have any prior experience. But do keep in mind that if you choose salons to purchase your hair, it is usually the most expensive option. And if you want them to install it as well, it will cost you even more. First, figure out what your budget is and compare the prices of different salons.

Online Shops

Currently, the most popular way of buying hair extensions is online shopping. It is easy, simple, and fast. This is a perfect option for people who don’t live in big cities and don’t have access to hair shops and salons. It is also great for anyone who simply prefers online shopping and considers it easier.

Remember that you should treat online sellers the same way as you would regular ones. Email them and ask any questions that you have. If the information on their site is not clear enough, ask for clarification.

If you happen to order the wrong item or it doesn’t work for you, most brands allow you to return the package and offer a refund. But that is also something that you should check before you make your order. Some premium brands like Luxy for example won’t allow you to return used hair extensions while others like AiryHair do.

2 Tips for Buying Hair Extensions Online

Tips for Buying Hair Extensions Online

Many online stores sell hair and it is important to find the one that you trust. Unfortunately, some people want to trick you or sell you a bad product. But there are a couple of things you can do to make sure that the company you’re buying from is legitimate.

Check the Phone Number

The first thing to check is if a company has a real phone number listed on its page. This is something every shop should have and if that’s not the case, then something fishy is going on there.

Some online stores have random (and fake) numbers, so if you are truly serious, give them a call. If there is a response or automated voice mail on the other end, you are good to go!

Get All the Info

Maybe it doesn’t seem as important to you or you find it boring, but you should read all the info that you see on the store’s website. Particularly the shipping info, return policy, rules and regulations, and their FAQ page.

That will give you a better understanding of the company’s rules and how they solve certain situations. And again, if you don’t find the information that you’re looking for, make sure to ask and get it cleared up before you make your purchase.

Read or Watch Product Reviews

Reviews are extremely important, and they tell you a lot about other people’s experiences with the shop and the products. Make sure you read those first to determine the quality of the items and the customer service.

You can also search the company to read reviews and comments on other sites. If the shop has consistent horrible reviews, then it’s safe to say you should not buy extensions from them. If you see many good reviews, then you can be confident that you have found a trusted shop that has proven its value. Keep in mind that good companies sometimes also get bad reviews and that doesn’t automatically mean they’re bad.

3 Best Online Stores: What to Look For?

Best Online Stores: What to Look For?

The last important thing when buying hair extensions is to know exactly what you’re buying. You should first inform yourself about different hair qualities like Remy, non-Remy, virgin hair, human hair, and synthetic hair. That will determine the price and type of shop you will be looking for. Some companies only sell top-quality hair, while others specialize in cheap extensions.

When you buy online, it can be hard to determine the quality of the hair and many stores mislead their customers when describing the extensions. But that usually happens with the extremely cheap stores. Generally, it is much better to buy high-quality extensions because it’s a good investment for the future. Once you buy good hair, it will last you for ages and you won’t have to buy new extensions every other month.

Find a store that you like and trust. Maybe give AiryHair a try and you can start the exciting process of getting your hair extensions! Now, many factors may affect your decision on what exactly is the best place to buy hair extensions. However, below, we are going to list at least a few that one should consider, be it hair quality, delivery time, inventory, or safety.

Safety and Security

Now this one is should be one of the more important ones. Remember, you are sharing your private data with everyone, hence the site itself should be as secure as possible.

How do you know if your data is secured? The URL bar should have a green lock, which indicates encrypted data, like this:

Safety and Security

Inventory and Buying Options

The next and probably the most important thing, at least for women that need specific hair, is hair extensions inventory and items in stock.

We are not aware of any other company than AiryHair that offers all palette colors. In other words, all mixed colors, all weight and length options as well as attachment types. And even if you can’t find what you are looking for on-site, AiryHair also does custom orders.

AiryHair: +1

Hair Extensions Quality and Reviews

Now that you have found a supplier or two, it is important to find out whether their quality is above average.

The good news? AiryHair not only offers double-drawn Remy hair but also has thousands of 10/10 reviews all over the internet, be it on our site, YouTube or Facebook.

Delivery Time and Shipping

Next are the delivery time and shipping options. Unfortunately, some shops chose to ship to the US or Canada only, which of course is bad for a consumer.

Thankfully, you can count on AiryHair as it does free worldwide shipping as well as express shipping that takes only a few business days.

Refunds and Money Back Guarantee

How do you tell the difference between a good and a bad company? A good one will always offer a money-back guarantee since they know their product is of high quality.

So, where does AiryHair stand? The policy is simple: full refund within 30 days after receiving extensions for both unused and even used hair, a partial refund for damaged hair, and free exchanges. Can you top that?

Now What?

You can now enjoy our Remy human hair extensions and receive them for free. We ship worldwide at no extra cost. The offer is valid for all our store items, any weights, types, or colors. In addition to that, we are doing a special blowout sale for most of our production, so you will save even more.

So where can you buy your extensions? You guessed it, at Did you find a better place? Let us know in the comment section below although we are 100% confident that our price to quality ratio is pretty much unbeatable.

Now, don’t take our word for it, reserve your hair right now and see for yourself. You must have heard a sales pitch similar to this a thousand times, but this one is a winner. We offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee, so you are not taking any risk.

For wholesale customers, discounts are even greater! All you need to do is place the order for more than $500 per year, and in case this is your first-time shopping, don’t worry. There is another savings offer for you: $10 off for every $100, applied automatically.

4 Should You Buy Hair Extensions?

The world can be a fun place and full of irony. Ask women who are born with wavy hair, and most of them will say that they don’t like their hair texture. Take women that are born with naturally non-curly hair and a lot of them adore the wavy look.

This was especially true back in the 2000s when people had a different taste in fashion and women (or men) with naturally wavy or curly hair were sometimes looked down upon. From hair so long that it will make your jaw drop and color change to hair so smooth that it looks bizarre (in a good way).

What if you are on the edge of buying hair extensions? Still, need a little bit of convincing? Then check the video above. Here you will find some of the craziest and ridiculous hair transformations, that can be achieved by using hair extensions.

Next, we are going to show you just some of the awesome hairstyles that you can too achieve with some of our straight or body weave hair extensions.

Hair Extension Examples

Bodyweave Hair Extensions

A perfect blend of 26-inch-long hair extensions in #2 color, and silver / red jewelry. If you still did not fall in love with the hair extensions, then what about the one on the right? A hairstyle that looks stunning, 20-inch-long hair in medium brown color and a combination of both, straight and wavy hair.

Elegant Hair Extensions

What do you get when you go with the double-drawn wavy hair extensions in color #613 and tiger texture? A picture worth a thousand words, that’s for sure. Just look at her! Let’s add some elegance into the mix and shorter hair. Just to show you that even short hair extension hairstyles can be sexy. Evening makeup? Check. Beautiful gray dress with a ribbon? Check.


Do you see our point now? Hair extensions can do wonders to your look, all you have to do is experiment and find your style.

The best part? AiryHair offers extensions of all types, clip in, tape-in, keratin, wefts, micro ring loops, flip ins and stick tips. Every single type is covered. So, what should you do now? Of course, get some! And enhance your look.

Go team Airy!


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