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Clip-In Hair Extensions – What is Double Drawn Hair?

If you’ve been recently looking at clip-in hair extensions, you may have come across terms like Remy hair, single drawn hair, 100% human hair, double drawn hair, and several more. You also have to choose the method of putting these extensions into your hair, such as cold fusion, hot fusion, sewn in, clip in, microbeads, tape in, and more. With all these choices, choosing hair extensions most suitable for your real hair can be an overwhelming experience.

Let’s say double drawn hair interests you the most — what is it really and what difference does it make when added to your real hair?

The Best Hair Extensions: Overview

Before we discuss what double drawn hair is, let’s first define what hair extensions are all about.

The best hair extensions are those made from real human hair. In making extensions, real hair is processed and sewn into pieces called wefts.

Best hair extensions – Airy Hair blogIt’s worth noting that most hair extensions offered in hair & beauty salons or retail stores are single drawn. This is due to the cost of production (which is less), and in turn, results in a more economical option for the business. The strands of hair in a single drawn hair extension don’t always have to be in the same length as shorter hairs that are left on the weft, which causes the ends of hair extensions to be narrower.

This is a common choice for many since you can always cut off the bottom of the extensions to make it even. It’s also easier to install and blend with real hair and styling it won’t be such a chore. That said, why consider double drawn hair?

What Does Double Drawn Hair Mean?

To define what double drawn hair is, let’s first visualize single drawn hair extensions. Single drawn hair extensions are easy to identify because the top is thicker but the hair thins out near the bottom. This means that the ends appear narrow and thin. Even more so when you have been using it for a while.

Enter, double drawn hair.

What is double drawn hair? – side bar - Airy Hair BlogOne difference from single drawn hair is the way it’s manufactured. The shorter hairs are removed not by a machine but by hand. The ends of the human hair are cut so the thickness is equal from top to bottom. Then it gets sewn into the weft.

Due to this additional process, double drawn hair appears more voluminous, healthier, thicker, and higher in quality than single drawn hair extensions.

You can easily use either type, but double drawn gives a better quality of hair extension. The reason why single drawn extensions are so common is that they involve less work in manufacturing and processing. With double drawn hair, you’ll have to pay more, but you get the best volume, and it tends to last longer than single drawn hair.

Benefits of Double Drawn Hair

  • Gives a fuller look
  • Better hair volume
  • Top and bottom have equal thickness
  • Creates a U-shaped hairstyle

A double drawn hair extension is thick from top to bottom, meaning your hair looks full bodied and voluminous. Since the extensions are so thick, you won’t need as much hair as you would with single drawn hair extensions. This means that you don’t need to buy a lot of strands.

Drawbacks of Double Drawn Hair

  • More expensive than single drawn hair
  • Not suitable for people with super fine hair

While fewer strands are needed in double drawn hair extensions, technically, they cost more than single drawn hair extensions on a strand by strand basis. However, you will get more hair for your money.

For people with fine hair, double drawn hair might not be the best idea since the weight of the extensions may be too much for their real hair to support.

Basic Care for Double Drawn Hair

Double drawn hair extensions are thicker, but it doesn’t mean you should care for it less than you would with a single drawn hair clip.
To reduce shedding: Resist the urge to wash your extensions too much, as this will cause them to dry out and shed. Don’t use too many products either. The more products you use, the more you’ll have to wash it. Use products only when needed.

Double drawn hair extensions are ready to use out of the box, so there really is no need for a lot of product. If you’re curling and want more hold, you can pin them up before bedtime. In the morning, this should mitigate the need for additional product.

If you do need to use hairspray, choose a product with a lightweight formula so you can wash the formula off easily.
To prevent tangling: No matter what type of clip-in extension is used, tangles are a chore. To keep tangling to a minimum, always brush your extensions. Bring a paddle brush with you and give your hair a light run through now and then. Make sure you brush your extensions before and after use.

Final Thoughts

Everyone’s hair is different, so it’s always a good idea to make sure your real hair is healthy and the double drawn hair blends well with it. Always keep a lookout for products that work best with your extensions and take note of the times that they need to be washed.
As with natural hair, you can reduce having your double drawn hair damaged by not over-washing or over-styling.

With proper care, your clip-in, double drawn hair extensions will last for months, which means you get to enjoy having thicker and fuller hair much longer.

Ready to Dive into Double Drawn Clip-in Hair Extensions?


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