Double Drawn vs. Single Drawn Hair Extensions


What’s the difference (with pictures)?

As the hair extensions evolved and women needs grew, companies were forced to innovate and double drawn hair extensions is a direct result of that.

So what exactly are these double drawn hair extensions and why are they better (or worse) than single drawn ones?

We won’t go into all the boring details but here is a thing: If hair extensions were letters, single drawn would be a “V” while double drawn would be “U” and here is how they look when applied:

Double Drawn vs. Single Drawn Hair Extensions

You see, the main difference between single and double drawn hair is that double drawn hair undergo a second process, where shorter hairs are eliminated by hand, resulting in extensions that have thick (and not narrow) tips.

Single Drawn Hair Extensions Advantages / Disadvantages

– Cheaper than the double drawn hair
– Top is wider than the bottom
– Creates a “V” shape hairstyle
– Might look scrawny
– Less volume

Double Drawn Hair Extensions Advantages / Disadvantages

– At least 90% of hair is eliminated during a manual trimming
– More expensive than the single drawn hair
– Top and bottom is of an equal width
– Creates an “U” shape hairstyle
– Much more hair volume
– Gives a fuller look

So which one is better, double or single drawn hair?

It’s up to you to decide, however, most people would consider double drawn as a luxury hair.

Where to Order Double / Single Drawn Hair Extensions?

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