Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions for a Stunning Look

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Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions for a Stunning Look

Long hair is a luxury that many of us crave. Long locks look sleek, polished, put-together, and downright sexy. Unfortunately, getting the length you want could take months or years when you grow out your hair yourself. With straight clip-in hair extensions from AiryHair, you can get sultry long straight locks in mere minutes, in your own home. Skip the salon, and say hello to long, thick, straight hair whenever you want with AiryHair straight clip-in extensions.

Colors for Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions

Brown, blonde, black, green – we have all these colors and more than 100 more. Choose from natural shades, lengthen your highlights or lowlights, or explore the exciting worlds of three-tone and ombré. We've created straight clip-in hair extensions in any color you can dream of. Get inspired with our full color guide, and check out some popular hues.

Benefits of Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions

Benefits of Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions
With natural hair, achieving a flawless straight look can take a ton of time in blow-drying and straightening. When you want long, straight hair without having to block out your calendar, use straight clip-in hair extensions for effortless application. You can get a model-worthy look in a mere fraction of the time. Look fabulous, without all the stress. From volume to length, check out some of the many reasons why straight clip-in extensions rule.

1. No Fuss
Straight hair always looks put-together, relaxed yet sophisticated.

2. Classic Style
Straight hair looks great on just about anyone, and you can get the exact length that will most flatter your features.

3. So Many Ways to Wear
From half-updos, to low ponytails, to accessorized with pretty barrettes, straight hair can be styled in any way you like.

4. Boost of Confidence
Adding length and volume to a straight hair look is an instant confidence booster.

5. Perfect for Special Occasions
An easy way to elevate a look is to use straight clip-in hair extensions. They're so natural, people will definitely notice something different, but the extensions always blend in for a seamless style.

6. Get a Healthier Look
Say goodbye to split ends with straight clip-in hair extensions. Gorgeous real human hair extensions instantly make your mane look so much healthier.

7. Rewind Time
If you're tired of shorter hair, lengthening it with straight clip-in hair extensions offers a more youthful look.

8. Save Years of Growing
Growing your hair several inches can take a year or more. Get beautiful hair up to 30 inches longer in just a few minutes with straight clip-in extensions.

9. As Long as You Want
Some occasions and desired hair styles will call for longer hair. With more than a dozen lengths to choose from, you can experiment to see which style works best for you.

10. Hair Freedom
We all love a good hair style, but no one wants to spend hours to get the look they want. Get perfectly straight and voluptuous hair in a snap, then move on to conquering your other life goals.

Tips for Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions

Straight clip-in hair extensions from AiryHair provide amazing value because they can last up to six months or longer with the proper care. We recommend treating your straight clip-in hair extensions with the same love and care as your regular hair. Use a mild shampoo to clean the extensions about every 15 to 20 wears and use a leave-in conditioner for ultra-soft locks.

Let you clip-in hair extensions dry naturally if possible, but if you have to dry them quickly, use the lowest setting on a hair dryer.

Take out your straight clip-in hair extensions before bed and store them completely dry in the original packaging. Keep them stored away from the sun.

When you're applying them, get a more seamless look by straightening your own hair first, unless it's already completely naturally straight. Get instructions for applying clip-in hair extensions here. Once you're set, you can add a gentle styling oil, though straight clip-in hair extensions are so soft already, you'll probably want to wear them naturally as-is.

Remove the extensions by simply unclipping them from your hair. If you notice oil or residue on the extensions, you can wash them more frequently as needed.

See How Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions Look

Check out this video to see how easy it is to apply straight clip-in hair extensions. You can get the look you crave in mere minutes and be on your way.

Shop Straight Clip-In Extensions Now

Straight clip-in hair extensions are one of our best-sellers at AiryHair. If you're new to hair extensions, these are a great type to try — they're so simple to apply and blend in perfectly with your natural hair. Plus, they're made from real human hair, making these extensions one of the most affordable and highest-quality hair extensions you can get on the market. Shop straight clip-in hair extensions now and get ready for a wow factor you'll love.


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